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‘A Tapestry of Eternal White Guilt’
The City That Bleeds: Race, History and the Death of Baltimore by Paul Kersey
© 2017 James LaFond
Paul Kersey was the vigilante played by Charles Bronson in the Movie Death Wish. Who the man going by this name as the author of this book is, is unknown to me. I can tell you that he knows someone who is from Baltimore and that he has been here. I can also tell you that his entire book could have been written by a person that never set foot in the city, of my birth. In fact, roughly half the content consists of quotes from media sources, books and interviews available on line. That said, the book is an excellent example of bibliographical reporting. The fact that the author coldly refuses to hide his hatred is also refreshing in this age of cloaked agendas.
The City That Bleeds [a joke based on a stillborn mayoral initiative which attempted to re-label Baltimore by labeling its park and bus stop benches with the legend Baltimore: The City that Reads, is more often slandered by calling it The City that Breeds] is a good read, with enough sobering crime anecdotes to make you want to vacation somewhere else. The only thing missing is the feeling of living in Baltimore, of being subject to daily threat from black and blue, the two gangs that wage war for control over the dying city.
I only have one point of disagreement with the anonymous author of this book, that he blames it all on blacks. Blacks come off in this book as super warriors, beastly creatures that cannot be stopped short of military action and perpetual internment. The white governors and white elite in Washington D.C. and white board of Directors at Johns Hopkins that largely control the chocolate city administration are entirely blameless. The white hipsters and whiggers who insist on worshipping black criminals, are blameless. The white men who get on their knees and beg for black mercy or run and hide in the deep county and then dress up like Lebron James and scream through March Madness [the NBA event] at suburban chain eateries, are held blameless.
As with any book containing so much well presented and accurate facts, but which leaves me at a point of disagreement with the author, I like to look to the author’s own work to make my case.
The author of The City That Bleeds cites population stats for Baltimore demonstrating that violent crime increases with black population and it is so. There is also something that remains over looked. The increase in Latino population is ignored and the fact that few Latinos have paid for their lives or suffer black crime is apparently not known to the author. That fact is, blacks primarily target blacks and then secondarily target more lucrative whites and rarely target Latinos, for the very simple reason that blacks fear Latinos and despise whites, because whites refuse to fight back. Below is one example:
I coach a man who worked at the Juvenile detention Center off of Ensor, in Downtown Baltimore.
All the corrections staff is black.
All of the 500 inmates are black [or where at the time of my fighter’s employment there], except for two inmates.
The first non-black inmate was a six foot tall 300- plus pound white who was tormented and attack by the black staff and inmates.
The second nonblack inmate was a tiny Latino, a mere 14-years-old, who was given a wide berth by all, treated like a visiting God of Death
What does that tell us?
It tells us two things:
1. MS-13 is in Baltimore.
2. When civilized people make the devil’s bargain with The State to protect them and theirs s that they can go off grubbing for money and forfeit all moral and physical responsibility to do anything other than run or hide from danger, who deny that their family’s safety is within their field of responsibility, than that sissy race will be hunted to extinction. The generations of whites and their children and grandchildren who fled Baltimore are even now under attack in surrounding suburbs as the government sends criminal blacks to live in subsidized housing units in their very midst and imports people from unimaginably brutalized populations in Third World hellholes to augment the indigenous weaponized blacks.
Run, white rabbit, run!
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Flint     Mar 8, 2017

Brings back memories of working in corrections for 22 yrs. Yeah I Know I was a pig , well anyway half a pig. When ever I observed a white rabbit getting harassed by the dindus I would later get with the rabbit and advise him that even if you had to take an ass whopping it would be better to stand up to the dindus . Most of the dindus left the crazy rawbone Redneck's along. Had a dindu sucker punch a redneck onetime so hard that it broke his jaw. The redneck even though stunned and with a broken jaw grabbed the dindu and put a choke hole on him choking him out untill the officers pull him off. The redneck was sent to a medical prison for treatment. He came back to our prison three months later as good as new. I noticed not a dindu in our prison ever fucked with him again. Much respect to the badass white men . Not the cruel mean white men . Like a response I heard in a war movie one time. There's a difference between a cruel man and a hard man.
    Mar 9, 2017

Great story, Flint.

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