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The Enlightened Fate of Akbar Qama Kindle Edition
© 2017 James LaFond
Akbar Qama, retired boxer and former Black Muslim assassin, who fought The Man in Detroit and Oakland back in the day, has retired to the life of a boxing coach for a boy’s outreach program sponsored by the same evil man that recruited him more than four decades ago. In Baltimore he lives on the top floor of a vacant house and is known as The Street Light Man and Black Superman by the local youth.
The Whites who know him call him Poet.
Past sixty years, with his mental powers and extreme physicality fading, Akbar is finally faced with a test worthy of the man who once wasted his gifts on prize-fighting and vengeance, when he meets a frightening White Devil who draws him into a dance with Death and Damnation.
Paleface Sunset
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Night City

Shep     Oct 7, 2017

"Here's an interesting script treatment, Mr. Snipes."

"Thanks, Sol. Gimme the outline..."
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