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Uber Eats, McWheels, Walmart Home Delivery
Bringing the Feed to the Cows
© 2017 James LaFond
In a recent conversation with Uber Joe, he informed me that Uber is now delivering food and expanding these operations, that the company is poised to step in and deliver food from any eatery that uses electronic money.
He said, also, that McDonalds has been delivering from some locations and have experienced marked increase in sales.
There is also the fact that Amazon is acquiring food retailers and wholesalers and that Walmart is delivering groceries to customers at home.
Also, two supermarket chains in my area—the two best chains—are delivering.
This is an obvious, broad-based trend in which customers are willing to pay for service on top of goods from stagnant wages in a stalled economy.
What is the significance of this trend?
From the people I have interviewed on this—being only eight—I get a sense that there are five incentives for home delivery of food, in light of its expense:
1. The aging population now dreads hauling bags of food home.
2. The younger set are such fat bastards and so lazy that they’d rather pay for home delivery, especially since they are still living with mom and can afford the expense.
3. Shopping has become so dangerous that Walmart parking lots and strip malls are now staked out by the police at holiday time. Why not avoid that?
4. Shopping for a bargain now necessitates shopping among unsavory herds of human cattle, as at Walmart. With Walmart home delivery, one can get the low price without the low company.
5. Increasing numbers of men and women have lost their cars, also fear using the bus, and are dependent on Uber, Lyft, sedan and cabs, making a delivery charge cheaper than a rented trip and less work.
I am interested in whether or not the home delivery outfits will do better, worse or the same when the next debt bubble pops and we have another economic downturn. I have a feeling that increased violent crime and loss of vehicles among the lower middle and working class will encourage home delivery in such a situation.
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