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Breeder’s Digest #13
Why Karachi Pakistan Has the Most Honest Politicians on Earth
© 2013 James LaFond
The three underdeveloped nations that have not ratified the United Nations Human Rights Treaty—which among other unreasonable provisions bars the execution of children: South Sudan; Somalia; and Detroit—I mean the Unites States of America.
The nation with the least creative naming tradition is Vietnam, where 40% of the population have the last name of Nguyen.
The most powerful woman in the world was the Mongol Empress Duragene, who was regent of the largest land empire ever from 1242 to 1246.
-Hardcore History
The number of people who win the lottery for new vehicle registrations in Beijing China is 1 in 53.
In 2001 In Italy the sale of bicycles exceeded the sale of cars.
74% of 599 Japanese alleged child rapists admitted that their primary reason for using social networking sites was to have sex with minors.
-Awake, October 2013
In Karachi Pakistan, population 18,000,000 plus, there are believed to be 600 active ‘target killers’, who earn between $550 and $1100 per murder. 80% of these hits are ordered by politicians and 20% by criminals.
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