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A Letter From Planet Estrogen
James Is Judged By A Female Reader
© 2013 James LaFond
If any of my readers would prefer to respond to a piece, or review an item they have purchased, you may do as Akira has chosen to and e-mail or snail-mail me your thoughts. I have found myself to be a notoriously poor judge of my own work. For instance most of the things that readers like about my various books and stories are not the things that I put the most work or thought into and definitely not what I liked the most. If I had a replacement I would fire myself. So this kind of feedback is a big help.
Helloooo James,
Akira here, judging you from Planet Estrogen.
—Yes, the Swazi guy [Akira e-mailed me the source story for Shaka Zulu’s Balls] is nasty and should have his dick grinded up.
I've read—
1. Microeconomics of Wife Beating
2. Secrets of the Mayan Astronomers
3. Genghis Khan's Balls
4. By This Axe!
1. I wouldn't have known they had little peckers by all that peace and incense they push. What a bunch of little mutha fuckers!!! Yeah, we do need a pussy brigade to overthrow the land. Now I'm really puzzled by how big the Indian population is compared to other Western nations and their males with larger penises. I guess I should be thankful that Africans aren't producing at the rate of Asians or Indians.
2. Yes James, you are an alien. But I am too. Neither one of use fits the mold society thinks we should be in. I do think you must be smoking something when you write sometimes.
3. I love Stefan!!!! I wish we had more people in the world that can think and articulate the way he does. When smart people talk like this, it turns me on. Society might have assumed that coming from a single-parent household that I would turn out one way, but I defied the odds. Plus, having a conservative, country black family I think helped; and of course, educated parents. Who knows how different my life would have been if I was in the same situation growing up in Baltimore City with uneducated parents without any extended family support. Yikes!!!
4. Yule or Yo - had me rolling on the floor laughing. How odd earth would be to a true super-being. The description of his mother made me a little sick to my stomach, more so then the battle at the end. You really know how to write gruesome battle scenes—so vivid. Your descriptions of the car-Charger and the motorcycle were great. I loved how he took out the drug-dealers. I could really see his gleaming axe. This story was really deep and had a lot of metaphors. Again, this kind of writing takes a while for me to digest coming from reading contemporary fiction about modern family issues/relationships. I have to turn everything off and tune everyone out to concentrate on these stories.
I liked The Last Man. I liked Dwayne even though he was smelly—and you killed him! What is your problem with killing cool characters and your fixation on squirrels? Were you bitten by a squirrel? Abused by a squirrel? Anyhow, I liked it, and I’m curious about Dwayne—how he got that way—so now you owe me a sequel!
I find myself curiously in indebted to a reader for a piece I posted in free content? Stefan, do you have any free market guidelines to help me navigate this conundrum?
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