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The Straight Eight Triangle
An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
© 2013 James & Charles
This training set utilizes the ‘Straight Eight’ knife strokes sequenced by Charles. Yesterday, in preparation for our upcoming seminar, we worked out two accompanying footwork patterns that we feel comfortable introducing beginners to. The Triangle is the simpler of the two. This 8-count breaks into two clear sets. The first 4 strokes are powered with simple back and forth motions. The second set of 4 strokes use a reverse [female] outside triangle.
1. Diagonal forehand slash with a step
2. Diagonal backhand slash with a reverse shift
3. Vertical stab with a forward shift
4. Vertical ‘redondo’ slash with a reverse shift
5. Lateral backhand slash with a step back with the trailing foot to make the point of the triangle
6. Forehand stab with a step forward with the leading foot to complete the open end of the triangle
7. Draw cut with a draw step back [kenpo people think of going to cat at 6 o’clock] loading the rear leg for the upcoming lunge
8. Backhand stab with a lunge
Recall that every one of the three stabs is powered by forward motion and that ‘reaching’ with the knife hand should be avoided.
Stroke ‘7’ is a pressure cut that is powered by the drag-away draw step with the rear leg. Do not ‘stay and rip’ from the pocket, but cut away as you restore long range.
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