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Snow Nigga News: 1/14/18
Big Ron, Uber Joe and Aunt Vee, Keeping it Real
© 2018 James LaFond
James a buddy of mine just saw a dindu in his late 30s early 40s beating the hell out of some white dude in his 40s next to the church at Evergreen and Harford. He gave me a play by play, said the cracker looked like a junkie.
Take care.
-Big Ron
Uber Joe
I picked up this couple at 1:00 in the morning on Friday night from this dive bar in Edgewood. It was a really pretty, upper class white girl and this big Dindu. I’m taking them back to those Section Eight apartments behind where the Giant [supermarket] used to be.
They’re making out in the back seat—I mean she was all over this guy, trying to unzip his pants and saying, “I’ll give you head right here before we get there—he won’t look—will you, Uber Joe?”
I’m like, “Whoa, please, I just got the car detailed, think you could hold off—I’ll have you there in four minutes?”
And they just go back to kissing, this upper class mud shark all over this giant dindu in my back seat.
I’m so desperate for a real job that I’ve got an interview at a supermarket—can you believe that? I’m desperate. Only had this car for two years and have over a hundred thousand miles on it.
Aunt Vee
Look at this face book posting that one of my friends forwarded me from this nasty bitch.
The icon is of an attractive, light-skinned mulattress.
The handle reads “Isucktits.”
The text reads:
“I don’t know what’s wrong with these nasty, breading bitches who get a baby up in there en want their pussies licked. I ain’t eatin’ that haunted house!”
And the world spins sickly into a parody of Sodom and Gomorrah …
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Bob     Jan 15, 2018

@ Uber Joe: I'm glad you're going for the supermarket gig; the manned-drive's days are numbered to years. Even the very conservative Toyota is getting into AI piloting.
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