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Taboo You
Way of the Terminal Man
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Taboo You
Thirty years alone, on the streets of Baltimore without a friend, a gang, a club, or even a faithful dog to watch his back, has taught the author seven truths about living alone in a dangerous world. LaFond has alternately been the target of police aggression, black gang violence, and white supremacist assassins. Taboo You was written for those few men who find themselves alone in a world they do not agree with; a handbook for militant individuality in a collectivist age. If you vote, don’t buy this book.

Dust Cover
James LaFond has been banned from a writers’ group because of the content of his work, barred from the AAMMA because of his writing, barred from USA Boxing because of his involvement in stick-fighting, rejected by four publishers on politically correct grounds, dumped by nine women, kicked out by three women, attacked by members of six black ghetto gangs, targeted for death by BASH [Baltimore Area Skin Heads] and the Wasted Youth [white street gang], threatened by three police officers, harassed by eight police officers, chased through the nighted streets of Baltimore by feral pit bulls, pursued through the streets of Baltimore by numerous pairs of rednecks in pickup trucks, was once chased down a back alley by a gear-head in a yellow mustang, was once hunted through the ghetto by a scorned psychobitch with a blade, has been homeless, was once barred from three high school classes for reading, walked away from an $80,000 a year management job without giving notice to take up writing for an annual salary of $198, will be homeless, has turned down 13 promotion offers and 9 management positions, and is generally regarded as either insane or eccentric depending on which Baltimoron you ask.
Taboo You is his advice for living such a life if you so choose, and how to survive with dignity, as an individual, in our sick tribal world.
Table of Contents
  • Meditations of a Madman
    • Figure 1: Gilgamesh and Enkidu
  • Note to the Reader
  • Forward: Harm City Financial
    • The Taboo Moral Crux
    • Prologue: The Week I Stumbled Upon My Murdered Soul
      • The Walking Weed
      • Terrence and Spaz
      • Legal Wide
      • Jack & Herman
      • ‘Da Dumbes’ Whiteman I Eva Knowed’
      • SJ on Everything
      • Ben the Hitter
      • Truth One: Who, In This Hell, Are You?
        • The Primal Fear of Leopards
        • The Primal 10
        • Figure 2: The First Warriors
        • Old Death Wind
        • The Achilles Factor
        • Truth One
        • Truth Two: Enemies and Tools of the Taboo Man
          • Boys against Boy [Horizontal Social Pressure]
          • Men against Boy [Hierarchal Social Pressure]
          • Sting and Ajay
          • Ty and The White Devil
          • Late for Work [10:23 PM 8/12/13]
          • Lawbreaker Beware [10:35 PM]
          • On the Bench [10:37-55 PM]
          • Doc Landon & The Wrong
          • Taboo Does not Mean Recluse
          • Beyond The Garden of Hate and the Ivy-crowned Fence of Lies
          • Truth Two:
          • Truth Three: Breaking the Weak
            • Travolta
            • The Samson in You
            • Ty & Joe-damn!
            • Thus Spake Joe-Damn! Upon the Virtues of Womanhood
            • Doc Landon
            • Tim Freeze
            • The Crew Breaker
            • The Ghetto Grocer Mutiny
            • Kevin
            • The Martial Way
            • The Master without a Mask
            • Martial Brothers: On Growing Your Combat Clan
            • Warning Barbed Wire: Criminal Manchild Under the Mommy State
            • The Meat Market
            • The Broken Word
            • The Bricks in the Wall Insane
            • Truth Three
            • Truth Four: Tolerating the Soft
              • I Hate Your Cozy Place
              • Why I Am Not a Martial Artist, And Why I Am Content to Be an Unrepentant Barbarian
              • Training & Sparring
              • Fighting
              • Officials
              • Survival
              • Philosophy
              • Spirituality
              • Health
              • A Note to Martial Arts Teachers
              • The Western Woman
              • The Manly Drift
              • The Failure of Western Man
              • Doris
              • Faye
              • Danica
              • Gale
              • Martha
              • Victoria
              • The Hip Hop Hopocalypse
              • Bro’s Ho
              • The Night I Wished I Was a Mexican Chick
              • African Matriarchy
              • Postmodern Matriarchy
              • Truth Four
              • Truth Five: Knowing the Strong
                • The Sad Scientist
                • Jonathan & Charlie
                • Connecting with the Dead
                • Glen’s Day Out
                • Steevo’s Line
                • Where The Strong Remain
                • On Breaking the Strong
                • Kevin Donnelly
                • Phil
                • The Mac Daddy
                • The Dog Brother
                • Figure 3: A Bloody Wake
                • If it Goes Physical
                • You Are The Breaker of Wills, Destroyer of Dreams
                • Truth Five
                • Truth Six: Coexisting with The Wrong
                  • Figure 4: The Dragon Boxer
                  • Soft Little Jimmy
                  • Scary Jimmy
                  • Cracking
                  • The Silk Road
                  • Go Tell the Spartans
                  • The Sedentary Subversion of Our Design
                  • Ty
                  • Doc Landon
                  • The Primal Strategy
                  • Your Enemies
                  • Hood-rats to Heavy Metal Meat-munchers
                  • Earl’s Crew
                  • The Heavy Metal Meat-munchers
                  • Officer ManFriendly: The Price of Specific Autonomy
                  • The King of Emotions
                  • My Master’s Loyal Slaves: Cops
                  • Penis Envy on Wheels: White Suburban Men or WSMs
                  • My Hereditary Foe: Black Urban Youths or BUYs
                  • Conclusion
                  • That Guy: With the Book!
                  • The Pussy Trap
                  • The Lawyer
                  • The Airline Executive
                  • The Coyote Elbow Lifeway
                  • The Canine Social Model
                  • In The Graveyard of My Youth
                  • Defiance as Deliverance
                  • Truth Six
                  • Truth Seven: What We Leave Behind
                    • Figure 5: The Duelists
                    • The Birthright Blight
                    • What You Have Left Behind
                    • What You Have Denied
                    • Eleven Taboo Men
                    • Truth Seven
                    • Figure 6: The Tower of Babel
                    • Epilogue
                    • A Final Word
                    • Addendum on Reading Masculine Sign
                      • Those Who Thrived on Humanity’s Edge
                      • The Strong Man [Erique]
                      • The Big Man [Cory]
                      • The Big-Strong Man
                      • Alliance
                      • My Literary Will
                        • E-books
                        • Print-books
                        • Other Media
                        • Collaborations
                        • To The Reader

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