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‘It Was Nice’
Hannah with Eric Bana and Kate Blanchet
© 2013 James LaFond
I first saw this movie in the theatre when it came out in winter 2011 and was really impressed. It is essentially sci-fi, as is the Bourne series. Where the Bourne series is about genetically and behaviorally altered super-soldiers this is about a genetically engineered one. I can think of no more important subject for speculative writing and filmmaking than that point where certain humans begin to usurp the power of human creation attributed to God.
The film is quirky, with a largely European cast and locations. There are enough politically incorrect elements in it to keep it off the American radar screen, particularly the gay bad guys. Kate Blanchet plays a really creepy CIA type and Eric Bana puts in a strong supporting role. The actress that played Hannah was impressive. Overall the story was a relief from the supper action scenes of other things done along this line.
I suppose my favorite portion of the movie is when Hannah goes on a double date with the daughter of some European hippies with a couple of teenage boys. I can’t say too much without giving away the plot. I suppose what is most impressive about this movie was the judicious use of extreme violence. Hanna’s pacing and the sub-video game level of violence was distinctively non-American, almost apostolic in its realism.
Most men my age won’t like it because a teenage girl is depicted as an action hero. Most young people will dislike it because the female action hero does not pile up a gazillion stunt men in massive one-sided slaughters of large heavily armed and professionally trained male combatants. In short, there is no place for this in popular modern film.
If you liked No Country for Old Men you should enjoy this.
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