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A Haunting Walk
Strolling Through a Childhood Past
© 2018 James LaFond
Walking past the 7-11 where I used to buy yoyos when I was nine and ten years old, I began looking at my childhood neighborhood with dreamy eyes. By night, this area merits caution. But by day, one can sleep walk crippled in perfect safety—so long as dindu school is not letting out just then. For Loch Raven Village, founded as an upper middleclass baby boomer nursery in 1946, is in the first stages of colonization, the schools dominated by feral kids from lower income areas brought in to enrich the neighborhood with their scientific discoveries, literary innovations and architectural achievements.
Walking past Pleasant Plains Elementary, where I grew from bullied wimp to savage youth, I saw the street I was raised on, Aberdeen Road, as the entire 1950s development was created according to a Scottish theme to fit with Loch Raven Reservoir four miles to the north.
Down this still idyllic looking lane of suburban brownstones, where the house on the corner still had its bank covered in ivy, I strolled counting the for sale signs since last year’s purge attack by innocent, unarmed, black youth, a 30 strong mob who stomped in the windshields of numerous cars before the helpless, bemused and guilty white rabbit people who fretted unfairly in their doorways, wringing their pale sissy hands…
So they go, and in 5 years bars will grace doors and windows, in 10 years trash will clog the alleys, and in 15 years boarded doors and windows will announce an opportunity for gentrification to a new crop of sissy white rabbits sprouted up in a world without memory, destined for a fate they richly deserve…
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