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The Man Who Was Tortured For Seeing Tomorrow
The Forecaster Trailer
© 2013 James LaFond
My favorite TV episode from childhood was the Boy Who Saw Tomorrow. By the time I was a teen and saw it again, I considered it truly phony, on the grounds that the government would have imprisoned, tortured, killed and then dissected the chubby-cheeked boy. I believe I have just seen the trailer for the movie that would essentially be in line with my cynical idea of a remake of that famous Twilight Zone episode.
Martin Armstrong predicted the October 1987 stock market crash and the recovery. That brought federale heat to disclose his client list, along with accusations and false news reports that he singlehandedly controlled the world economy. Refusing to give up his client list, Martin was jailed with jihadist terrorists who were actually drawing plans for taking down the Twin Towers with airliners on their federal prison cell walls, over a year before the actual attacks! He was also beaten by criminals, tortured by federale goons, and forced to confess to a fantasy. It was interesting that he described the terrorists as being model cellmates.
Martin is not my idea of a world-wrecking mastermind, just a geek making money advising geeks on the making of money. He is too smart to be so outspoken and not on the federale team. If I were a federale honcho I would certainly order his execution.
His interviews and segments from some of his conferences can be found on YouTube.
The Forecaster Trailer can be found at
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