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Truth is Tribal
A Fetish for the Apocalypse with Charles Veitch & Stefan Molyneux
© 2013 James LaFond
I tune into Free Domain Radio three times a week, and that is not enough to even keep up with Stefan’s output. Since he has such a level voice I set an hour long show for my bedtime and listen to him as I fall asleep, hoping I’ll learn something that way. I know that never helped my boxing, but I hope that philosophy abides by lest brutal rules of evolution…
I tuned in to a conversation between Charles Veitch of The Love Police and my favorite egg head next to Jacques Fresco, Stefan Molyneux, titled A Fetish for the Apocalypse and running 1:12:20. Charles is not the skilled speaker and debate machine that Stefan is, so has some difficulty holding up his end. I, I am certain, would appear as an ape-like imbecile next to Stefan, my oral diction being pretty much on the level of a smoking hot Russia Today anchor babe specifically selected by Czar Putin for her curvatures, regardless of any need for speech therapy. So I won’t be too hard on Charles. He did, working from a cheat sheet, offer a number of good questions that sent Stefan off on an equal number of enlightening tangents.
I love how Stefan breaks things down, like when he calls taxation ‘extortion for breathing’. His use of analogy as metaphor is superb, and makes his content accessible to the knucklehead world. Describing our current window of communicative ability via the internet as the ‘eye of the hurricane’ is a nice example. The last 20 minutes will amount to an awareness breakthrough for any person who has not been able to enjoy Stefan’s form of delivery. Rather than reel off a number of Stefan’s observations I would like to suggest this video conversation as an introduction, since his relatively inarticulate guest [Charles does have some very good moments] puts the type of general questions to Stefan that us less lucid antiestablishment types might.
You can find a link for Free Domain Radio on our network page.
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