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On Street Battles
Thoughts on Politically Motivated Aggression and Sustainable Response Under the Postmodern Media State
© 2017 James LaFond
Below are advance show notes for an interview scheduled with Lynn Lockhart based on a topic request from a twitter listener.
As a prologue, we should note that political street fights always serve the interest of behind the scene power brokers and always go against the goals of those who seek to preserve their culture and family values in the face of the negating system of modernity. Seeking to win a street battle before the eyes and guns of the Soulless System dedicated solely to maintaining a monopoly of force, is stupid.
-On Seeking Battle: Grant versus Lee
-On Giving Battle: Fredericksburg
-On Prepared Ground: Xenophon
-On Breaking Ranks: Mongols
-On Silence: Spartans
-On Parade: Kent State
-On Tools & Fools: Rabble [Leftists], mercenaries [BLM] & the Caught-Right
-On Naked War: Pankration psychology
-On Equipment: Caps, Glasses, gloves, mouthpiece
-On Cohesion: Pig-echelon & rugby
-On Branding: Slogan reversal, No to white supremacy, yes to family! [Family is blatantly under attack by the Left and remains an unutilized concept with mainstream appeal.] No Nazis [Leftists equate to pop-vision of fascism, even choosing black and red colors. They provided a label and a place to hang it, so do so.] Freedom of speech advocates should dress only in white and blue [suggest white polos, blue caps and blue pants.] Race is, until a new generation comes to maturity, an unwinnable point of contention for family, culture and liberty advocates and will be organically embraced by people dedicated to family, cultural tradition and liberty [freedom of association].
Conclusion: Don’t fight in the streets, but if you do, at least understand that you are engaged in the sock-puppet end of a media war and make media impressions priority one.
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Bob     Sep 7, 2017

Excellent suggestion on colors. I'd refine it further to *sky* blue and white.
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