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James LaFond Final Stick Fight
By Lancaster Agonistics
Last night I failed myself, failed every standard of discipline I have set for myself in the quest to be a better man. It is so embarrassing I'm not even going to relate it, other than to say I absolutely did not have sex with a tranny. In such a lowdown funk I could not write, I was rescued by an email that reminds that better men deserve a better coach, and they'll have him as soon as the upgrade can be achieved.
Thanks, Sean.
It is an honor to be associated with you and your men.
Way to put a fork in that fat heathen!
If you click on the booklisting under the video window, you will see Sean's physique as it looked immediately after the fight, in which he split my fencing mask and severely bruised my shoulder in that very last few seconds. He knocked the stick away so easily becuase my grip was taken down to about 20% from the two shouder hits in that last round.
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
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