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I Wish There Was A War
Living In The Shadow Of The Migrant Crisis: 4 by Teutonic Fist
© 2018 James LaFond
One of the biggest misconception in regards to the migrant flow of young men into Europe was that they were "in military age" and that therefor they have to be able bodied and fit for military service also, but they are not. These are deserters. Many of them deserted not just their own culture but are actual deserters from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, mostly shia militia members by the way, meaning they deserted a battlefield where they had in comparisson the best fighting chances so far, even if Arab armies perform mediocre at best.
To think that this rabble is capeable of taking part of some European-wide uprising that leads to the takeover of europe is simply absurd and such concerns get uttered by people who are themselfs very much removed from the realities of conflict. Besides that these people hate one another more then they hate Europeans they lack every advantage they had in their home countries.
There is no broad demographic they can hide with since the demographic they could hide with is outside the institutionalized public power structure. There are no wide range support systems. They are concentrated in urban areas. They ghettoized themselfs when in the past you had to force demographics into ghettos.
So far they can engage in petty crime and their organized criminality, mostly preying on one another, is either a support system for the different factions that wage war in their home countries, or they chase bourguoise fantasies with a big house and an expensive car. They can create social disruption, but not enough for a full blown civil war which we are in so bitter need of.
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jacob     Jun 2, 2018

Their purpose I think is to cause chaos not civil war. Order through chaos
Bob     Jun 2, 2018

Agreed. The Caliphate is a fantasy cooked up by neocons. A more probable outcome is that social unrest caused by immigrants' low-level delinquency assists the State in making further inroads into personal and community spheres. The "migrant emergency" will see natives endorse harsh policing and monitoring policies, naively believing that these will be used in their favor and not to their detriment. It's the "white problem" which preoccupies the entrenched powers, the "non-white problem" merely a useful veil to their ill-intent.
Teutonic     Jun 3, 2018


Front National in France anounced such police state policies. Varg made a good comment on that. No migrant ever came to me with a search or arrest warrant. No sharia court ever fined me.
jacob     Jun 4, 2018

Varg is a fucking imbecill
Bob     Jun 4, 2018

Most critically, Muslims have no control over public discourse that isn't given to them, selectively, to harm whites. BDS or pro-Palestinian opinions are vilified, but Muslim hostility to white Christians is backstopped by Jewish "anti-racist" lawyers, activists and politicians. LICRA protects the Muslims (and even the odd white) for face-saving, but it's focus is essentially Jews' welfare.
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