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Tony Cygan Training for a Comeback
Long-time member of the Loch Raven Boxing Team, middleweight Tony Cygan, is back in the gym looking to return to competition. Tony, 12-2-0 [7 KOs] is currently working with one of our stick-fighters, Craig Myles, who is hoping to enter the Golden Gloves in 2014.
Tony, at 5’ 7”, is a short middleweight and is hoping to fight at 154. He is a lefty who tends to counterpunch out of the pocket and puts in some nasty body shots. Tony uses some sharp vertical fist punching techniques. Interestingly enough, he has been a ranked professional billiards player, once placing in a Las Vegas tournament, and does not seem to have a violent bone in his body.
We will do our best to get some footage of Tony and Craig sparring, and perhaps arrange a sparring clinic.
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