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‘Coward Sociopath Dudes’
No Justice, No Peace by Michael Prsyner
© 2013 James LaFond
I found this documentary through Putin News, courtesy of the angry, smoking hot red-headed Amerileft commie chick with the nose piercings. Her name is Abby Martin and I bet she does dominatrix work on the side. You meathead law enforcement jock types might grant me a reprieve for viewing seditious content on sexist grounds at least. Some babes just look better angry.
If you worship cops don’t read this or watch the documentary. It will give you a stroke.
If you are one of those New Age Neoconservative thinkers who profess liberty but secretly hope that those big scary jock-cops who used to be the guys who gave you Indian burns and stole your lunch money in school are out their gunning down the black dudes who also intimidated and victimized you when you were suffering through public education, than tune in, because your team is stacking them up brother!
This video goes beyond police brutality to expose police executions. Michael is a whining, wimpy, little commie snit who should play the twerp in a Michael Jordan underwear commercial. I do not like him. In fact, if Michael and I found ourselves on a ghetto bus stop [I mean if he misplaced his team of mercenary security thugs and pig-tailed tree-hugger babes, and accidentally found himself alone on a ghetto bus stop] when things got—you know, ghetto—with me, I would use him as a human shield, maybe even break off a boney arm for use as a club with which I might battle my hereditary foes as we fought over his designer polo shirt—Come on people, it's not stealing if he's dead, and he was dead the moment he showed up. Now back to my middle-aged anti-hero action fantasy...
The twerp does have a real axe to grind though. As much as I can’t stand these liberal cry babies I have been harassed by cops many times. Furthermore, as a boxing coach in an urban area, I can tell you that having to worry about your black fighters making it through the year without being randomly stopped, beaten, and locked up [derailing their training at the least] by sicko white cops who never have the balls to step in the ring themselves, is a constant nagging fear.
I don’t trust the numbers that Michael states, when he claims that 4-500 innocent people per year are killed by cops, for the very fact that ‘innocent’ is a pretty touchy thing to define from a statistical distance. Likewise the statement that ‘every twenty four hours a black man is killed by cops’ strikes me as hard to verify. The anecdotes, however, are very believable. I also mind the fact that the number of YouTube police brutality videos currently online would take the rest of my life to view. I also know from experience that bad people become cops on purpose and that good people who become cops are bent and twisted by the job pressures like a hobbit wearing the One Ring.
The other night I was rotating Mister John’s cottage cheese at Good Guys R Us when a uniformed cop strutted by like a Nazi general surveying his domain. When the old lady who cleans the doughnut case said ‘Hi officer’ he just looked right through her. When you work in a store that does not give out free stuff to the cops they treat you like a peasant in an occupied third world nation. So I am primed to believe the cases below cited by the commie babe and commie brat:
1. A Philadelphia police captain was quoted as saying, “Police are vetted for lack of empathy.”
2. A man was shot in the back 23 times by police in front of numerous witnesses. The police claimed that they thought his cell phone was a gun.
3. A former U.S. Marine attempting to defend his house against what he thought was a home invasion, but which was a mistaken police raid on the wrong residence, died in a hail of gun fire when the SWAT team sprayed 137 bullets. His family was awarded damages of millions of dollars.
4. In November 2012, in Cleveland Ohio, a couple in an older model car were chased and shot by police. The police were responding to what they thought was gunfire coming from the car, which had backfired. The Couple were unarmed and not being sought or charged by authorities. The responding officers had been ordered not to pursue the couple. The couple’s car was riddled with 137 rounds, and they died. 64 police officers are facing disciplinary actions. However, one year later no officer has been charged with a crime or removed from their job.
5. 43% of police officers polled agreed that their operational guidelines were inadequate to deal with suspects, and that other means were sometimes required.
6. 25% of police officers polled claimed that they have witnessed police brutality.
7. 52% of police officers polled said that they have turned a blind eye and failed to report police brutality. [How do you rectify this number with the last number?]
8. 49% of police officers polled claim that current laws do not provide adequate punishment for current criminals and that police must themselves administer some level of punishment in order to insure justice is done.
Apparently the worst place to be a black or brown man is in Southern California, where one guy who was pulled over for being the same color as a suspect, was gunned down as soon as he exited the car and raised his hands, in front of five family members. An interesting note made by Prysner is the increased militarization of police forces since the 1970s.
And please, cut Prysner a break. I think I have been too hard on Mister Prysner. He is showing a lot of bravery. His behavior as a journalist is virtually guaranteed to result in incarceration. Remember Mike, I warned. Just now, when I opened my Harm City Dictionary to V, I saw your picture next to this entry; Victim, Rape, Prison and other Corrections Facilities…
If you want to check out a sample of current police brutality cases, go to and check out Breaking the Set with Abby Martin.
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