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Overflowing The Cup Of Wrath
The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard
© 2013 James LaFond
I am working on a short term fiction project dealing with eugenics. Eugenics was an elaborate late 19th to early 20th Century pseudoscientific excuse to justify the exploitation and extermination of non-European populations. I am also researching a long term nonfiction project on human bondage, which has always intrigued me, central as it is to the question of humanity. I suspect that I am only 25% through my initial reading, and am worried that I will not be able to complete the piece before I croak. For this reason, I have been reviewing my source material on this site, hence the disturbing reading list.
Eugenics is bemusing to modern centrist thinkers, comforting to right wingers, and deeply disturbing to left wingers. Libertarians seem to be all over the place about it. Before I get into this book review, I will attempt to briefly trace the origin of eugenics and the modern idea of racism, which do go hand-in-hand.
From Philosophy, to Theology, to Zoology
There is scant evidence that the warlike slave-based societies of the ancient Western World were structured along racial lines. I have detected no racial animosity, but rather cultural, in the surviving literature. It is difficult to even determine the race of some key ancient figures. It was generally not something that people cared to mention. There was a lot of cultural snobbery in ancient Greece and Rome. But the things that mattered were your adherence to religious beliefs, doing your civic duty, and conforming to the ideals of manliness. If anything it was a gender-biased society, not a race-biased one. I have found no evidence linking race as a precondition for, or exemption from, ancient forms of slavery.
During the middle-ages religion was preeminent. As Christian Europe found itself emerging culturally, yet with its back to the sea, facing superior Islamic nations, it did an end run. The idea of overseas expansion into Africa, Asia and the Americas was to get around the Islamic World, tap the resources to be found in distant lands, convert the heathen peoples there to Christianity, and then crush the Islamic World from all sides. Talk about a long term strategy. As I write the game seems to be entering its final quarter.
The exploitation of Africa, Asia and the Americas therefore began as a holistic effort at world domination. Church, state and business all had an equal hand. The conquest, exploitation and extermination of non-European humanity was justified through recourse to Christianity. In some catholic colonies blacks were regarded as having no souls, and therefore not due the rights of a Christian. Protestants jumped through fewer theological hoops and were much more at home with extermination and the use of missionaries to effect cultural annihilation.
Just before the American Civil War, when the thinkers of the world knew plantation slavery was not going to be a viable business model in the industrial age, religious abolitionists were turning the old biblical arguments on their heads, even as Charles Darwin’s work gutted Christian creationism. The white slave masters of the world found themselves in need of something more believable than religion to justify race-based servitude. The new theory of evolution was put to work. Now science would be used to justify an oppressive social order. Christianity would still be used to dismantle conquered cultures, but science, specifically the eugenic doctrine of the Great Nordic Race, would provide the logic for the necessary genocides to come.
This point, where the idea of spiritually inferior races, was supplanted in the European mind with the concept of genetically inferior races, brings us to about 1860. By 1910, when Lothrop Stoddard began work on his Ph. D. thesis, nearly the entire globe had been conquered by the U.S. and European powers. But, there were deep reservations about the process, and the Japanese had struck back, crushing the global myth of white racial superiority by beating the Russians in 1904.
The scholars that promoted these theories did not traffic in the hateful rhetoric of the politicians that later used this material as a blueprint for race war. These were people literally sitting at the top educational rungs of a worldwide pyramid scheme based on brutal conquest and continent-wide cultural invalidation. They had broken with the Christian mold and no longer believed that colored races were naturally evil. People in such positions do not easily cast themselves in the mold of an evil force. They now embarked on the most ridiculous series of intellectual back-flips to prove that people, of any race, were not inherently good or evil, but rather more or less suitable for continued evolution.
Eugenics Today
If you are a conservative white American, or a liberal black American, you have probably bought the core arguments made by the eugenics movement. You might not believe it, or want to believe it. But if you believe that a child of a white woman and a black man, should be classified as black, than you believe in essence, with the ‘race solidarity’ and ‘race-mixing’ doctrines perpetrated by three generations of pig-headed scholars who’s assertions had no other logical application other than genocide.
Let me give you one current 2012 story from Baltimore City: A young woman began working at a major educational institution and declared herself to human resources as ‘white’. She looked white. When her husband came to see her at work, her black coworkers marveled that he was black. She responded that it was no big thing, that one of her grandparents had been black. The black-conscious women then all ostracized her for turning on her race and siding with the white race. This is slave-master doctrine that was fed to black slaves 200 years ago by the men who raped their mothers and did not want to have to adopt their mixed race children—an excuse for rich deadbeat dads.
Here is another 2012 story from Baltimore County. My black friend is married to a white woman. They have children. The oldest daughter registered as black in Baltimore City because she was told by an administrator that she had to. This troubled the young girl; that she was not allowed to acknowledge her white grandparents, or her mother. There were white ancestors recently on the black side, so she is more white than black. When she transferred to a county school she again had to list her race.
This is what her father told me, “She pointed out that there was no mixed race category. So she wanted to give her mom some acknowledgement, figured she’d even things out by being black in the city and white in the county. The administrator would not let her do it, was insisting that she mark down black. I told that woman, that my daughter has the right to acknowledge her white heritage as well as her black heritage; she has four grandparents not two! Why can’t she just check off a box that says ‘human being?’”
There you are; the guy with the moral fiber to be a president and he’s pouring concrete.
That Baltimore County school administrator would have been promoted by the Nazi’s, and would have been at home scheduling girls for sterilization in mid-20th Century Georgia or Colorado. Indeed, I could imagine her choosing which plantation children were light enough to work in the big house.
If you think that eugenics, and Jim Crow, and Hitler’s Germany are expressions of a belief that is behind us, think again.
The Rising Tide of Color
Against White World-Supremacy
Lothrop Stoddard, A.M., Ph. D. (Harvard)
With an introduction by Madison Grant, Chairman New York Zoological Society, Trustee American Museum of Natural History, Councillor American Geographic Society, author of ‘The Passing of the Great Race’
April 20, 1920 by Charles Scribners’ Sons, 1981 by Historical Review Press, Sussex, England, 320 pages
I had a blast reading this book. That is partially because of my love of outdated science-fiction. I have spent a lot of time reading this, because I am looking at it on three different levels:
1. The primary theme of this book is a supernatural belief in blood as an almost intelligent cultural vector. This fits very tightly in the vampire belief complex. Such concepts as ‘racial memory’ ‘racial solidarity’ ‘consciousness of kind’ and my favorite Robert E. Howardesque concept ‘the vital instinct’, are actually medieval Christian superstitions with their roots in ritual pagan cannibalism and the concept of the ‘divine right of kings’, that were simply redressed as ‘science’ in the 1800s in order to justify the near total European global conquest. By the time Stoddard was doing his work only Japan and Haiti was totally free of white rule. 99.9% of the globe was ruled, directly, or indirectly, by white men. Since Popes no longer rubber stamped conquests, scientists took up the military exploitation validation role.
2. This was not a farseeing work, but a geopolitical survey of the world along racial lines. There is a gold mine of annotated quotes from European, Japanese, American, Latin American and Middle Eastern authors from foreign policy journals, scholarly reviews, magazines, and books. In the 1970s I was taught that the world had been a happy paradise up until the Guns of August roared and Europe was sent into the pit of hell in 1914 by an assassin’s bullet. I was also taught that nobody saw the Japanese attack on the U.S. coming. How could the American President have guessed? Well, the Japanese were arguing in English language magazines since around 1895 about when, not if, but when, the United States would have to be attacked. Stoddard makes a clear point to denounce the fantasizing about how pre-WWI Europe was perfect before the war, noting that the mythology of the perfect pre-war imperial world was being concocted even before all of the bodies were buried on the Western Front. Stoddard may seem like a fool for following the eugenics ‘science’. But, he was not alone; he was caught up in a human wave of scholarly opinion. The men who ruled the world all believed in it, including Henry Ford and Woodrow Wilson. Stoddard provides a lot of clear analysis of global politics. If you can just ignore the fact that he believed it was all an expression of ‘vital race instincts’ this is a useful survey. In its scope, and insight into geopolitics, I compare this book to Imperial Hubris, reviewed on this page.
3. I wanted a look at the character of racism at the highest levels of the early 20th Century. Lothrop’s heyday saw the birth of fictional icons Tarzan and King Kong. I have long known that many German Nazi concepts were borrowed from American eugenics scholars. First, you must remember that racism was the center in Stoddard’s day. Today we see racism on the right and the left and tolerance in the middle. It was the opposite 100 years ago. On the scholarship level we are looking at people who had developed good methods for quantifying social factors, but not qualifying them, least of all understanding the underlying dynamics. Anthropology was in its infancy. People were thinking on an industrial scale, with industrial aims, according to industrial ethics. The moral value of the individual was extinct. The world was viewed as farm, factory, slum, battlefield and mansion; a machine; every person a cog in the global gearbox; an age when there truly was no ‘I’ in ‘team’.
How Did Racism Work as a Scholarly Discipline?
The scholarship of Stoddard’s day was about as sophisticated as the thought process of a beer drinking skinhead today. Any angry unfulfilled white drunk could sit down with a case of beer and pretty much come up with the same belief system that Madison Grant extolled. One could look around and see that darker skinned people were poorer materially than lighter skinned ones. Therefore, lighter skinned people were superior, as evidenced by their superior position, and this must be passed through the blood. It was a world that might as well have been invented by some modern teenage female novelist writing a vampire romance.
The fun thing about this racist worldview is everyone shared it, and none more colorfully as the Japanese. I give you Count Okuma of the Tokyo Hochi, “…a race of thieves with the hearts of rabbits. America to any warrior race, is not as a foe, but as an immense melon, ripe for the cutting…North America alone will support a billion people; that billion shall be Japanese with their slaves. Not arid Asia, not worn out Europe (which, with its peculiar and quaint relics and customs, should in the interest of history and culture, be in any case preserved), nor yet tropical Africa, is fit for our people. But North America, that continent so succulently green, fresh, and unsullied—except for the few chattering mongrel Yankees…”
Please resurrect this dude so I can play war games with him! How can you not like a Japanese supremacist who wants to preserve Europe as a museum!
The Tokyo Yorodzu was more genteel, “…these Americans are barbarians who are on a lower plane of civilization than the Japanese.”
Below is a less militant example of the common American style racism found in economic and industry journals, by Chester H. Rowell in the Annals of the American Academy., “The Chinese coolie is the ideal industrial machine, the perfect human ox. He will transform less food into more work, with less administrative friction, than any other creature...Also, they cost nothing but money.”
Underliving the Overlords
This last quote was at the core of the entire eugenics philosophy. Slavery was not exploitative enough for the industrialists in the eugenics crowd! The master needed more moral distance, no responsibility what-so-ever for the slave. While eugenics-inclined industrialists just wanted to have their abusive workplaces validated, and politicians wanted their ethnic cleansings excused, the scholars were worried that all of this greed and materialism was going to put materialism ahead of race, resulting in the displacement of inferior white workers by superior yellow labor, or by equal but cheaper black or red workers. Slavery was obsolete because you had to feed, house and beat the bastards! An industrialist needed self-motivated, starving day laborers who could live in the open and cook their own damn chow!
Throughout his work Stoddard explains how the colored races are superior to whites in many ways, and that whites must seek solidarity less they be out-prayed and out-fought by browns, out-waited and out-worked by yellows, and out-bred by blacks, while the poor pathetic reds wallowed in the pool of sorrow that was their bloodline’s dead end. The supremacy Stoddard puts in his title is political. He did not believe in what is now regarded as racial supremacy, but racial specialization. I see the American guilt about their recent annihilation of the most free human population of the time, in the name of ‘freedom’, as a heavy undercurrent in Stoddard’s work. He even expressed a limited sorrow that the reds did not have more time in isolation to develop their civilization before being hit with the white man-slide.
God had been replaced by Industry. The whole basis for life was seen as an open ended geometric economic expansion matrix, and only the most severe caste-like division of labor was for the good. The world ideal that comes out of this is a more complex version of that depicted in the Planet of The Apes movies: where the Orangutans are politicians, the Gorillas are soldiers, and the Chimps are scientists. Stoddard is surely about to roll over in his grave, as I give a streamlined overview of his huge [a very high information density] work, condensed as it was.
Brood Home of the Great Nordic Race
Okay, the fact that the highly respected judge of the relative merits of different segments of humanity, Madison Grant, was primarily a zoologist, should give you pause when you get into the 32 page introduction. The title above is his description of Northwest Europe. I could not have made this stuff up. The metaphysical bullshit that top scholars of 100 years ago believed is incredible. [See my review Sinking the Atlantis Myth] For one thing, there entire basis for assuming that the white race was superior, and that interbreeding with ‘inferior stocks’ was damaging, was the belief that Europe was the cradle of civilization. Nobody said, “Hey, I know we have only found prehistoric caveman heads in Europe. But don’t you think we should at least dig a hole somewhere in another part of the world before we declare that man originated there?”
I read the introduction mostly for comic relief. The entire eugenics philosophy boils down to this basic equation, “That person lives in a shit house, therefore he is a shit person, therefore he has shit blood, therefore his entire race has shit blood, therefore we would be doing his unborn shit descendents a favor by sparing them a shit life and cutting his balls off.” That really is the extent of the logic. It was just dressed up with a lot of big words and deep-seeming concepts. These guys were actually theorizing about blood having ‘memory’. That’s great stuff for vampire novels, but laying out a housing grid on that basis—I don’t know…
The clutch theory here was the idea of ‘vital racial instinct’ a mindless drive for dominance. If you had more of this vital stuff, you were more creative and more prone to stumble upon the proper belief system, etc. This is creepily close to theorizing abut mystic testosterone. If Stoddard and Grant had been around in the 1970s they would have been banging steroids with Arnold at Gold’s Gym, and writing about the benefits of shooting man-juice in their ass.
The book is broken into three main parts according to a consistent flood metaphor. I was thrilled to know that the ‘yellow peril’ was not something that my parent’s generation had concocted. I would like to point out that Stoddard claims repeatedly that the yellows, browns, blacks and reds all had just reasons for wanting to wipe out the whites, and could not imagine why they would not want to wipe out the people who had screwed them out of virtually all of the planet. His over arching theory was that every man is just a cog in a big race machine and that every man’s duty is to his race, and if the yellows win, well, they are the better race. He did not want his white race to be among the extinct ‘stocks’, and set himself to laying out a worldwide race war strategy. He did not present his proposal as a slam dunk, but as an iffy thing.
Part One is The Rising Tide of Color: yellows [patient and sneaky], browns [pious and fanatical], reds [in the way], blacks [the problem children of humanity]
Part Two is The Ebbing Tide of White: a really informative survey of the planet as a set of linked zoological breeding habitats for the whites and their opinionated enemies, including breeding rates by race! [I was laughing out loud on the bus and falling out of my seat while I was reading this 100 year old racial breeding rate paper while surrounded by single mothers sitting beneath an adoption poster with their children.]
Part Three is the Deluge on the Dykes: the materialistic nature of white society is decried at length, with warning after warning that whites will be out-waited and out-worked by yellows, out-toughed by Islamic browns; distracted by the pitiful reds, and bred into oblivion by 100 million black porn stars. [I would like to debate this book with Clarence Thomas and Ron Jeremy on a Sunday morning news show.]
I remember an old Star Trek episode, from the original series. The Enterprise came upon an Asian planet where a rogue starship captain with pockmarked face was violating the prime directive by helping the Asian government fight some unseen enemies. Eventually the unseen enemy conquered this stage-set version of Peking inhabited by a handful of Cantonese cooks. When the conquerors took over they were a bunch of big hairy American cavemen with an American flag I think. Well, the crew, it turned out, was in an alternate universe that had fallen to a Stoddard-like version of the yellow peril. But hairy beetle-browed civilization had eventually triumphed through ‘vital instinct’; that insensate animal drive of the white man. If one of you nerds out there knows the episode please leave us a message at the bottom here.
A visual of that TV show came up in my mind on every third page of this book.
Racial Hierarchy as Viewed in 1920
White men are the most mentally dynamic and creative and must naturally be in charge. But, they are frail—an aging race like Michael Moorcock’s degenerate Melnibonians in the Elric novels—and must be protected from crossbreeding and their own greed. Get those big brown boobies out of here! Our men need to knock up these frigid white nags.
Yellow men are the most patient and the hardest working, the natural enemy of the white, and most likely to overtake him; the ‘yellow peril’ has been felt in Europe in ages past: Huns, Mongols, and now those damned eateries that are popping up...
Brown men are morally superior, their vital instinct having percolated into Islam, a resilient cultural bed that will see their ability to wage war expand over the decades and centuries to come. If these six-time-a-day-praying nut-jobs can team up with the Japs and the Chinks it’s all over for Whitey.
Red men are a failed and stagnant branch of humanity that might have developed true civilization in the absence of competition from other races. As is, they are just a diluting agent in the Western Hemisphere’s gene pool, and might make common cause with Asians, who, after all, have the same type of incisors.
Blacks are a regressive degenerate ‘racial stock’ who, by breeding with others, will weaken their good characteristics. Blacks are, however, harder working than all but the yellows and make good soldiers. So, by this logic, if we have creative but physically weak whites dominating idiotic hard working blacks, it is conceivable that the yellows might be stopped. But how can this be accomplished without encouraging interbreeding and turning whites into witless mongrels? Let’s ask The Gap Band…
Of the many types of mongrels the worst is the ‘Jazbo’, half black and half red. Mestizos [white and red] and Mulattos [black and white] are bad enough. To have a mongrel of one type breed with a mongrel of another type, you are virtually guaranteed a bad result. For instance a black/Asian/white crossbreed would have no chance at learning to play a complex aristocratic game such as golf competently.
Do you cringe to think what this world was like, the world that this line of thought was concocted to justify and preserve? The British Empire ran a third of the world like this for generations. Fortunately the world that was dominated by people who believed in eugenics tore itself apart in two world wars.
The logic of eugenics says that the brown baby who was fathered by the white man and the black woman, and then abandoned and mistreated, is naturally inferior to the pure white child that was fathered with the white woman and then schooled by his father in a nurturing family atmosphere. Eugenics was behavioral mysticism before there was behavioral science. The whole thing is an insane geopolitical excuse matrix for fat-cat deadbeat dads who are thankfully now all dead. Unfortunately, their ideas remain imbedded in our culture. Nearly everyone in my grandparents’ generation thought it was all true, and virtually every American I know rejects the idea of mixed race people, insisting that a person picks racial sides, or has his race identity affixed by Our Mother Government.
Despite the bumbling eugenics fairy tale that he bought into, Stoddard was spot on with his geopolitical predictions. He took Islamic, Hispanic, Japanese, African-American, and Chinese scholars at their word when they said that their inheritors would rise to take back what had been taken from them. He predicted that the one hope the whites [code for western materialistic culture] had was to use their genetically gifted ability to scheme politically and get Moslems to fight Moslems and blacks to kill blacks.
Wow, bull’s-eye! Okay, someone is still using his playbook, and he was a good geopolitical strategist, because that is exactly what the U.S. is doing. We’re getting a two-for-one deal in Mali. Just because he predicted the trends with a racial measuring stick does not mean that the trends are genetic in origin; that the spirit of Gilgamesh echoes like a howling ghost in Syrian veins, causing them to fight piteously. Stoddard stated that ‘race is everything’. I want to believe he was wrong, because if he was right, humanity, including my descendents, will never get off of this rock. Every race-based decision in our public and private life takes us one step back toward the cruel world of the mythical genius caveman ancestor that Grant and Stoddard credited with the natural right of their race to rule the world.
I just hope that one day, most people will look at the man on the steps of the big slave palace telling his lies, and realize that he is just doing evil because he can, and not because some stone-age ancestor’s blood is coursing through his veins, ratcheting up his ‘vital instinct’. We have not learned yet. When that rich white Texas oil man was doing evil from the steps of the slave palace, most of those I heard complain about it said it was because he was rich, white and conservative. Now that his successor is doing the exact same thing he did, when he finds disapproval among those who surround me, they blame it on him being a sleazy black Chicago politician.
It occurs to me that a racist society is easy to govern, because all you have to do is paint evil a certain color and you get a split populace. Maybe Stoddard’s screwball racial prism was on target after all. To me his scheme just looks like a global coloring book for psychopathic politicians. That was 100 odd years ago, and we still haven’t put the crayons away.
Stoddard ends the book with a race war poem by Kipling about fighting for what your ancestors won, and sacrificing to provide for your sons. These assholes were begging for World War Two, rattling their cup of wrath like the panhandler of the apocalypse, and they got what they asked for. If you really want to know how we got into this mess, reading this book offers many a clue.
This morning I headed out on the buses early to beat the heat and get my tonner replenished so that I could print out this article and do the next to last proof. When I got to the bus stop I spied yet another municipal poster encouraging young people not to attack others while using public transportation. The heading read Ride. Respect. Relax. Followed by, ‘Your kids emulate you’ and three illustrative photos: a Hispanic father and son; an Asian mother and daughter; and an African-American father and a very mixed-race son. I was walking into a Grant-Stoddard nightmare! I looked around and noticed I was the only white in sight, the last of the Great Northern Brood to trod the earth under his righteous heels!
I boarded the bus in minutes and rode across town with six black folks, oldsters going to work. I then transferred to a major out of town line. When I boarded the bus I was in a true eugenics nightmare. The racial composition of the passengers was, from most to least: mulatto, mestizo, white, Asian, black and jazbo*. If you have read much of my Harm City literature you will have noted how prevalent violence and aggression is among young and older unemployed patrons, and that cross town buses that link hospitals, drug treatment centers and court houses are like crime vectors; a whole municipal-criminal ecosystem. Read When You’re Food if you want to find out how violent a segregated, all African-American community tends to be in Baltimore.
Eugenics would have us believe that mixing races makes things worse for all, and all authorities of pre 1950s America would have pointed to how terrible this environment I found myself in would be, should it be permitted to develop.
So how was the ride?
The bus was packed. On an all African-American bus taking any seat next to another person would have been met with a challenge or rudeness. This bus was piloted—commanded, for he did command—by a mild mannered African-American. Not a soul was rude. Everybody made way and smiled. People were careful not to bump, and did not spread out to deny seating; negative behaviors which are normal on segregated buses. [See the Adolescent Art on the Harm City Page and When You’re Food.]
I took some time to ponder this reality and what it meant. Then it hit me—all of these people are employed. Everybody that causes trouble in our society, in my experience, are the unemployed at the bottom—weather he be the bitter white racist or the oppressed black hero—and the non-working fat-cats at the top. The people that beat, rob, steal from, and kill us are the poor and unemployed. Those who drain our pay checks and set these lowly criminals against us are the rich Wall Street types and their political puppets. The key to our police state is packing a prison system full off segregated predators and then keeping the middle class in line by threatening to send them there, even as the predators cycle out of prison in increasingly short intervals, to heard us into corporate suburbia and away from formerly self-sustaining neighborhoods now gutted to fuel the drug war.
If I was Khan for a day I think I would just exterminate everyone who did not work for a living, including hood-rats, hedge fund managers, politicians and bankers. Does that make me the Stoddard of 2013?
The East Baltimore Mexican who was attacked a few days ago by a group of black youths for the crime of speaking Spanish, was not targeted by the employed, but the unemployed. People with jobs—with the exception of NFL tight-ends and cops—do not go around randomly attacking others. Stoddard had hit on something when he wrote about the danger of cultivating chronically unemployed classes of people, as the industrialists of his era were consciously doing. If you are a politician or industrialist, or even an ancient Roman dictator, or any apex social parasite, having an unemployed mob to keep the productive segments of society in check is necessary. It’s a shame Stoddard and others of his time were color-blinded into misdiagnosing the causes of the problems they saw.
After today’s bus trip I am convinced, partially because of reading Stoddard, that the best chance tyranny has is the continued cultivation of unemployment and racial animosity as a two-pronged strategy to separate us from our humanity.
*She was beautiful, and the driver even made a special stop for her so that she would not have to walk far in the heat. We all smiled. When I stepped up for my stop—far from my destination—I quipped, “I suppose I’m not cute enough for my own stop?”
He responded defensively, “Nah, I don’t discriminate!”
I said, “It’s all right man, she was sweet.”
He smiled and looked at me as he let me off, “Thank you brother, and have a nice ugly walk!”
We laughed and had a good time with a little chivalric inequity, and this artificial world survived somehow; managed to survive our shared humanity.
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I     May 9, 2015

James, me again I think it was Fred Reed that said if the whitetrash, blacks, Mexicans, could get along we could bring them to their knees,but
Jeremy Bentham     May 9, 2015

So you subscribe to the "idleness is the Devil's playground" school of thought, eh James? Not as Marxists would say that people are being liberated from having to toil for a living?

Speaking of unemployment, the world is probably going to experience a massive eugenics program to “cull the herd” in the next century simply because most of the human race will become “surplus to requirements” and will be judged to be just not smart enough and disciplined enough to find and hold a job in the new technological society. In a couple of decades most of our new service and manufacturing jobs will be performed by robots. We will not only have robot factory workers, fast food workers and agricultural workers, but also robot soldiers and robot whores. The taxi cabs will drive themselves. Even most white collar jobs will be replaced by automated systems (for example, when was the last time you talked to a travel agent rather than book a trip online?). It may not seem like that is the direction we are headed, since currently both the Capitalists and the Leftists are importing millions of cheap uneducated laborers from Latin America into this country. That is just to meet current needs though, and could change as quickly as America transitioned from horse drawn conveyance to motorized transport in the last century.

The dirty little secret is that Leftists don’t like people anywhere near as much as they claim they do. The Left really sees human beings as liabilities rather than assets. To the Left every human being is just another mouth to feed and another anus to clean up after. An anus that is despoiling Mother Earth! (Consider that in a number of “low impact” wilderness areas in America today the authorities actually require hikers to carry their feces out). Consider how much waste, both organic and inorganic, an individual human produces each year and you may come to understand the problem as the Leftists imagine it to be. Not only that, but so many of us humans seem incompetent to manage our own lives or make ourselves useful to society in any way. The Leftists agree with Nietzsche that most of us would have been better off had we never been born. So if and when the Lefties can figure out how to replace most of us, they will.

As Marx and Engels would put it, race has many people “mystified”. On the one hand there are real physiological and psychological differences between the races. At the same time it is equally clear that more things are the same between the different races of Man than there are things different. The fact that the races are able to interbreed means we are biologically the same species, otherwise mixed race people would be sterile like mules. The black African race (AKA Negro) is a particularly forlorn race, since everyone else in the world including India, China, the Middle, Russia and Mexico regards them to be good for little else but causing trouble. As you have mentioned James, even the Caribbean blacks and African blacks think American blacks are “useless and out of control” and “need to be shipped off somewhere very far away from decent people.” But for now black Americans serve The Woman (our Leftist ruling elite) as “useful idiots”, reliable Democrat voters, as well as a revolutionary street army The Woman can quickly mobilize as needed. At this point I don’t hold out a lot of hope that the majority of inner city blacks will figure out they are being used and refrain from attacking whites. They are evidently having too much fun.
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