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DEC/27/17 Big Daddy Ron
The Pre-History Of An Orphan
DEC/28/17 The Ghost Of Inchon John
Three Minutes In A Baltimore City Liquor Store, Friday, 2:15, December 1
DEC/29/17 The Red SUV
Midnight In Middle River, 12/1/17
DEC/30/17 Harm City 2 Chicongo
The Harm City Beat For 2018
JAN/02/18 The Hunt For Whitey Continues
A Verified Account Of One Old Man’s Harm City New Years
JAN/02/18 Dindustan Heartland
By WellRead Ed
JAN/07/18 The Mad Hatter
Scoring Dope In Minneapolis, Late Summer, 2017
JAN/09/18 ‘I Never Locked My Door’
Doctor Dread On Harm City Hospitality
JAN/10/18 ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’
Sunday, 7 January 2018, Baltimorons By The Irish Savant
JAN/10/18 ‘Deaf Ta All You Crackas’
We Wuz Kings By Mister Metokur
JAN/11/18 Food Deserts & Hot Crazy Bitches Of The End Time
The Radio Free Dindustan Report 1/11/18 Jeremy And James Discuss Food Deserts
JAN/12/18 ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’
Privatizing Public Health In Harm City
JAN/12/18 ‘Gentlemen’
A Study In Harm Avoidance By Tony Cox And James LaFond
JAN/14/18 Snow Nigga News: 1/14/18
Big Ron, Uber Joe And Aunt Vee, Keeping It Real
JAN/16/18 Tweaker-B-Gone
Dealing With Dope Fiends By Tony Cox
JAN/17/18 Bangin’ It Out
Harm City Hoodrats Take On The Poleese
JAN/19/18 A Limp Down Memory Lane
Recalling Attacks On Me In 2017
JAN/20/18 Billy’s Pizza Caper
How Not To Conduct An Armed Robbery
JAN/22/18 A Lament
A Teacher Recalls Harm City High
JAN/23/18 Megan’s Rule
The Cock-Blocking Cashier
JAN/24/18 My Mom
A Child Thief’s Plea
JAN/25/18 ‘Warpath In Whitebreadistan’
The Rising Tide Of Yomish Aggression In Baltimore
JAN/29/18 Mystery Meat Rising
Who Is Being Killed In Harm City?
JAN/29/18 Harm City Is #1 Again
News Yo Cain’t Aford Ta Lose, Cracka Jack
JAN/30/18 Jogging Off Campus
What Could Go Wrong In Hershey Pennsylvania?
JAN/31/18 Gelding The Motorheard
Why Autonomous Motorists Will Be Outlawed
FEB/02/18 Profiling Harm City
Extrapolating Baltimore’s January Murder Rate
FEB/04/18 Guns, Knives, Clubs, Mobs & Idiots
What Is The Latest Harm City Breakdown Of Aggression By Type?
FEB/05/18 Listening To A Shooting
10:22 P.M. 2/4/18
FEB/06/18 Da Truce!
Another Harm City Ceasefire Ends In A Shooting
FEB/06/18 Working In Harlem Park
An HVAC Mechanic Describes A Baltimore City School
FEB/08/18 The Purge Spreads
Jeremy & James On The Return Of Colin Flaherty
FEB/10/18 Not Getting Boned In Baltimore...
...While Attending Johns Hopkins University
FEB/10/18 Parking In The Hood
Butch And The Cop
FEB/11/18 Luther
A Mugging Gone Wrong
FEB/13/18 Inquiring Of The Dead
Ken And James Discuss Some Curious Harm City Murder Victims
FEB/13/18 Felonball Day
Considering Our Greatest Secular Feast Day
FEB/14/18 Proust & Blake
Why We Hate The Pigs
FEB/16/18 The Talk
For Paleface Cubs With James & WellRead Ed
FEB/18/18 Uber Hoss
Seeking The Charm In A City Known For Harm
FEB/19/18 Niki’s Night
Walking By Night On A Secure Women’s Campus
FEB/19/18 Pigs In The Alley
And Dindus At The Door
FEB/20/18 $5,000 A Week
A Harm City Shoplifting Report
FEB/20/18 Ace Quadroon & Crew
Setting-Up The Sundown Ambush
FEB/23/18 The Siege Of Negropolis
Jeremy And James Discuss The Paradigm That Is Comming To You
FEB/23/18 Four Deadly Cities
Sam J. Reporting From South Dindustan
FEB/24/18 The Curtain Falls
Anarcho-Tyranny End Game
FEB/27/18 Inspecting The Bull Parade
On Patrol In And Around Suburban Towson Maryland
MAR/01/18 Off Duty
In Harm County With Uber Hoss
MAR/05/18 On The Down Yo
Only 16 Murders In 30 Days?
MAR/05/18 Mamma Wants A Whipping Post
The Harm City Matriarchy Wants A Vigorous Poleese Overseer
MAR/06/18 Grocer Joe?
The Uber Driver Becomes A Ghetto Grocer
MAR/06/18 The Cedar Lane
An Exercise In Prophetic Pedestrianism
MAR/07/18 ‘The Gold Teeth’
A Story Of Race And Death
MAR/07/18 ‘I Will!’
A Cashier’s Most Heartbreaking Moment
MAR/08/18 ‘Cubby’
A Tale Of Postmodern Family
MAR/10/18 The Towel
A Harm County Custody Battle
MAR/11/18 Harm County Cops
A Landscaper Unloads On Why He Quit The Force
MAR/13/18 ‘Like A Military Operation’
Flint Town A Netflix Documentary
MAR/14/18 Target U.S.
Three Hours Of The Media War On Remnant America
MAR/17/18 Paleface Son Versus Hoodrat
A Harm City Testimonial From A Father And Son
MAR/18/18 Devil Power
In The Ebony Hour
MAR/25/18 A Haunting Walk
Strolling Through A Childhood Past
MAR/26/18 A Barrel Of Acid
The Radio Free Dindustan World Report
MAR/26/18 Charting Blight
Seeking A Crease In The Adult World
MAR/28/18 Shank Side
East Baltimore Is Catching Up To The Westside In The Old Way
MAR/29/18 Three Brothers
A Study In Masculine Regression
MAR/30/18 ‘The Kid On The Skateboard’
A Mother Remembers Her Son
MAR/31/18 White Privilege
A Working Girl’s Burden
APR/03/18 Mudsuckers & Sand Sharks
Uber Joe Was On Suburban Safari And He Forgot His Pith Helmet
APR/05/18 ‘The Boys Are Back’
The Harm City Hoodrats & Chicongo Chiraqs Are Pulling Up That Slack
APR/05/18 ‘Wily And Mo’
Drugs Inc., The Baltimore Game And PCP In D.C.
APR/11/18 The Piss Racket
Luther On New Orleans
APR/13/18 The Suburban Swivel
Your Basic Ambulation Aggression Avoidance Application
APR/15/18 Career Day
Mister Rich Goes To The Harm City Academy
APR/15/18 Crackpotglyphics
Writing Exclusively, Fulltime
APR/17/18 The Fish Fight
Being A White Cop In A Blue City
APR/18/18 The Scrounge
An Encounter With The Paleface Of The Future
APR/18/18 Blue Bikes & Street Lights
By Day, Dusk And Night In Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan, April 2018
APR/19/18 ‘A Nigga Like Me’
Drug Inc. As Urban Comedy
APR/21/18 Ho Jacking
12:30 P.M. Friday, Aril 21. 2018
APR/21/18 ‘A Nigga On The Roof’
Copping Dope On Asquith And North Avenue With Little Debbie
APR/23/18 Abner Goodboy
A Good Ghana Man Makes Bad Blood In A Bad New England Town
APR/24/18 Steak & Scrimp Shortage Coming?
Retired Ghetto Grocer Update
APR/24/18 The Protector
An Unlikely Meeting On The Dusk-Descended Streets Of Brooklyn NY
APR/25/18 Ho Cadres Ramping Up
Feminism Harm City Style Heralds Civilization's Fall
APR/27/18 ‘A Bitch In Stride’
Little Niki And Yolanda Bonnet In The Dope Zone
APR/29/18 ‘God Bress!’
The Return Of Mister Mohamad
APR/30/18 The John Henry Patrol
Counter Patrolling In Harm County, 5-8:30P.M., 4/30/18
MAY/03/18 ‘Hijacking The Image Of Their People’
The Un-Civil War: Blacks Vs Niցցers By Taleeb Starkes
MAY/06/18 ‘Gina C. Scalp-Taker’
Another Harm City Pinup Girl
MAY/07/18 Urban Wasting
Baltimore Has Lost 24 Quality Restaurants In 3 Months
MAY/09/18 ‘That Shit Was Nuts’
One Man’s Experience Dating A Pedigreed Hoodrat
MAY/11/18 ‘Above The Fray’
A Night With Comedian And Broadcaster Pat Dixon
MAY/12/18 7 Sacred Commodities
Of The Reparations Republic Of Greater Dindustan
MAY/14/18 How Will We Buy Groceries?
Trends In Retail Food And Urban-Suburban Blight
MAY/19/18 Attending Dindu U.
Big Ron Studies For His G.E.D. At A Baltimore Magnet School
MAY/21/18 Kangzland
Nikki Wants To Know Why Urban Ebonia Is So Violent
MAY/22/18 Broken News
Amish Terrorists Strike: Four Babe Cop Killers On The Run
MAY/23/18 Breaking News From The Negropolis
A Radio Free Dindustan Report
MAY/25/18 WW Dyke
Living Under Two Savage Rug Munchers
MAY/27/18 ‘No One Man’
The Strongest Dude In The Hood #1 Of 2
MAY/27/18 ‘Two Dudes, In The Game’
The Strongest Dude In The Hood: #2 Or 2
MAY/30/18 How Darla Got Jumped
The POC Ho Patrol Is Out Of Control
MAY/31/18 ‘Oh My God!’
One Woman’s Encounter With The Police State Goon Squad
JUN/02/18 Nightcare?
More Egg-Laying Ass-Parents Of The Future
JUN/04/18 Harsh Reality Check
By WellRead Ed
JUN/07/18 Black Gangs, Rick Ross & MS-13
Baruch And James Discuss The Slickest Generation
JUN/07/18 Skankus Maximus
A City Block Breathes A Sigh Of Relief
JUN/10/18 ‘I Want A White Person!’
On The Frontlines At Cheap Guys R’ Us
JUN/11/18 ‘Money On The Counter’
With Little Dave On The #36 12:15-45, Friday, 6/8/2018
JUN/13/18 ‘Part Of The Freddie Grey Loot’
Bwanna Cop Cries On The Stand
JUN/15/18 To The Water’s Edge
A Trek Back Into Community: Friday, 6/8/2018, 11:15-2:53
JUN/23/18 One-Tirdy-Fav
Harm City Hoodrats On The Murderbowl Pace Despite Slump
JUN/23/18 Slut Nation
A Single Father Muses Over The Extinction Of Modesty
JUN/24/18 A Tenuous Social Experiment
International News From Radio Free Dindustan
JUN/27/18 ‘The Hands And The Feet’
Miss Ezz On Drowning In The LGBT Sea
JUN/27/18 A Man Minute
60 Seconds Or An Eternity Of Eye Burn With Nero The Pict, Sunday, 6/24/18
JUL/05/18 Eight Years A Knave
Unlabeled Writing From No Known Address
JUL/06/18 Directed Fireworks
Three Harm City Hoodrats Bite The Dust Between 12 And 4 A.M. July 5th

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