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Pillaging The Cracked Pottery Before The World Library Gets Erased
Posted in Blog on Oct 3, 2021 — 1334 reads
Mister Grey Wonders Which Crackpot Books Would Best Serve A Regular Site Reader
Posted in Blog on Sep 29, 2021 — 1234 reads
As Maskland Continues To Evolve One Of Its Antiheroes Descends In Hardback
Posted in Fiction on Aug 30, 2021 — 881 reads
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This sci-fi tale spans 20,000 years, from the Ice Age to a future ruled by Human Fabrication Corporations and follows nine people: a Neanderthal shaman; a purpose built man-hunter; a Native American messiah; a reformed crack dealer; an ancient philosopher; a boy trapped in an innocence exhibit; a white supremacist; a ‘trashed’ immersion gamer; and a federal agent.
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