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Wimp of The Year
White Student Union by Vice
© 2013 James LaFond
I would not be covering this spotty documentary if the punks featured in it were not committing the crime of breathing my air! I coach a mile from where these warm and fuzzy whining racists push their pudgy poison.
In short, on the 13% black campus of Towson State University, with the best security record of Maryland state campuses, and enjoying its lowest crime rate in 17 years, some teddy bear of a soft white boy has formed a White Student Union. These hipster radicals go out on, 'alcohol and bible', drinking patrols of Towson night spots to protect whites from black crime, and cheer the death of Lincoln. He even has a medic dressed as a cook, reads the bible in a parking garage, and espouses European ‘identitarianism’. His name is Matt, seems like a nice squishy kid, and has received death threats, so he does get some props there.
Make no mistake this is soft-sell reactionary hate.
You know what part of that I have a problem with?
I don’t mind the hate. I can respect hate. I have faced down white supremacists, have had white supremacist assassins try to kill me [and stab another man repeatedly instead], have trained white supremacists, and have trained with white supremacists. A good friend of mine was a platform member of BASH [Baltimore Area Skin Heads], the same organization that sentenced me to death in the late 1980s for hiring black men.
I do have a problem with the reactionary part. Reactionary movements are always and forever based on emotion and lack of causal understanding. So here I sit, supposedly a member of some master race, and this dimwit is peddling race-based idiocy in my town. I can take that from some black kid who was educated by Jerry Springer, beaten senseless by his crack-ho mother, and nourished by lead paint. But some suburban parent has financed what is between the ears of that non-confrontational teddy-bear head, and he has the gall to publicly call into question-by-association my genetic place on the bell curve?
What really kills me is the soft-sell. Matt’s breeding unit was decrying her inability to be proud of her race, like blacks are, and to proclaim it publicly.
Listen kids, I understand you resent being force fed African American History for a month every year for 12 years, when your school likely taught no European history.
Read Will Durant or Shelby Foote! You aren’t some brain damaged black kid from the ghetto whose only home reading material was his older brothers X-box manual. Get a book.
Oh, you want to be protected do you!
Maybe you can arrange to be walked around by my black boxer who was attacked by four black men around the corner from where you were being filmed protecting me while you knocked back brews. Look, cops beat the shit out of black dudes in Towson every day! Sit back and enjoy the empire. You have a dozen goons watching your back right now, ready to beat my ass for under-dressing near your upscale digs. They were following Craig and I after training today—you know, because we were a white trash dude and a young black dude together in a vehicle—it must have either been a drug deal, or a plot to snag your facial-pierced babe.
The thing that most disturbed me, as a defiant Whiteman, was the contention that members of my Neanderthal-laced pot of DNA primate soup, need to seek recognition as some kind of endangered species. We survived a goddamn Ice Age! When I viewed that plea, the ghost of my dear Uncle Bernie [who got along fine with my part-black Uncle Robert] rolled over in his grave, and recalling the many ‘Chicom bastards’ he gunned down in Korea, asked me to speak to your groveling ass on his behalf:
“Listen kid, our ancestors came to this land and annihilated nation upon nation of proud red warriors. The stragglers run casinos for us if you haven’t noticed.
“Our ancestors bought the black man, raped his women, and sold his children. To this day we keep their descendents as criminal chattel in our prisons so we can send you there to get gang-raped when you get out of line!
“We have beaten the shit out of nearly every Hispanic nation in this hemisphere, and Manny’s people too. Hell, their greatest aspiration is to sell you cocaine or build your old man a new garage.
“Four nations of yellow men gave us shit. Did we ask for a Whiteman appreciation day on the calendar? No, we sent at least five million of the bastards screaming to hell so Admiral Halsey would have someone to kill when he got there! And now we let their grandchildren live here so we can have something hot to eat on Thursday evening!
“And kid, up to this day—and for a long time coming if those bleeding heart bean counters at the Pentagon don’t mothball the B-52—if he is brown and kneels six times a day, we have or will turned his so-called nation into a parking lot!
“Look, the insensitive American of European descent is still the man to beat. Maybe one day we will go the way of the condor. But don’t you and your sniveling kind beg for recognition from the survivors of the races my ancestors have beaten like the redheaded stepchildren of the solar system for five hundred years.”
That was my best posthumous Uncle Bernie imitation.
You need to get a grip Matt—or, read the Man Manifesto and hope one of those testicles finally descends. Actually, if you recite my Uncle Bernie speech on the corner of North and Greenmount, at 12:00 a.m., New Year’s Day, I will personally issue you a mancard wrapped in the Confederate battle flag bandana I used to wear on my way to work in Baltimore City back in the 1990s.
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Gov. of Michigan     Dec 17, 2013

Alcohol and bible drinking?
James     Dec 18, 2013

Yes, this guy was downing 24 ounce premium brews at an upscale eater [$6.99 a pop at least per draft] and then reciting from the bible in the parking garage of Towson Town Center.

I can see the beer—I mean he's a Nazi right? What would German politics in the early 20th Century have been without beer? But the bible dude? Really, what about the Icelandic Sagas? These kids are espousing 'European culture' as superior, which means, I'm sure, they often use the term 'Jewdification' derisively. Yet, they also adhere to a middle-eastern religion, that grew from Judaism, whose savior was Jew!?! Look, if you are going to be a real racist, and you want my respect, get with a coherent construct.
Charles M     Dec 17, 2013

That crew... they aren't hipsters. Au contraire. More like the island of misfit toys. No one wants to be their friend so they cook up this lame attempt for campus-wide attention. This is college?

I realize the ad hominem nature of what I'm about to say, but they're begging for it: these people are dorks. Case closed. And yes, that kid looks really squishy. He would make an excellent eskrima striking post.
Dominick Mattero     Dec 19, 2013

I dont get the bible stuff either..but still I give Matt credit for at least doing something. i mean he looks like most whiteboys now, we are all fat fucks. If not we are either gay or in Hollywood.

If anything the black college union guys annoyed me more..come on they would make good Escrima posts as well! They are supposed to be the guys who took over Baltimore but they are all bourgeois..WTF!?!?!

I mean white people are weak and not the world conquerors you seem to think..we got lucky. You said it yourself..the indians beat the shit out of us. it was just numbers..numbers that are less and less now..

What we really should do is close down the colleges of want to be educated..get a friggin library card and save money you are going to need to prepare for the Zeke/EMP/Bird Flu apocalypse!!!!!
James     Dec 19, 2013

Yes, the black student union leader was just a better polished social engineering tool cut from the same whining cloth. I can stomach him though. He, by belonging to such an organization, lays claim to being a member of an ethnicity that has had few accomplishments, yet still wants the focus to be on that group rather than his own accomplishments, which means he has a doubly low estimation of himself and his prospects. He is the panhandler on the cultural street corner. It kills me that some white guy who claims to be defending my neighborhood from blacks, and to be better than that guy by virtue of his ancestry, wants to be a social beggar like that, and argue over panhandling rights on that wretched corner. That is amping up the hypocrisy.

The interesting thing about the young educated blacks in this area is they are running from the hood-rats alongside their white social counterparts. [Checkout Oliver on Stupid Shit on the Harm City page.] Hopefully, one day, someone in this country will take a cue from all of those indicators and say, 'You know, maybe it's a class things, and has nothing to do with skin color?' That's probably asking a bit much though.

As much as I think most primitive warrior societies produced better men than industrialized murderers of European ascent, we have got the Mongols by a good twenty million ears. Besides, that was Uncle Bernie's opinion!

Thanks for watching the video. Anytime I review something I am hoping that product gets some traffic because of it. The stuff I really can't stand I don't review.
Maureen     Jan 3, 2015

Hey, so I've met Matt. Good guy. Likes attention, it's true. Still, if they wanted a White Student Union, they should have one. That's all.

If you were his dad, how would you advise him to help his people, and help himself?

PS. He's working class, actually and works a real man's job.
James     Jan 4, 2015


I have no problem with some white guy wanting to imitate blacks and women and forming his own fraternity of cry babies.

I do have a problem with a couple soft wimpy guys and girls who are not residents of a neighborhood I coach and commute and date in [and lived in recently for 7 years], making a show of going out on the street while drinking and reading the bible and doing a farcical spoof on the Guardian Angels [a group with whose leader I sparred with last year, and who the Baltimore County Pigs do not permit to patrol]. Most of the people being attacked in Towson at the time of this stunt were black guys—decent black guys who had moved out to the county to get away from the criminal blacks who the white liberal lawyers defend to the hilt, only to have the criminals follow them! The second demographic was white women jogging during the day. I didn't see Matt in a Bruce Lee jump suit jogging through Towson at 5 p.m. alongside the endangered hipster babes.

I'm not a very territorial guy, but I bristled at the suggestion that I needed protection from some kid that aspires to be treated like a less successful segments of the population—like females and the helpless children of the State. Most of my friends and associates were horrified by this rant of mine—which I artfully tried to blame on my Uncle Bernie's ghost.

I had the sense that Matt was not a Baltimore guy but somebody who stuck a stick in a hornet's nest in my backyard and then went home.

Wow, you put me on the spot Miss Martin.

What if I woke up and Matt was my son; what would my advice be?

Is that before or after I smashed the mail man's face into the mail box?

"Okay son, here is a tool box, a bucket of nails and all the lumber you need to build a shed behind the house. When you have built it, you are to bring me a nice cold beer. We will then walk out back, place the beer in the wood shed, and close the door. We will then fight. If you win you can live in the wood shed, drink beer with your friends, etc. If I win I move into the shed, and you are consigned to a life of hell with your mother, and shall bring me a cold six pack every day until I'm finally so fat you can beat my ass—and when that happens I will go get a vasectomy and live in a cardboard box.

You may think I'm joking my dear. But imagine for a second, being a criminal of undetermined gender and race—Travon Garner Brown for instance—casing a neighborhood populated by houses with wood sheds where Dad and Son beat the piss out of each other and, ally for the purpose of chasing off the census slut and jamming your head into the storm drain?

Hipsterville here you would come—looking for easy meat.

Have a nice weekend Maureen—it's been a blast.
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