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Punishing Foe-Meat
Dehumanizing the Antagonist in a Primal Way, With the Stick Slash
Note that my triangles are generally not as deep as I’d like as my hips were so bad at this stage I could barely stand or walk and had great difficulty lifting. The greater you can elongate from the hip and plant a triangle base the wider your effective field of stroke application. This summer, before the hips freeze up again, I will do a triangle video.
The slash, tactically speaking, is a type of chain amplification which translates best to edged weapons and is most functionally aware of the threat of edged weapons. In terms of stick-fighting the slash s all about stroking through your opponent while moving.
Your mentality should be a punishing one. You are punishing him for opposing you, for attacking, for invading your space.
Know that your stick does not want to go through him, like a blade or a rock. The stick has its inherent vegetable resistance to going through his body; the stick is the vegan of impact weapons. It wants to bounce off of muscle and bone and to fall deeply into pillowy fat. Thus you must force it through. A strong stroke across two inches or more of body is in effect a displacement of flesh forced without a wedge structure [ripping into the thigh, for instance] or it is a double or triple bounce through as you force this stick across a shoulder, rubs, chest or arm.
When wielding stick you must punish the opposition.
The T-stroke combination at the end is something that will be worked on with canes and on the bag extensively I the future as it is a defensive pattern that has consistently frustrated skilled stick-fighters looking to enter, it cannot be neglected for survival.
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La ManoMay 5, 2017

These videos are great. I've read about it in the books, I've seen still photos, but this is the first time I've seen these techniques in action.

If you end up making a DVD of these, I'm in line for one. Or if we're supposed to download them and edit them into a continuous piece, we can do that ....

SeanMay 5, 2017

La Mano,

We will do more in the future as we look to expand the sport and culture around this. Stay tuned to the youtube channel and hit myself or James up if you have more specific requests or questions.
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