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SEP/07/23 Crackpot Publifesto
A Dialogue With The Crackpot Industries Facilitator: 3/16/2023
MAY/29/23 Jimmy In Print
A Memoir Of Childhood By A Failed Adult
MAY/23/23 My Younger Self
A Baltimore Refugee Biography In Print
MAY/04/23 Cox & Swain
Sons Of An Udderless Whore: The Plantation America Novel In Print
AUG/01/22 Sold In Print
The First Plantation America Novel Is In Hardback
JAN/24/22 Cube In Print
The Redaction Of Bronson Caan: A Novel Of 2121
DEC/16/21 Advent America In Print
The First Hardback Crackpot History Book
NOV/23/21 Haft And Almuric In Print
New And Old Fiction Of The Brutal Type
OCT/03/21 Letter To The Pirates
Pillaging The Cracked Pottery Before The World Library Gets Erased
SEP/29/21 What Books?
Mister Grey Wonders Which Crackpot Books Would Best Serve A Regular Site Reader
AUG/30/21 Dollar Joe In Print
As Maskland Continues To Evolve One Of Its Antiheroes Descends In Hardback
MAY/31/21 Beyond Rainbow Bridge In Print
Editrix Completes A Single Hardcover In May
MAY/15/21 Shadow Ban
'James, The Logic Of Steel And The Fighting Edge Are Listed Only As Used On Amazon?'
APR/06/21 The Filthy Few In Print
James LaFond's Deep State Novel With Sam Finlay's Pulp Horror Fiction Is Available In Hardback
FEB/10/21 Orphan Nation Is In Print
Child Bondage In The Anglo- American Experience: A Plantation America Report
FEB/08/21 Flood: Interlude
The Conclusion Of Flood
FEB/03/21 Big Boy
Flood #14
JAN/31/21 Flood In Print
A Life In Deed
JAN/25/21 All In
More Bad Thoughts In Print From The Crackpot Suppression Archive
JAN/25/21 Submitted On January 6, 2018
Finally Taken Off The Hit List On 1/25/21
JAN/02/21 My Dad Had No Legs
Patsy Nordic Growing Up
DEC/26/20 Who Writes The Songs Of Night
Night Song Of The Nords And A Trilogy Of Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song And Night Song Of The Nords Are In Print
DEC/06/20 A White Christmas
And An Update Article By Sifu Jewell
NOV/26/20 The Giver Available As A Print Draft
Or A Man Named Property On Navigating Debt And Hysteria
NOV/19/20 The Four Ugliest Books Of 2020!
Four Overton Railroad Drafts Are Now Available, Complete With Typos
NOV/12/20 Overton Railroad Drafts
In Case The POZ Button Gets Pressed
OCT/20/20 A Well Of Heroes 3
Available In Hardback From The Editor
SEP/22/20 Stupid-Time
LaFond's First Childrens' Book In Print
JUL/31/20 Well Of Heroes 3
Now In Print
APR/27/20 Apocalisp In Print
Memoir Of American Decline March 2020 Paperback – April 26, 2020
APR/05/20 Banned By Amazon
And No Available In Hardback Thanks To My Angelic Editor
JAN/12/20 Rapunzel Of The Dissident Press
Crackpot Mailbox: Lynn Lockhart Tracks Crackpot Literary Fate In The Shallows Of Hate
DEC/13/19 Thrive
One Of The Best Experiences For A Self-Help Survival Writer
DEC/06/19 ‘You’re Good!’
A Lesson In Self-Doxing 101
OCT/20/19 The Combat Space
Essence - Ring - Cage - Duel - Survival Paperback – October 18, 2019
OCT/06/19 'Across The Rim Of Death And Decades'
Crackpot Mailbox: A Dialogue With Poet Nathaniel Lucas
SEP/25/19 The Author's Voice
Two New Audio Channels For Crackpot Content
SEP/13/19 Book Of Nightmares
Book Of Nightmares: Being A Chronicle Of Select Nightmares Paperback – September 9, 2019
JUN/03/19 Of A Sword And A Sorcerer
Yusef Of The Dusk: Paperback – May 30, 2019
MAY/28/19 Preparing For Hell On Earth
By Doctor X: A Review Of Letters From The Fall; Civilization Decomposes
APR/23/19 Letters From The Fall; Civilization Decomposes
Paperback – April 18, 2019 By James LaFond & Jesse James Bowie
APR/12/19 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
The Foundation Of Our Misbegotten Nation Paperback – April 6, 2019
MAR/19/19 'Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis'
The Basis For James' Novella Out Of Time Supported By Academic Nerdary
MAR/15/19 ‘Where Do I Start?’
Reading The Old Twerp Who Had Lunch With Jack Donovan
MAR/12/19 Dis Kook Gotz Shares
Crackpot Industries Letter To Shareholders 2018
FEB/27/19 Cracker-Boy In Print
Read It And Use It As Body Armor Or A Defensive Blunt Weapon
FEB/25/19 Kindle Quality Notice
Open Quality Warning Or Suppression
FEB/23/19 Wargame Wednesday
Kind Words From A Keen Mind
JAN/02/19 'Once I Can Get My ADD Ass To Buckle Down'
Crackpot Mailbox: Lucas Freese Has Some Thought Stoking Questions
DEC/06/18 'Case Studies, Combatives And Resistance'
Crackpot Mailbox: Bryce Sharper Needs To Know
NOV/19/18 'A Starting Point?'
Crackpot Mailbox: Terminus Est Wants To Know About 'LaFond Fiction'
OCT/10/18 Crackpot Books
The Complete Listing From DarkEyedGirl, Crackpot Books, Punchbuggy Books, Forever Autumn Press, Nerd Church And Hun House
SEP/19/18 Giving Thanks To A Living God
Barbarism Vs. Civilization & Autumn In A Dying City Censorship Status Change
SEP/19/18 'Create Space Hold'
A Thought Crime Recategorized
SEP/17/18 Summer Fiction
Crackpot Podcast 43
SEP/04/18 Thunderbird In Print
Man Versus Modernity
Crackpot Podcast 41
AUG/09/18 Banjo Asks
Banjo And James Discuss The Crackpot's Masculinity Books
JUL/24/18 Banned By Amazon
Tracking James LaFond's Unpaid Advertisement Agency Activity
JUL/20/18 Supplicant Song
In Print At Censorship DotCom
JUL/13/18 Mechanisms Of Control
Kicking The Cracked Pottery Down Conformist Lane
JUL/02/18 The Hammer Comes DOWN!
James LaFond Has His 4th Book Suppressed By Amazon
JUN/29/18 How And Why?
Were The Logic Of Steel And The Fighting Edge Banned By Amazon?
JUN/28/18 The Hammer Comes Down
The Logic Of Steel And The Fighting Edge Banned By Amazon
JUN/21/18 The Shape Of Cracked Pottery To Come
Podcasting And Publishing News From The Ancient Crockery Itself
JUN/21/18 Shelters For The Self
The First Crackpot Books Publication
JUN/20/18 Man Gearing
Paperback – June 19, 2018
APR/15/18 Finally, In Print
All Power Fighting: A Fighter's View Of Mixed Martial Arts From Achilles To Alexander
FEB/18/18 The Pay Sucks
And Keep On Trucking—But The Jerk Behind The Desk Does Read Your Emails
FEB/13/18 53 Books For My Dark-Eyed Girl
Thanks To The Readers For Helping Out
FEB/08/18 Son Of A Lesser God
In Print And On Kindle
JAN/15/18 The Fighting Edge
Back In Paperback After 7 Years
JAN/09/18 The Logic Of Force
Back In Print
JAN/07/18 The Logic Of Steel
Back In Print After 8 Years
JAN/02/18 Let The World Fend For Itself
Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View Of Urban Blight Paperback – January 2, 2018
DEC/31/17 Joe’s Take On The Bald Ape
A Reader’s Review Of 40,000 Years From Home: A History Of Human Aggression
DEC/29/17 Tribes Pulp Yarns
A New Short Fiction Series
NOV/28/17 Purchasing A LaFond Library?
A Question From A Canadian Reader
NOV/27/17 Thank You Amazon
Top 5 Sellers 11/27/17
NOV/22/17 Full Disclosure
The Punch Buggy Books Inventory
NOV/20/17 Jerk House Books
Up And Running With Its First Print Release
NOV/19/17 Suppressed By Amazon
Autumn In A Dying City Has Been Taken Down By Amazon
NOV/18/17 Autumn In A Dying City
Letters From The Last Whiteman In Baltimore
OCT/10/17 Are You A New Reader?
New Customer / Reader From Social Matter
SEP/10/17 Writing Unchained
Prolific Writing By Design
SEP/03/17 Masculine Axis
A Meditation On Manhood And Heroism Paperback – September 2, 2017
SEP/01/17 The Pale Usher
Impressions Of Moby Dick: Herman Melville And Modern Man?s Transcendental Journey Paperback – August 31, 2017
SEP/01/17 'Congratulations On Another Book'
A Peek At The Editorial Process
AUG/25/17 The Lies That Bind Us
The Foundational Falsehoods Of The American Dream
AUG/23/17 Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival At The End Of Caucasian Time Paperback – August 22, 2017
AUG/17/17 Contingency Writing Online
Preparing For The Loss Of This Publishing Platform
AUG/04/17 Waking Up In Indian Country
In Print And On Kindle
JUL/31/17 Punch Buggy Book Sales For July 2017
Thanks To Lynn Lockhart And Kevin Michael Grace
JUN/25/17 'Praise The Junky'
Recent Reviews From Amazon Readers
JUN/01/17 So Her Master May Have Her Again
A History Of Runaway White Slaves In Plantation America: Part Two
MAY/24/17 Drink Deep Of Night
Song Of The Secret Gardener Paperback – May 24, 2017
APR/28/17 A Well Of Heroes: Two
Literary Impressions Of The Prose And Verse Of Robert E. Howard Paperback – April 28, 2017
APR/27/17 The Hunt For Whitey
Recognizing And Surviving The Condition Of Anarcho-Tyranny
APR/23/17 So His Master May Have Him Again
A History Of Runaway White Slaves In Plantation America: Part One
APR/21/17 The Mind Of Mescaline Franklin
The Awakening Of A Paleface Ethnocist
APR/01/17 Keep Them Junkies Coming Back!
Habitat Hoodrat: Yo-Nation: Harm City U.S.A., 2016-17
MAR/24/17 Being A Bad Man In A Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival Paperback – March 25, 2017
MAR/18/17 Malediction Song In Print
Rise Of The Nords: The Prequel To Reverent Chandler And NightSong Of The Nords Paperback – March 18, 2017
FEB/13/17 Your Top Ten Books?
The Graphomaniac Is Put On The Spot
FEB/13/17 A Missive From La Mano
When I Buy Your Books What's The Most Beneficial Way To You?
FEB/12/17 Good Morning, Dindustan!
Urban Life At The End Of Caucasian Time
JAN/27/17 A Bright Shining Lie At Dusk In Print
A Partial Exhumation Of The American Dream Paperback – January 27, 2017
JAN/09/17 White In The Savage Night
A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016 Jan 9, 2017
JAN/01/17 Punch Buggy & Paladin Press
Books Sales: 2016
DEC/28/16 Two Weird Urban Tales
A White Christmas In Paperback
DEC/18/16 Dawn In Dindustan In Print
Conducting The Moral Autopsy 0f A Nation
OCT/29/16 Skulker Jones
A Tale Of Dark Deviltry At The End Of Caucasian Time Paperback – October 28, 2016
SEP/29/16 ‘Sociopathic Mammon-Worshipping Rapists’
‘Victims Pitted Against Each Other:’ A Review Of America In Chains
SEP/04/16 How Many Books Have You Written?
A Man Question From Michelle
SEP/04/16 Under The God Of Things
The Masculine Condition Within The Belly Of The Soul-Eating Beast Known As Civilization
SEP/03/16 One Soul Under God
The Humorously Examined Life Of Columbine Joe
SEP/03/16 When Your Job Sucks
Postmodern Wage Slave Narratives
SEP/01/16 On Bitches
A Caveman’s Treatise: Why Women Are Screwed Up And How Men May Deal With Them
AUG/12/16 Into Wicked Company
James Revel’s THE POOR UNHAPPY TRANSPORTED FELON Paperback – August 12, 2016
AUG/11/16 Night City
The Short Fiction Of James LaFond: 2015-16 Paperback – August 10, 2016

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Author's Voice03 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
Author's Voice02 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
Author's Voice01 James LaFond The Author's Voice Sep 25, 2019
Dissident author James LaFond makes the case for Barbarism over Civilization, as a guiding masculine principle. If that bothers the perspective reader, then buy a pack of darts alongside the book and be sure of an enjoyable read whether you concur or not.
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