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Deadliest Warrior 2010-2011
Commentary On Spike's Experimental Combat Show
Little Sissy Things
The Pitfalls Of Style And Minutia In Weapon Arts
Gladiators In Print
A Bibliography Of Contemporary Print Resources
What 300 Meatheads Did For Us
Paul Cartledge On Thermopylae
The Gladiator Delusion
How Researchers Blend Ancient Facts To Make Modern Fantasy
The Biggest Fight Of Ancient Boxing
An Excerpt From James' Next Ancients Book, Agony & Immorality: 1700 BC To AD 551
Interactive History Journal
Reader Initiated Discussions
The Worst Ancient Military Jobs: Part One
Chariot Driver, Helot Peltast & Legionary Signifier
J. Christoph Amberger On The Sword
The Best Book Yet On Western Martial Arts
The Worst Ancient Military Jobs: Part Two
Agrianian Javelin Man & Oarsman
John Warry & Jeff Burn On Ancient Combat
The Indispensable Sourcebook On Greco-Roman Warfare
400 Years Of Insanity
Paul Kirchner: Dueling With The Sword And Pistol
Gladiators & Bodybuilders
Did Real Gladiators Have Hollywood Physiques?
An Ancient Warfare Forum
2,500 Years Of Murderous Masterminds
Ancient World Commanders By Angus Konstam
Killer Carpentry
Vikings: Episode One, 2007 History Channel Documentary
The Key Of Heaven And Hell
The Book Of The Sword By Richard F. Burton
Ducking The Duel
John Clements On Filming A Dueling Documentary
The Sarissa's Song
The Virtues Of War By Steven Pressfield
Captains Among The Ghosts
Translations From The Chinese By Arthur Waley
The Individual School Of Two Swords
The Book Of Five Spheres By Miyamoto Musashi
The Primitive Throwing Stick
A Weapon From My Stone Age Youth
Agony And Immortality
The Rise And Fall Of The Ancient Boxers: 1700 B.C. To A.D. 551
The Lion Of The Sand
Agony And Immortality: Chapter 1
From Otzi To Industrial American Zen
The Book Of Swords By Hank Reinhardt
‘Not Willing To Lose’
Jon Jones And Alexander Gustafson As A Pankration Study
The Will Of Heaven
The Wrath Of The Khans By Dan Carlin
NOV/04/13 The Viking Hammerlock
Dark Age Dating Lore From Your Extraterrestrial Wingman
NOV/04/13 ‘A Temporary Place’
Red Gold: The Conquest Of The Brazilian Indians, 1500-1760, By John Hemming
NOV/19/13 The Most Beautiful Book I Own
Mystic Warriors Of The Plains By Thomas E. Mails
DEC/11/13 Sex, Violence & Horses
Chariot By Arthur Cotterell
JAN/22/14 300 Flying Freaks
Context For The Upcoming Spartan Fantasy
JAN/22/14 Men Of The Silent Land
Spartan Reflections By Paul Cartledge
JAN/22/14 ‘Horatius At The Bridge’
The Roman Army By Osprey Publishing, With Stephan Turnbull And Angus McBride
FEB/04/14 ‘From Hell’
Valhalla Rising By Nicolas Winding Refn & Roy Jacobsen, Starring Mads Mikkelsen
FEB/26/14 James Anderson’s Son
A Short Defiant Life
APR/03/14 Advent And Sundown
Grace-speaker #1
APR/23/14 When Heroes Fought
The Weekly Nonfiction Combat Serial
APR/23/14 The Black Foot
[Updated With Critical Notes] When Heroes Fought #1: A Story Of Liver-Eating Johnson
MAY/05/14 ‘Hats In The Ring’
The Manly Art By Elliot J. Gorn
JUN/23/14 Mother Of Scalps
When Heroes Fought #4
JUL/03/14 In The Reign Of Stupor Mundi
The Devil’s Horseman: The Mongol Invasion Of Europe By James Chambers
JUL/10/14 ‘The Contact Weaponry Holy Grail’
Is This Suit The Answer?
JUL/10/14 Regalia
A 75-page Testament To The Devolution Of Experimental/Historic Weaponry
JUL/12/14 ‘Their Appalling Conduct’
Treachery In Tripoli By Richard Tada
JUL/13/14 Feminist S&M Fest In Sandals
300: Rise Of An Empire, A Shockingly Bad Movie
JUL/17/14 40,000 Years From Home
Part 1: The Bones Of Our Collective Soul, An Exploration Of Human Aggression
JUL/18/14 Handball Training
The Handball Trainer In Ancient Boxing
JUL/18/14 ‘Tool Theory’
Improvised Hunting Weapons By Dave Canterbury
JUL/18/14 ‘The Pain Of Being Human’
War Before Civilization: The Myth Of The Peaceful Savage By Lawrence H. Heeley
JUL/22/14 ‘The Adults Must Be Crazy’
40,000 Years From Home: Chapter 1, One Boy’s Wakeup Call
JUL/27/14 ‘Always Existing By Nature’
The Wars Of The Ancient Greeks By Victor Davis Hansen
AUG/11/14 The Number Of The Hero
An Excerpt From The First Boxers
AUG/13/14 ‘Take Pleasure In Doing It’
Religious Leader Gives A Beheading Seminar
AUG/25/14 ‘God Made Men, Not Lineages’
The Extinction Of Islam In Western Europe By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
SEP/15/14 Punchbuggy Red
40,000 Years From Home: Chapter 2, Bookmark 1
SEP/15/14 Kicking Endangered Ass
Or, My Mom Is Tougher Than Your Endangered Species You Tree-hugging Liberal Journalist
SEP/15/14 The Leopards Strike Back!
Apes, Don’t Leave Your Sickle-spade At Home
SEP/23/14 ‘Do Not Tamely Submit’
The Siege Of Fort Randolph By Matt Wulff
SEP/23/14 ‘An Unrelenting Barbarian’
One Man, Two Worlds, And An Undeserved Reputation: The Life And Times Of Simon Girty By Mark Sage
SEP/23/14 ‘The Boldest Stroke’
The Attack On Zeigler’s Station, 1792, By Paul Clements
OCT/17/14 ‘Iskander The Killer’
Ancients Behaving Badly: Alexander The Great
OCT/31/14 Cherndon And The Gamekeeper
When Heroes Fought #5
NOV/04/14 ‘The Remains Of Our Civilization’
The Duel: A History By Robert Baldick
NOV/10/14 Beer-Drinker
Alcohol And Fisticuffs From Gimilninurta To Bobby Chyez
NOV/18/14 ‘Eating The Steel Hammer’
Wladimir Klitschko Versus Kubra Pulev As An Archaic Boxing Study
NOV/19/14 Calone Dmos
When Heroes Fought #6
NOV/19/14 Holding That Well-Stained End Of The Stick
The 10 Worst Ancient Military Jobs: #5 Thru #1
DEC/14/14 The Logic Of Honor
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 6
DEC/17/14 ‘Liver-Eatin’ Versus Sam Grant
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 2, On The Interplay Of Honor
DEC/17/14 The Silence Of Men
A Talk On Native American War Fighting Methods Of The Eastern Woodlands
DEC/17/14 Honor In The Iliad
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 3, Interplay In Epic Poetry
DEC/17/14 Honor In The Odyssey
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 4, On The Antiquity Of Honor
DEC/18/14 Defining Tribalism
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Appendix
DEC/19/14 Erasure Of Honor—Pacified Past
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bookmark 6, On Editing The American Soul
DEC/21/14 ‘Find The Cornerstone’
Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 8, A Select Anagogical Impression Of Gilgamesh, Conclusion
DEC/31/14 By The Wine Dark Sea
Researching A Historical Fantasy
DEC/31/14 Appendix
DEC/31/14 Moline & Lysippe
Chapter 10: An Undated Tribal Curse
JAN/02/15 Bones Jones Versus Crow Killer
A Man Question From David
JAN/04/15 The Truth About Amazons
By The Wine Dark Sea, Chapter 6: Centaur & Amazon
JAN/11/15 'To Spite A Cruel Alien World'
The Most Unapologetically Masculine Thing I Have Written
JAN/11/15 The Queen Of Weapons
By The Wine Dark Sea, Chapter 4: Swords And Usage
JAN/18/15 Ancient Money & Modern Equivalents
By The Wine Dark Sea, Currency
JAN/18/15 Slavery In Archaic Hellas
By The Wine Dark Sea, Slavery
JAN/20/15 The Viking Shield Wall
A Man Question From Adam
JAN/26/15 Heroines: 650-600 B.C.
Chapter 9: By The Wine Dark Sea
JAN/27/15 ‘Tom And Jerry In Africa’
Masi Hunting Lions With Sharp Sticks
JAN/30/15 ‘Myths Aside’
Forgotten Martial Arts Of Great Britain By Adam Manuel, In Black Belt Magazine, Feb/Mar 2015
FEB/02/15 Cosmology
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 11; Calendars & Sacred Appointments
FEB/02/15 Name Building Glossary
By The Wine Dark Sea
FEB/02/15 The Song Of Hybrias
Chapter 2: By The Wine Dark Sea
FEB/02/15 Rose-Fingered Dawn
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 1; In The Shadow Of ‘The Poet’
FEB/04/15 Panoply
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 5; Equipment, Armor And Weapons
FEB/06/15 The Hoplite Panoply
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 5, Bookmark 2
FEB/06/15 ‘Black Obsidian’
Making A Northern Paiute Bow And Arrow Set By Billy Berger In Primitive Archer, August 2014
FEB/08/15 Assorted Barbaric Weapons & Lesser Arms
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 5, Bookmark 3
FEB/08/15 Auxiliary Troop Types
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 5, Bookmark 4
FEB/08/15 The Irythraen Gate
Example Of Small Scale Battle, By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 5, Bookmark 5
FEB/09/15 Geography & Flora
Chapter 3: Beside The Wine Dark Sea, Bookmark 1
FEB/09/15 The Sacral Landscape
Chapter 3: Beside The Wine Dark Sea, Bookmark 2
FEB/09/15 Fauna
Chapter 3: Beside The Wine Dark Sea, Bookmark 3
FEB/09/15 Ox-carts, Chariots & Horsemen
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 7: Horses & Hulls
FEB/09/15 A Mariner’s Overview
By The Wine Dark Sea: Chapter 7: Horses & Hulls, Bookmark 2
FEB/09/15 Chapter 8: Heroes
By The Wine Dark Sea: Male Historical Figures
FEB/13/15 ‘The Virtues Of A Warrior’
Arete By Stephen G. Miller
FEB/18/15 Spearing Big Cats
Short Films Of Lion Kills
FEB/27/15 Of Lions And Men #1
Tribalism In The Ancient World: A Meditation On The Hellenic Perspective
MAR/10/15 ‘Great Men’ Or 'History As God?’
The Crackpot Author Weighs In On Our Most Influential Primates
MAR/21/15 The Lion’s Share
The Man Who Would Be Herakles, And Masculine Freewill & Tribal Expression On The Eve Of Empire
MAR/29/15 Footwear & Melee Tactics
A Vintage Machete Duel Between Kestle & LaFond
APR/08/15 Dueling With The Cold Steel Gladius
James And Cory Experiment With The Synthetic Blunt Sword
APR/14/15 Death Of The Animal Powers
Of Lions And Men: Aesop, Androcles And The Enslavement Of Man
APR/15/15 ‘You Should Advise Us’
Warriors Of The Steppes
APR/17/15 ‘The Gun That Killed Tecumseh’
Masterpiece Rifles Of The Cumberland By Mel Stewart Hankla
APR/17/15 In The Breech
The Great Siege By Ernle Bradford

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