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Shanking Aryas
A Demonstration of Primitive Single-Edged Knife Use Against an Unarmed Attacker
© 2017 James LaFond
This is a slow motion demonstration with a real, sharp live blade on the husband of the pistol-packing woman in the next room.
All care war taken not to make contact.
Do not do this at home with a live blade. Use a pen, a popsicle stick or rolled up penny saver, or your closed hand.
No Аrуаn hunks were harmed during the videoing of this weapon study.
The most important take away, is if he has a knife and you do not you must either have him between you and the knife, or you must be between him and the knife.
Over all tactile contact with the empty hand is hugely important for applying the knife to a superior unarmed aggressor.
Mind your base. There is one point in the second video where I stand with a poor base and Sean drives me back easily as I try to deploy my knife. He could have driven harder and quicker and slammed my right hip, where the knife was stored, into the wall. Remember to apply tat against someone going for a weapon behind them—put their hip and hand into the wall, then exploit and take control of the weapon hand and weapon with both of your hands.
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PR     May 7, 2017

Awesome. There's a lot of overlap between your style and Blauer's.
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