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'The Magician’s Gesticulating Hand'
Baruch is over at Medium Fighting off Waves of Human Banality
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You do not represent the Jews.
You’re Jewish as an accident of birth.
Your only connection to anything Jewish is Holocaust-worship (and the possibility of using the Holocaust to guilt white Americans, whose ancestors had nothing to do with it, and who welcomed your ancestors to their country and treated them better than they’d been treated anywhere in the prior 2000 years of exile.)
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Bob     Aug 22, 2017

Agreed. But I think it's the Talmud and not the Torah which dominates Jewish leadership, both secular and religious. This us-versus-them mindset is highly functional in maintaining a distinct Jewish race. Anti-Semitism is the vital lymph that energizes the ADL, SPLC, if there's not enough, they will do their best to create it. Otherwise, it's empty coffers.

Alan Dershowitz penned this article about the Jewish siege-mentality and how it has been useful to group survival, but it almost could have been Kevin MacDonald:
Bob     Aug 22, 2017

I've got to say that I feel sorry for Jews who don't approve of the direction communities' leaders are taking. Dissenters get rough treatment from their own. The Maccabees - zealots - prevailed over Hellenized Jews, and this pattern is repeated time and time again. And if you listen to Kaufman (video below), this resurgence in Jewish zealotry/chauvinism is inevitable. Moderate Jews are going to become increasingly sidelined as their numbers dwindle, especially in Israel. Netanyahu is actually a moderate compared to much of his power base within the religious Right. This bodes extremely ill for non-Jews in the immediate future, as Jews enjoy great power in the West. Ultimately, though, the more Organized Jewry engages non-Jews in open hostility, the more they will energize resistance and awaken a sense of racial self-consciousness in whites. At this point the vast majority of whites don't perceive themselves at existential risk, and most certainly haven't understood the role Organized Jewry has played in the demography and politics of the West.
Bob     Aug 22, 2017

Neo-Nazism is largely an FBI/ADL joint-venture. Comic book Nazis are useful 1) to corral ordinary Jews into writing checks, supporting ethnic defense leagues, and preserving endogamy (it's always 1939, etc.. 2) provide a caricature of goys-gone-wild which can be used to tar by association moderates like Spencer. Lenni Brenner wrote an interesting paper on the early push-pull collaboration between Zionists and Nazis, both of whom shared the goal of transferring Jews to Palestine.

One final point. I have no doubt Jews will survive the fall of the West. Their self-awareness, talent and energy almost ensures it.
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