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‘The Black Pharisees’
A Columbine Joe Adventure, 7/20/17
© 2017 James LaFond
Tonight, I was waiting for the bus in front of the old Civic Center, or whatever they call it now, the only white guy down there, as usual and these Pharisees, you know, the Black Israelites, were down there doing their thing, yelling at some woman who was smoking a cigarette on the bench next to me that she was going to hell, that she was defiling “her temple.”
She says, “I go to church every Sunday!”
Then they point at me and say, “You’re defiling your temple and you’re going to hell with that Caucasian next to you.”
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Really, God takes the form of a man and comes to earth to suffer and die for our sins and this is where we are?”
A Mexican guy was standing there wondering if they were talking about him going to hell, and they said, “No brother, you okay so long as you believe and get with the truth. It’s just Caucasians who on the express plan.”
I just had to laugh. When I was living with my black girlfriend and she was pregnant they were coming around, trying to convert her, telling her to make sure the father stayed in the baby’s life—and then they saw me and all that shit went right out the window.
The Black Israelites are fun, but they have got to be the most racist people in our society. All they’ve done is flip the Christian Identity movement on its head.
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Jeremy Bentham     Jul 25, 2017

Del McCoury - Recovering Pharisee

Sam J.     Jul 27, 2017

Good song.
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