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Murderbowl Finale: 12/28 Update [343 Slain]
Mystery Meat Mania: Can You Guess How Many Kills the Harm City Hoodrats Will Clock this Year?
© 2017 James LaFond
As of 12/28/17 there are 343 murders.
With 5 days left in the year at 24 kills per 30 days, I am still predicting 340 kills—and it appears I will be prove wrong.
Mary expects 323—sorry, Mary.
Andy, sorry, bro.
Skeeter, at 347, I think you are right on with this number.
Steevo says 350.
Larry and Big Ron are predicting 360.
What is your pick?
Make your entry in the comments section.
If you hit the number, and it can be the same as one of these totals, then email me at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com and request a free ebook.
3 more kills and Harm City will hit an all-time body-drop count of 346.
Are We Being Colonized by Aliens?
Who are the 28 "race unknown" homicide victims found dead in Baltimore in 2017?
The fact is that the races of most of these victims are known.
So the real question is, why is the BPD lying about the racial identity of murder victims?
Do you have any ideas?
Do note that of the last 20 homicides, all committed in the first 26 days of December, that 14 are listed as "race unknown" with one of these having been confirmed as white. The remainder of the victims were 1 white and 5 black. Men are being buried and their homicide status is still being listed as "race unknown."
Check the link below for the current total and make your entry by Christmas to be eligible for the prize.
Jeremy Bentham and I will be doing a recap in the first week of 2018.
PS: I noticed that the a Harm City Hoodrats held a ceasefire while I was in the hospital. I am honored.
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let the world fend for itself
Lynn Lockhart     Nov 16, 2017

Manny     Nov 16, 2017

I think harm city's got 360. Hopefully James is not one! Write quick brother.
Tony Cox     Nov 20, 2017

336. Everyone is nicer around the holidays.
Andy     Dec 10, 2017

333 Bodies
C Demon     Dec 13, 2017

Mescaline Franklin     Dec 13, 2017

Sam J.     Dec 14, 2017

I'm with Tony Cox but...they're not that nice

Max1001     Dec 16, 2017

Life isn't fair. Baltimore should win the League Title in the National Murder League (NML) if the felonious homicide numbers were adjusted for population levels. But noooo, Shitcongo wins again with 600, because only the absolute number is considered.

Baltimore accomplishes more each year than any other city involved in America's race to collapse. With a population of only 600,000, Baltimore has managed to rack up 300 street kills while Shitcongo, with 2,700,000 people, only managed 600 street kills.

With over 4 times the population, Shitcongo only manages twice the kills. But, Shitcongo wins the league title based on raw numbers alone. That is not right. Year after year, the thugs, dindus, and hood rats in Baltimore toil in undeserved obscurity. Somebody should write their story and shine a light on their sterling work. Maybe James Lafond can chronicle their exploits.
James     Dec 17, 2017

Max1001, there isn't just one league title in the Murderbowl:

-There is the heavyweight crown, for cities over a million [Chicago, NY, LA]

-There is the middleweight crown [where, as in boxing you may expect to find your pound-for-pound best] for cities over 250,000

-There is the lightweight title, for placing like Wilmington, Camden and Flint

-There is the pound-for-pound title, which should be Saint Louis or Baltimore, which were #1 and #2 respectively, last year.

Never fear, my brutha, the Harm City Hoodrats will get the fame they deserve!
Skeeter     Dec 21, 2017

James     Dec 23, 2017

The boys took a few days off while I was in the hospital.

Expect more bodies to start dropping.

I think you are spot on with your number.
Anonymous     Dec 26, 2017

Chicongo stats as of Christmas Day:

(690 "total homicides". Not just guns in Chi-town!)
James     Dec 26, 2017


That made me smile.

Sam J.     Dec 26, 2017

Dammit. Already at 340. That's what I get for giving them a benefit of doubt.
James     Dec 27, 2017


I'm going to pass up on the opportunity to accuse you of Liberal thinking...
WellRead Ed     Dec 28, 2017

I'll go 360. Remember, New Year's Eve is the final countdown. Parties in Dindustan begin around 11 am and run into the wee hours. Combine alcohol (which diminishes an already sub-par IQ and lowers inhibitions), guns, and a culture that has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old, and the possibility for a sudden, last-minute, surge in homicide is almost certain. Not only will they top 360, I am confident that they will start the first hours of 2018 in the double digits.

My own hometown of North Dindustan, long the undisputed champion of the Homicide Bowl, has seen dwindling numbers and homicide rates due to 2 factors: the proliferation of concealed handguns by the law-abiding, and the ever-shrinking population. Since passing shall-issue concealed carry in 2000, there has been a shift in the numbers of who is being killed, with the criminal element's casualties increasing.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Dindu population has migrated North of 8 Mile Rd. spreading their crime and violence to the 'burbs. Once sleepy bedroom communities are now experiencing the joy of having an illiterate and hostile subculture in their midst. To their credit, the palefaces in SE Michigan are wise to the ways of the Dindu and will not hesitate to eliminate them.
Andy     Dec 28, 2017

wooohoo 340 Corpses

A murder a day keeps the white folks away
LaMano     Dec 28, 2017

Although its not fair to be making predictions with only 4 days left in the game, I WILL make so free as to say that the weather forecast makes it unlikely that they'll hit 350.

Temperatures predicted in the teens, with winds driving the wind-chill factor below 0. I assume that most dindu social interactions are done outside? If they are, there won't be much opportunity to run up the score. Even holding your piece sideways, bus'n a cap inna bitch is hard with no gloves at that temperature ....
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