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So His Master May Have Him Again
A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part One Kindle Edition
Did you know that the story of black bondage in Early America, as horrible as it was, quite literally paled in comparison to the more than 200 years of white enslavement?
The Africa slave trade in North America did not begin in earnest until 1678 and would not outstrip white slave shipments until 1740.
Did you know that when George Washington served as President in Philadelphia that there were as few as 100 black slaves in Philadelphia, where it was illegal to hold blacks for more than six months, in the Quaker state of Pennsylvania, which held over 200,000 whites in bondage for terms of 7-14 years?
It was for this very reason that the founder of his nation chose to free his black slaves and replace them with Germans.
Did you know that the first slaves in English speaking America were Welsh-English colonists intentionally marooned on Roanoke Island and then enslaved by Indians?
Then welcome to the savage world that American Historians have lied about for nearly 100 years—welcome to the land were people were literally “planted” so that others might own them.
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