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The More You Own, The More You're Owned
Culture In Decline: The Worst Reality Show of All Time—The Real One by Peter Joseph
© 2013 James LaFond
Have you ever wondered why Wal-Mart is a mob scene on Black Friday?
Have you ever wondered why we even have a Black Friday?
Have you ever wondered why virtually every woman you know is more concerned with what brand of clothing or cosmetics a certain celebrity bitch uses; than the psychological makeup of the emotionally unstable nominal male who is probing her with his procreation device?
If so, the best 31 minutes you could spend would be on Culture in Decline .com, viewing Episode Three of Season One: C.V.D.
I will let Mister Joseph explain the acronym. This is about our consumer culture, and how we got from a solid frontier family farming the land and making our own furniture, to a clutch of waiters and clerks and rap star wannabes sniping at each other over the manufacturer of the air freshener we hang from our rearview mirror, in that car, that any gearhead will tell you, is not made nearly as well as the one his grandfather drove.
The best part about this episode, which is the best of the series, is the three minutes with commie comedian Lee Camp on some Left Coast seawall. Dude, even if it was filmed on the Potomac or in Manhattan it’s still the Left Coast when this vein-popping smartass tree-hugger shows up to lecture you on your penis size.
This episode and the others are good, informative, entertaining documentaries of us, and our screwed up lives, in our screwed up cities, in our screwed up nations, on this planet that we have heroically striven to screw up. The author/narrator, Mister Peter Joseph, seems to offer a vague solution. In reality, he just might be penning our culture’s last self-deprecating comedy.
Mister Joseph and his Zeitgeist buddies are far enough left of center that I would undoubtedly be their enemy in any conceivable end-time survival scenario. But their enemies are the same as mine. So I’d throw them in the pit last. The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. But the enemy of my enemy does earn another drink of water so long as he makes me laugh.
Good job Mister Joseph. Be careful though; if you get too entertaining without losing your focus the Federales might begin fearing that the NFL and CNN will not do enough to distract the mindless masses from the truth. Just a heads up; you are a cool dude, but I figure one Homeland Security goon goes over you once with nothing left over for desert.
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