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‘My Toddler is a Violent Racist’
The White Devils and The Legend of Catcher Freeman
© 2013 James LaFond
One of the most highly developed senses-of-humor I know is attached to one of the most highly developed straight right hands I know, in the person of Oliver, one of my fighters. Some of his stories may be found on the Harm City page. As we were packing up after training one night he called me over and said, “Look James, here’s a picture of your next stick-fighter.”
There she stood, a picture of innocence, half as tall as the stick she aspired to whack a sibling with. Oliver then continued, “And you’ll love this—she’s a racist too!”
His eyes lit up with mirthful pride as he told the story of his daughter, having watched the Disney/Pixar film Pocahontas and then running around the apartment, “The white devils are coming, the white devils are coming!”, sounding the alarm for toddlers of color far and wide.
Oliver continued, “She watches a whole movie and all she remembers is the white devils are coming!”
He seemed to want an answer so, “Well we are notable villains. We’ll have to arrange a cameo appearance so I can show up and provide some role-playing opportunities—like a white devil birthday party!”
We had a good laugh and then he looked at me sideways, “James, I know you don’t have a TV. Have you ever seen anything called The Boondocks?”
“I saw one episode years ago in a lunch room at work.”
“James, I’m going to send you a YouTube link to the Catcher Freeman Episode. I watched it five times and could not stop laughing!”
As far as The Legend of Catcher Freeman, Season 2, Episode 12 of The Boondocks, I just don’t know what to say. As a white devil myself I take exception to the depiction of Massa Colonel being so easily fooled in each version of the legend. However, as I have also made the [until now undisputed] claim in this very space to being ”˜the last black man in Baltimore’ I can say without a pang of guilt that I have watched it three times and came out of it with sore stomach muscles on each occasion—from wincing in sympathy at the whooping of Tobias of course.
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