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The Penance of General Butt Naked
The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia
© 2013 James LaFond
A full length documentary by Vice, which could have been titled ‘The Exemplification of Hell’, ‘Two Terrified White Boys’, ‘Raping Mamma Liberia’, ‘Dining at the War Crime Café’, or ‘What Happens When the Special Ed. Class and Gangbangers Organize the School Prom’. These are the same guys that wrote the feature print article ‘General Butt Naked Versus the Tupac Army.’
As documentaries go it was not the best production, and the journalist, although offering some insightful retrospective in post production, conducted himself with all of the composure and audacity one expects of a triple amputee thrown into a shark tank. The camera man was also terrified but had the presence of mind to get a close up of a Walton’s T-shirt being worn by a bodyguard of a former cannibal warlord who these guys had just paid off the corrupt police to release from jail. That stunt did take some vestigial testicular fortitude.
How nasty is Liberia?
Well, if you’ve seen the Nigerian scenes in District 9 that is sanitized by comparison.
Specifically how nasty is the remains of the repatriated-slave nation set up by the young United States?
General Butt Naked [now an evangelical Christian pastor who was an ordained cannibal priest at age 11] describes how he and his followers used to sacrifice a ‘live innocent boy’, and then drink his blood and eat his heart as he was dying.
The generals of this nation have names such as Rambo, Mosquito, and Mosquito Spray.
The United Nations peace keepers are raping small children while their garrison commander squats on a beach that has become a human litter box.
A food market features a river of raw sewage running between stacks of produce.
A twelve-year-old orphan boy was filmed smoking heroin while he discussed his rape of a ‘big bellied woman’.
70% of women in Liberia have been raped. There are even rape billboards depicting the crime in cartoon art.
80% of Liberians are unemployed.
4,000 masonry graves were hollowed out by the homeless and lived in by refugees during the war.
‘Many’ Liberians have and do eat human flesh. General Butt Naked recalls how when travelling in Nigeria he helped the police bust a ring of street venders who sold human flesh on a stick under another name. Due to his expertise in distinguishing the flavor of his fellow man the Nigerians employed him as their investigative taste-tester. He did explain that one has to remove the ‘pepper’ to be sure.
Bosch could have painted Hell no bleaker.
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sittinducks     Jul 28, 2014

What is striking is that people can still thrive under such horrendous conditions. They are not deathly sick and the women continue to produce healthy children. In general, the entire country seems to be dope addicts. I don't understand it but I am going to read the entire history of Liberia to try and understand how people descend to such depths.
James     Jul 28, 2014

This was the most shocking documentary I have seen.

By all means, when you get to the bottom of what figures to be an equally shocking bit of research check back in and post your impressions right here.

Thanks for taking the time.
Sittinducks     Jul 28, 2014

Thanks for responding, and I will certainly get back to you with my impressions, after I research the history of Liberia.
James     Jul 28, 2014

When you post your impressions I will—with the click of a key—move this article to the head of the front page. I weary of my own opinion easily. This is why I 'take sides' that I might not agree with in some pieces. One of the unforeseen boons of this site has been input from thoughtful readers.

The effort is very much appreciated.
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