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Dollar Store Wars
Argy Bargy at Dollar Tree—Don't Make the Old White Dudes Angry
© 2017 Mescaline Franklin
Notice how ridiculous all the women are, the blacks take his side and the white women
show disdain for their own men, after this fool threatens to kill them several times.
-Mescaline Franklin
Thanks, Mescaline
Having looked at this video below, it is totally okay with every female present that the bald man-child threatens to graphically kill the men who are simply asking him to be civil to the staff and leave the store. He is also calling in vigilante help for aid in carrying out his death threat. But very single woman—black and white—heatedly object to the white men present limiting violence by grappling and holding the overgrown hoodrat for the cops.
This is feminine empathy, as the bald profanity vector is behaving like a woman the entire time, and as soon as the white men seek to impose some order the women immediately side with the only person who made threats to life and limb. Notice that the vocals on the part of white women differ accordingly:
The well-shaped blonde white woman and the shrill brunette skank both expect their own pussy-based authority to influence the men while the black women immediately default to worship of police authority—a typical slave-mind reaction.
No civil society can exist with women at its moral center. Women are disgusting animals who only demonstrate an evolved state of behavior approaching canine morality under strict male dominance. otherwise they revert to inferior primate morally.
Probably the biggest moral compromise in earth history was when canines submitted to primate behavior.
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Sam J.     Jan 26, 2017

"They need top hold him"

Groid,"That ain't they job"

If it had been the other way around all the Groids would have jumped on the White guy and stomped on his head. The White guys finally jumped on him together.

If I'm not mistaken you can tell a person that you are placing them under a citizens arrest and can restrain them. If they attack you when you do so you can fight back. Varies from place to place.

I have Negro fatigue.
Lynn     Jan 28, 2017

I won't comment on the first video, but on the second: how much does it suck to be a black nerd who understands statistics? On the other hand, smart blacks get paid orders of magnitude more than whites of similar abilities and his suit looks expensive.
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