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DEC/21/20 Shaving Sideways
Razor Deployment: Increase Mather XXI Asks The Crackpot About Carrying Razors For Survival
DEC/21/20 The Bat 1
How Is The Baseball Bat Generally Used As An Improvised Extension Weapon?
DEC/17/20 Going Wolf
Warlock Tactics For The Hunted Heretic
DEC/15/20 'A Nation Of Rodents'
What News Sources Do You Trust?
DEC/14/20 Solo Boxing
Learning And Applying Punches For Fitness, Competition And Survival Paperback – December 13, 2020
DEC/09/20 'Throwing Hands'
Big C And James Discuss The Heroes Of The Ring
DEC/09/20 'to Beat This Thread To Death'
Increase Mather XXI Asks About Warding Off The Heathen
DEC/09/20 Into The Hollow Soul
On Sorrow #1: OrangeFrog And The Pale Pottery Discuss Our Negation
DEC/08/20 Keeping It PC With Mike C
Clarifying And Expanding Use Of Hostile Platforms
DEC/07/20 Plagiarist To Cuck
And Wealthier Than Ever
DEC/06/20 Postmodern Zoology
News From The Dawning Of The Neo-Medieval World
DEC/02/20 Skiamakhia
Shadowboxing For The End Time Guy
DEC/01/20 Alliance Allied Security
A Conversation With A Private Transit Policeman
DEC/01/20 Big Al
A True Tale Of Fistic Adventure
NOV/25/20 'You All Boys Git'
Notes On Bonding At Ringside
NOV/24/20 Mobbing Up
Heavenly Pack Formation Mechanics With Increase Mather XXI
NOV/23/20 How Not To Use A Bat
Video Evidence From The Dutch Plantation
NOV/20/20 What I Learned In School
NOV/09/20 ‘The Buckler’
Non-Elastic Mister Ney Wants To Know How To Use The Polypropylene Buckler From Cold Steel
NOV/04/20 Summons To Supplication
A Reader Is Wondering How To Defend A House Against Demands To Bend The Pale Knee
NOV/03/20 If I Cannot Rationalize It
It Cannot Exist: Crackpot Podcast 085
OCT/29/20 Running As A Martial Art
Richard Barrett And James Discuss Our Ambulatory Heritage And Modern Applications
OCT/28/20 Weakass Nation
A Discussion Of Well-Marbled Human Livestock
OCT/27/20 ‘The Job Of Killing’
Psychology For The Fighting Man, Committee Of The National Research Council
OCT/25/20 Ma Tree Fron' Teeff
Chainmail Jockstrap Gets Specific About Bantu Grill Removal
OCT/24/20 Pep!
Shep Wonders About Bob Foster's Step
OCT/20/20 Separation Of Church And Pate
Teutonic Fist And The Laconic Wrist Discuss Teacher Beheadings
OCT/20/20 ‘The Biggest Cop Out’
Banjo And The Crackpot Discuss The Least Thoughtful American Myth
OCT/18/20 Crazy Reflexes
Electric Dan And The Obsolete Man Discuss An Elite Fighter
OCT/18/20 Enemy At The Door?
How Many Bucks To Spend On An Apocalypse Last Stand Knife? Viking Age Barbarian Asks
OCT/17/20 Celtic Cowboy Defeats The Ratslinger
The Results Of The 113th Annual Oakley Horseshoe Championship
OCT/08/20 Pain Beyond Pain
A Talk With My Validator, My Friend, My Mentor
OCT/08/20 The Stout Frank And Crimson Bard
Sparring Notes From A Fellow Fighter
OCT/05/20 'Property Protection'
Notes On Devolving Law Enforcement
OCT/05/20 ‘To Prove I’m Not A Racist,’
‘What Do I Have To Do?’: Mother Interior Reporting From The Theft Coast
OCT/02/20 Sneak Thief Policing
How Deep State Agencies Will Come To Rule America Directly From Mordor On The Potomac
OCT/02/20 ‘What’s Up With The Fires?’
Brit From Baltimore Wants To Know Why The West Is On Fire
OCT/01/20 'And Their Dogs'
Marynonymous Cues The Cracked Pottery On Apocalyptic Tragectory
SEP/27/20 Machete Versus .380 ACP
Viking Age Barbarian And The Techtard Age Librarian Discuss Doorway Defense Against The Machete
SEP/25/20 Darrin
Race War Trench Tale From 1980s Rural Maryland
SEP/24/20 My You Tube Boss Just Got Mugged
Not To Worry—She's Cute...
SEP/24/20 Acquiring Grappling Experience?
Huerfano Is Looking To Catch-Up On The Clinch
SEP/18/20 Mindset Of A Raped Slave
Teutonic Fist And The Hobo Cryptorian Discuss The Slave Mind Of Modernity
SEP/14/20 Running Away As A Viable Survival Option
Big C. Wants To Know About Egress Options
SEP/11/20 Duel Or Fool?
Exile And Senile Discuss The Kinsasha Tiger And The Three Goats
SEP/10/20 Legal Advantages Of Blade Over Gun
Thawtcriminowitz And James Discuss Paleface Survival Weapons
SEP/10/20 ‘Catch Weight Sense’
SEP/07/20 Fear And Combat
Why Most Blick And Blew Shootings Occur
SEP/03/20 Full Auto Scapegoat
Notes On Turning Away
SEP/03/20 Resisting Arrest
Officer Copper Balls Advises The Deranged Crackpot
SEP/01/20 Bashed And Gashed
Profiles In Kinetic Inclusion, Conservative Delusion And Gash Intrusion
AUG/31/20 Majority Report
Denise And James Discuss The Media And Goon Nexus
AUG/28/20 'All-In-Fighting'
Orange Frog Wants To Know About William E. Fairbairn's Combatives Doctrine
AUG/28/20 More Waking Up In Indian Country
On Bitchute With The Myth Of The 20th Century
AUG/28/20 Roleplay And The Civic Bray
Assessing Creep State Options From The Perspective Of Adventure Writing
AUG/27/20 Waking Up In Indian Country
A Discussion With Adam, Hans And Nick Of The Myth Of The 20th Century
AUG/27/20 No Place For Men
Electric Dan And Bob Prompt The Crackpot On The New Sissy Paradigm
AUG/26/20 Armed Citizens
Electric Dan Reports On The Blick And Blew Alliance
AUG/25/20 ‘Who Wants A Cookie!’
Monogamy Versus Polygamy: Marius And James Discuss Mating Forms Past And Present
AUG/24/20 Pixelated Dogs And A. I. Gods
Banjo And James Discuss The Setting Of The Meat Puppet Stage
AUG/23/20 Getting Chipped
Denise And James Discuss The Comming Garden Of Compliance
AUG/22/20 Five Directions Of The World
Mail From Men
AUG/21/20 Crying Dog
Warlock Ethics For The Young Heretic
AUG/10/20 Flight Of The Wild Ghost
Finally A Forge For A Real Identity
AUG/09/20 Victim Selection 101
Crack Man And The Crackpot Comment On Agave On Ebony Crime
AUG/07/20 The Strongest Man I Know
Doctor Dread Tales And Hammer Doctrine In The Year Of Our Lord Floyd 1
AUG/06/20 ‘What About The Coming Race War?’
A Friend Of Color Is Wondering What Steps He Should Take To Defend His Family Against The Ghost Army
JUL/31/20 18 Calves
A Muse On Ecological Tyranny
JUL/25/20 'Right Of Bang'
Notes On Eye Protection In Combat
JUL/24/20 Bare-Eyed?
Should A Driver Wear Sunglasses In An Combat Situation
JUL/24/20 Letters From Lives That Matter
Testimonials From The Students Of Color Of Caucasian Karate Instructor
JUL/17/20 ‘A Lone Wolf’
Kill Them All: A Review Of Chapter 1 Of Licensed To Kill By Robert Young Pelton
JUL/16/20 On Raising Girls
The Exile And The Hobo Discuss The Ominous Birth Of A Daughter In Post-Masculine America
JUL/11/20 'My Gym'
The New Face Of Martial Arts
JUL/09/20 Orphan Fight Club!
Uplifting News From Jeremy Bentham
JUN/30/20 Little Ron
Sitting Across The Bar From A Recent Purge Survivor
JUN/30/20 Petrol Nomadism Notes
Post-Modern Light Cavalry?
JUN/28/20 Learning To Fight Past Your Prime
Crackpot Mailbox: Rod Is Curious About Harm City And Boxing
JUN/20/20 Synonymous America
Urban Survival Training In An Eastern Synonymous State, July 18-19
JUN/19/20 My Last Boxing Manual
Also An Online Boxing Resource
JUN/08/20 Words To Strive By
Thucydides’ Ghost Rattling In The Semantic Machine
JUN/08/20 Among Drug Addicts And Assorted Scumbags
Banjo Kane On Being An American Traveler
JUN/08/20 Military Awareness
Richard Barrett And James Discuss Military Use In Historical And Future Colonial And Civilian Settings
JUN/07/20 Don Pentecost And Marc MacYoung
A Knife Fighter Inquires About Training Manuals
JUN/07/20 Riot Training
A Twitter Friend Runs An Article Through The Cracked Pottery Filter
JUN/04/20 Cadre Cycling
Cy Citron And The Crackpot Discuss The Logistics Of Anarcho-Tyranny Implementation
JUN/03/20 Video Branding
In 1994 Thomas Chittum Was Spot On Right, The Prophet That Predicted The Gathering Night
MAY/25/20 Feral Teens
A Reader Needs Some Tips On Dealing With Punks
MAY/23/20 079 Platonic Crackpotism
Fighting And Homeschooling Crackpot Podcast
MAY/06/20 'Liberty Or Death'
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist And The Crackpot Discuss Our Sissy Pro Athletes
APR/29/20 The Jab
My Last Boxing Manual
APR/23/20 The Madness Of Prize Fighting
Crack Man And The Crackpot Discuss Mighty George Foreman And Slighted Axel Schulz #1
APR/14/20 ‘Point Deception'
Electric Dan Is Curious About Stick-Fighting With Fencers
APR/07/20 Defending Against Bats And Clubs
James And Dennis' 9th Training Video
APR/07/20 ‘Two-On-One Stick’
Electric Dan Wants To Know About The Practicality Of A Weapon In Each Hand
MAR/25/20 Footwork
Training On Video With Dennis Dale
MAR/24/20 ‘It's Peculiar’
Old Bull Silverback Hero Defeats Young Buck Zero
MAR/16/20 Stepping Up
Thoughts On Filling Masculine Ranks
MAR/16/20 The Fist
Nuances Of Wielding Weapons And Making Your Hand Into One: Sticks And Stones Addendum
MAR/16/20 Outfighting
Crackpot Mailbox: Columbine Joe Needs To Know How To Regain His Ring Mojo
MAR/16/20 ‘The Gloves Are Off’
Valor Bare Knuckle (VBK1) - Mighty Mo Vs Mark "The Hands Of" Godbeer HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT FINAL
MAR/15/20 Paper And Stick
Video Number 7 With Dennis Dale
MAR/12/20 My Savage
Getting Fouled In The Cage
MAR/10/20 Welcome To The Wheelhouse
Practical Defense Video 6
MAR/08/20 'Champion Of The Depressed?'
Crackpot Mailbox: Bob And James Discuss The Use Of Ethnic Tension In Fight Promotion
MAR/05/20 Loco Lobo
The Toughest Man I Knew
MAR/05/20 The Knee-Brace
Crackpot Podcast #76
MAR/05/20 Rating Fights
From Adam’s Bear Pit Birthday Bash In The Old Dominion: Part 2
MAR/04/20 Putting Dennis On The Spot
How Not To Get Grabbed By A Goon With Dennis Dale
MAR/04/20 Bullshitsu
Crackpot Mailbox: Shep Reporting On The Swedish Combat Arts Scene
MAR/04/20 A Fellow Traveler Down Dark Ways
James Discusses War With Richard Barrett
MAR/01/20 How Not To Get Hit
Dennis Documenting Crackpot Combatives
MAR/01/20 How To Make A Snake
Dennis And James Discuss The Training Snake
FEB/23/20 Rolling With The Snake
How To Not Get Your Head Caved In With James By Dennis Dale
FEB/23/20 The Pace Of Navigation
Adam's 35th Birthday Bear Pit (Part 1)
FEB/23/20 Wing Chun Dummy
Crackpot Mailbox: The Exile Needs To Know How Useful It Is
FEB/23/20 Ivory On Ebony Crime
Some Technical Thoughts On Wilder-Fury Two
FEB/21/20 Practical Combat Applications For Urban Survival
Dennis Dale And James In The Yeti Waters Gym

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