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He Said Coldly
Solomon Kane: Red Shadows by Bruce Jones
© 2013 James LaFond
Bruce Jones with Rahsan Ekedal and Dan Jackson
2012, Dark Horse, Graphic Novel
This graphic novel puts together two adaptations of Robert E. Howard’s stories Skulls in The Stars and Red Shadows. There is also a very well done literary biography of Howard in the back.
The original Skulls in The Stars was essentially a Kane character study. Bruce made it more, enhancing the spiritual element. As a prose writer you might expect me to get snitty over a script writer taking liberty with my favorite author’s work. But I can tell you, that if someone ever made a script out of one of my stories, I would be more exited wondering what twist they used their medium to insert, than worrying over my pet details they might change. Besides, doing a comic or a movie as a variation gives the viewer a reason to enjoy both.
Red Shadows was a more faithful adaptation of the original story. Red Shadows is a signature piece that shows the relentless vengeful core of Kane, as he chases a murderer across Europe and into Africa [way before airports and GPS]. There is a very good fight scene between Kane and a huge African warrior.
Solomon Kane, straight-edge murderer from purgatory, wants nothing more than to send sinners to hell, and Bruce Jones gets that.
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