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American Dream, The
A Note on Home 'Ownership'
© 2017 James LaFond
I was speaking with my mother as she dealt with her elder law lawyer yesterday morning. Preparing for one’s exit of this money grubbing matrix is fraught with peril for those who wish to leave something behind for their children. My mother wants nothing more than to leave a paid off house in a nice area, which she worked toward her entire life.
Her attorney informed us this morning, that although the deed is being assigned to my sister, my brother and I, that if my mother requires nursing home care through Medicare at any point over the next five years, that the Feds will take the house to pay the bills.
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Ishmael     Jun 29, 2017

After my mother passed, it took 5 yrs for my sisters and I to pay off hospital bill to keep them from acquiring the house, my dad once said, think I will not pay, when they come to collect the house, I will shot the son of bitches!
LaMano     Jun 29, 2017

You don't need to listen to her lawyer.

You need your own lawyer.

Once her name is OFF the deed (not just your names added), it's not available for paying her bills.

I own a house. If the former owner goes to a nursing home, they can't sell my house for the bills.
Ruben Chandler     Jul 21, 2017

Living Trust is the way to go. In New York it was 54 percent taxes on a home inheritance. It blows. I get so tired of hearing about our "freedoms" and rights when the freedom is out right to get screwed by asses that never picked up a hammer when you worked to earn it.
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