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The Cupboard Will Be Bare
By Fred Beare
© 2017 By Fred Beare
Here is a good article on impending resource shortages, complete with the math for the geeks:
Here is the crunch:
“The bottom line is this: humans are now at the desperate phase of trying to keep the perpetual expansion model alive. These efforts are clearly failing, which we can detect in faltering ecosystems, slowing global growth, and immensely energy-intensive and environmentally-destructive efforts to get the remaining dregs out as fast as possible.
You can easily detect this desperation in the projects being proposed. Ask yourself what a human just 100 years ago would have thought if you’d pitched these ideas to them:
• We can grow lettuce in metal boxes using LEDs near cities!
• Scraping 10’s of thousands of acres of Canadian wilderness and then use hot water to scrape a waxy reside off of each grain of sand leaving behind a moonscape and systemically poisoned waters.
• Drilling 5 miles and using huge amounts of water and toxic chemicals to create short-lived oil wells.
• Mile deep holes in a hot spot to get at some 1.45 concentration copper ore.
• Creating new, more powerful and more lethal pesticides and herbicides because the last round became a little less effective.
In closing, the fact that we can do all of these things is a testament to human ingenuity, and my role here is not to bash that side of the equation. Instead I'm here to provide some balance to that incessant cheerleading. As discussed here, there is a very important side of the story the media too often ignores.
As much as I try, I cannot gaze out over the next few decades without concluding that technology is simply prolonging the inevitable date with less that humanity will have to confront.”
On the one hand, we have the economic/ecology collapse doomsters, who don’t dare touch the race/immigration/Dark Lords issue. Then we have groups who do brave these issues, to various degrees, most being too shit scared to look the Medusa in the face. In reality, probably every doomsday scenario is right, maybe under-estimated. Thus, we really have PEAK DOOM, once we join up all of the dots. Well, at least all those ϲunts will go with us.
In summary: the collapse is just around the corner, and it means that the savages are going to be mighty hungry, and it looks like meat’s back on the menu boys:
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