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God May Not Throw Dice
But What About God Emperors? China, Korea, Syria, Chechnya
© 2017 Jeremy Bentham
A Brief on the China-Korea Question
The Chinese are reported to have 150,00O soldiers stationed on its border with North Korea. This may be to keep out the flood of refugees that can be expected to attempt to flee into China when the NK regime collapses. Do they Chinese think such a collapse appears imminent? Alternatively the Chinese may be preparing to invade and occupy NK. China has long considered the possibility that it might have to take over North Korea and install a compliant puppet regime in order to straighten the mess out there. This would also prevent North Korea from unifying with South Korea, resulting in China having an ally of the USA right on its border. Actually, South Korea no longer wants to merge with North Korea as it now fears that the cost of rebuilding North Korea would bankrupt the South. The South Koreans saw the many problems Germany had with reunification in the 1990’s and North Korea is in a much more backward state than East Germany was at the time.
“The Chinese do not want North Korea to merge with South Korea, nor do they want North Korea to collapse economically and politically because that would send millions of desperate and starving refugees into northern China. All the neighbors (especially China and South Korea) want North Korea to stay independent, and harmless. Thus China is willing to unofficially annex North Korea, knowing that the South Koreans would go along with this as long as the fiction of North Korean independence was maintained. South Korea won't admit this, but most South Koreans know that absorbing North Korea would put a big dent in South Korean living standards. That is more unpopular than any other outcome. While all Koreans would like a united Korea, far fewer are willing to pay the price.”
Korea: The Will Of The People - Strategy Page
Like AC says, it would serve the Left right if they got exactly what they say they want. If only the rest of could somehow be excluded from that chaos.
“It would almost be worthwhile to let the Muslims take over for a bit, just to see the reactions of the cucks and rabbits when their new pets bite their faces off.”
“It is becoming increasingly clear why Germans would hand power to the Nazis. The insidious evil of the left, infiltrating society and claiming some spurious superiority over decent people as grounds to oppress them for their own good, is actually a much more repugnant evil than any open, aggressive, in-your-face evil. At least the Nazis were honest about what they were trying to do.”
* North Korea media warns of nuclear strike on U.S. if provoked
* U.S. warships head for Korean peninsula
* Trump says North Korea "looking for trouble"
* Russia "really worried" about possible U.S. attack on North (Adds Trump Tweet)
“The North's foreign ministry, in a statement carried by KCNA, said the U.S. navy strike group's approach showed America's "reckless moves for invading had reached a serious phase". "We never beg for peace but we will take the toughest counteraction against the provocateurs in order to defend ourselves by powerful force of arms and keep to the road chosen by ourselves," an unidentified ministry spokesman said. North Korea and the rich, democratic South are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.”
“The North regularly threatens to destroy the South and its main ally, the United States.”
North Korea state media warns of nuclear strike if provoked as U.S. warships approach
Reuters April 11, 2017
Some background info on Syria and North Korea.
North Korea and Syria: Two Hereditary Dictatorships – Strategy Page
Is the God-Emperor Trump prodding the Chinese to do something about North Korea?
China: Those Troublesome Koreans – Strategy Page
Chechnya Opens Gay Concentration Camp
Posted on April 11, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative
This is coming to Europe if the Establishment imports enough Muslims:
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Sam J.     Apr 16, 2017

Why do people say the Chinese on the border are to help us? Could be just as well to attack the South Koreans if we attack the North.
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