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Detective Sean Suiter Has Died A Day After his Daylight Execution by Thug
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Anarcho-Tyranny / Murderbowl Update.
Jeremy, most such killings have never been solved in West Baltimore due to lack of public cooperation. If the no snitching wall holds than this killing will be as much a watermark in Baltimore's downward spiral as the 2015 Purge Riots. Let us not forget that a week ago a city cop woke up in bed to a hoodrat holding a gun to his head, and his own bosses labeled it an armed burglary rather than a home invasion.
Baltimore Mayor Reacts To Crime: ‘I Am Deeply Disturbed’
6 kills in the past 7 days have been crowned by this crime. there seems t have been an effect in my neighborhood, with two helio searches and 6 police pursuits today, making that double the normal activity in Hamilton.
“Residents are scared, saying no one is safe, not even police.”
Police detective shot in west Baltimore has died
Authorities continue to search for gunman, offer $69K reward
Updated: 4:34 PM EST Nov 16, 2017
The Baltimore police detective who was shot in the head Wednesday afternoon has died, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Thursday afternoon.
Federal and local authorities on Thursday continue to search for the gunman who shot Detective Sean Suiter.
•Baltimore police homicide detective shot on Bennett Place
•Detective Sean Suiter was shot in the head
•Suiter was taken to Shock Trauma, where he was pronounced dead Thursday
•Suiter is an 18-year veteran of the force, survived by his wife and five children
•$69,000 reward offered for information leading to suspect
Mayor Catherine Pugh said Suiter was well-respected and will be very missed.
"Everybody here at Shock Trauma knows him. We know that people in the community know him. He was well-respected, and he will be very sorely missed," Pugh said. "I ask the city of Baltimore to please pray for this family, a strong family, a police officer who gave his life doing his duty, a former Navy officer who has served his country well and has served his city well."
Suiter, 43, leaves behind a wife and five children. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and lived with his family in Pennsylvania.
"Just after noon today (Thursday), 18-year veteran homicide Detective Sean Suiter was pronounced dead," Davis said. "(He was) 43 years old, married, father of five; his wife Nicole is here with him."
"Their youngest is 14. I know they have a 24-year-old son," Pugh said. "I ask you to pray for her pray for their children and pray for our city."
Suiter had served in the specialty operations unit and received several commendations.
"He's a can-do guy. He loved being a cop," Davis said. "He has several commendations from the Police Department, and listen, he's a loved guy in the BPD."
The shooting happened in the 900 block of Bennett Place near Fremont Avenue around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.
"Detective Suiter was with a partner from the homicide division. They were in the Bennett Place area investigating a 2016 murder, and while they were in the vicinity, they observed a man engaged in suspicious behavior," Davis said.
Police cadets on Thursday were searching for any evidence in the area. Police officers put the area under a lockdown Thursday, saturating at least four blocks and scouring the crime scene for the suspect and looking for more evidence. One critical area of interest is where the shooting took place, in a vacant space where a rowhouse once stood.
"It's an open space with some debris, a couple tree stumps, a couple chain-link fences," Davis said.
Police haven't identified a suspect, but they believe he's injured. They haven't said what type of injury he might have.
"We are obviously searching emergency rooms, doctor's offices," Davis said. "We're asking the shooter to do the right thing, call 911, turn yourself in."
Residents encountered a neighborhood seemingly under siege with police checking identifications.
"It was a little difficult, a lot difficult, actually. I've been up since 7 o'clock this morning. When I try to come outside, they needed my name, make sure I lived there. They needed to make sure my daughter lived there. And there was an escort. They escorted me out my house," said Terraya Moore, who lives on Bennett Place.
Police officers were answering calls in the community with extra manpower, and in some cases, armed with assault weapons. Police officers in tactical gear were seen throughout the neighborhood.
Authorities are asking for anyone who knows the suspect to do the right thing.
"We're asking those folks to do some soul-searching and pick up the phone and give us a call. We are asking this shooter to do the right thing. He knows what he did," Davis said.
Davis said investigators are looking to identify additional witnesses. A $69,000 reward is being offered for information.
"There is a $69,000 reward that is being offered to anyone that can help us solve this case. It shouldn't take 69 cents. We are absolutely certain that the community will step up and stand up with the city police to bring this heartless, ruthless, soulless killer to justice," Davis said.
Anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2100, text tips to 443-902-4824, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 866-7LOCKUP, or call the FBI at 800-CALL-FBI, Option 4.
"I asked police officers and the commanders behind me, 'What do you think Detective Suiter would want you to do about this? He'd want you to find the person responsible. He'd want you to stay in the fight. Stay in the crime fight. Don’t quit. Don’t give up,'" Davis said.
"We will find the person responsible," Davis added. "We remain dedicated and committed to finding the person who ended such a beautiful life. Such a wonderful detective, husband, father and friend."
Residents are scared, saying no one is safe, not even police.
"The detective, he was innocent, like he was just doing his job," Moore said.
"Violence in this city is out of control," Pugh said. "We are committed, along with the Police Department, to bring justice to every individual's family who has been involved or hurt by violence."
"We will find the person responsible for this ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary loss of life," Davis said. "We are absolutely certain that the community will step up again to bring this heartless, ruthless, soulless killer to justice."
Gov. Larry Hogan released a statement, saying:
"The first lady and I are heartbroken by the death of Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter, a veteran of 18 years, who leaves a young family behind. He did not deserve to die this way. We join all Marylanders in praying for Detective Suiter’s wife, children, and loved ones during this time of tragedy.
"It is difficult to express the sadness—and anger—that comes with losing this dedicated public servant to such a cruel and senseless act of violence. The state of Maryland will continue to support local law enforcement as they hunt down the individual that committed this heinous crime, and ensure that the full force of justice is brought to bear.
"May God continue to bless the brave men and women who serve and protect us every single day, including all of Detective Suiter's fellow officers on the Baltimore City police force. They are truly some of the best and most heroic people that we have the honor to call Maryland citizens."
The Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore City Lodge No. 3 released a statement, saying:
"The callous murder of our brother and friend, Detective Sean Suiter, has broken our hearts. We grieve for his loss, and for the pain and suffering that will be endured by his family and friends. Rest assured, however, that this has not broken our collective spirit and we will continue to do the work that Sean loved, and do it with the same integrity and commitment that he exemplified. He will never be forgotten, and his sacrifice will be remembered forever by the generations of proud Baltimore police officers yet to come. Rest in peace, brother. We will take it from here."
Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby released a statement, saying:
"My thoughts and prayers are with Detective Suiter's family. Each day, officers throughout this nation leave home not knowing whether they will make it back and this is a tragic reminder of the ultimate risk and potential sacrifice that officers make to protect and serve us all.
"Detective Suiter and I crossed paths many times when I was a line prosecutor, and I know firsthand his love and passion for serving the citizens of Baltimore and fighting crime. We have lost a true gem today.
"As the daughter and granddaughter of police officers, as well as a wife and mother, my heart is heavy. This cowardly act is tragic and deeply affects us all. I send condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at the Baltimore Police Department.
"We will not tolerate such callous, senseless violence, and I assure you that my office will work tirelessly to bring the perpetrator to justice."
$69,000 reward after detective shot
We have lost our best. When I was a new sgt in the WD, Det Suiter was my rock. He knew his post; colleagues & citizens respected him. He was the man u wanted investigating ur case & patrolling ur neighborhood. Quick with a smile & big of heart, he is dearly missed. RIP, my friend
— Martin Bartness (@MartinBartness) November 16, 2017
Our hearts are heavy as @MDSP sends condolences to the family of Detective Sean Suiter and @BaltimorePolice. The 18-year veteran of the department leaves behind a wife and five children. RIP Det. Suiter.
— MD State Police (@MDSP) November 16, 2017
Our deepest condolences to Detective Suiter's family and colleagues. We mourn with you @BaltimorePolice
— FBI Baltimore (@FBIBaltimore) November 16, 2017
Our heart goes out to the @BaltimorePolice as @CommishKDavis announces the death of Detective Suiter #PrayingForBaltimore 🙏🏽
— Baltimore Fire (@BaltimoreFire) November 16, 2017
In the hearts and thoughts of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Our deepest condolences to the family of Detective Sean Suiter and @BaltimorePolice Department. Anyone with information please call Baltimore Police Detectives at 410-396-2100 or text 443-902-4824.
— MDTA (@TheMDTA) November 16, 2017
Our hearts are heavy. The dead of Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter, 43, this afternoon is everyone’s loss. Our deepest sympathy is extended to his family and the men and women of @BaltimorePolice
— Maryland NRP (@MDNRPolice) November 16, 2017
We send our thoughts & prayers to @BaltimorePolice as you mourn the loss of your murdered officer. #BatlimorePD #CecilSheriff #WeStandWithYou
— Cecil County Sheriff (@CecilSheriff) November 16, 2017
Statement from President Ryan and the FOP on the Line of Duty Death of Homicide Detective Sean Suiter, an 18 year veteran @BaltimorePolice.
— Baltimore City FOP (@FOP3) November 16, 2017
Police widen crime scene area where Detective was shot
— David Collins (@dcollinsWBAL) November 16, 2017
Police & cadets door to door in area where officer was shot
— David Collins (@dcollinsWBAL) November 16, 2017
Cadets working the neighborhood handing out flyers in connection with Detective shot
— David Collins (@dcollinsWBAL) November 16, 2017
Hard to see but tactical team spotted along with K-9 in neighborhood where detective was shot Wednesday #wbal
— Jennifer Franciotti (@wbaljfro) November 16, 2017
Cadets from Baltimore City Police Department arrive in West Baltimore where yesterday a homicide detective was...
— Jennifer Franciotti (@wbaljfro) November 16, 2017
Cadets from @BaltimorePolice on scene in West Baltimore where search continues for suspect in homicide detective shooting. #wbal
— Jennifer Franciotti (@wbaljfro) November 16, 2017
Police block off area of Harlem Park where detective was shot yesterday. Search continues for a suspect. Text tips to 443-902-4824 #wbal
— Jennifer Franciotti (@wbaljfro) November 16, 2017
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