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A Masculine Missive
Notes on Re-Forging a Half-Worn Soul
© 2018 James LaFond
“Per last night, we're on a path to train me for a bare knuckle bout next year, for my 39th birthday on or near 6/21. This requires me to drop weight and get to a better level of skill with my boxing. If you're down for it, let's make it happen.”
-Erique Watson, 4/17/18
As knuckleheads are apt to do, as Big Ron, Mescaline Franklin, Erique Watson and this white devil drank from the cup of the giantess of forget, bare-knuckle fighting came to the fore. Both Ron and Erique pulled up videos of current bouts. This is a groundswell of Masculine Rejection against the commercial machine which has smothered the sacred rites of combat, in form of caged MMA, gloved boxing, padded stick-fighting and armored rugby [American Football] into spectacular vehicles in which men’s bodies and minds are sacrificed to the sacred cults of distraction and accumulation.
Beginning this Saturday, Erique will be focusing on bare-knuckle boxing and stick-boxing as a training set with two batons. Big Ron has expressed an interest in officiating this bout according to London Prize Ring or American fair Play rules, at his discretion. If we cannot match and opponent for Erique I will do my best Jem Mace imitation him. When I announced this, Ron reminded me of Peter Jackson having his arm broken against James J. Corbett and pointed at Erique’s 20 inch arm…
Whoever Erique throws down with, it should be a brutal good time. Erique was emphatic about not wanting to box me and after getting face masked sparring him a last week, it is obvious that my rebuilt nose has little elasticity and will be easily shattered again. So I’m calling an end to boxing. Hell, my last bout was in 2002 and I lost that.
In March I’ll have Doctor Lumsden do his prefight physical to make certain there’s no barriers to this anachronistic dream of tougher times.
Sean has agreed to do the LPR fight in 2019, so Erique has his opponent. Erique has been training with middleweight pro Tony Cygan and former #3 174 pound amateur boxer and now head coach of the Loch Raven Boxing Team, Alex Herb. He is also working on judo throws on the crash pad down at Sifu Tom Clark’s Practical MMA.
We’ll make sure to match Erique and Sean with gloves this coming September.
Sean is a Tae Kwon Do black belt who has been working boxing and weapons with me since 2015.
At fight time I expect the 5’ 7’ Erique to weigh in at 220 and Sean at 6 feet, to scale195.
Big Ron wants a crack at the winner in 2020.
This will be a pure submission fight, with a round ending when a fighter goes down and beginning 30 seconds later when he toes the line. Fighters will be bare chested with no hand tape or wraps and must wear golfing cleats. Cups are a real good idea.
Each fighter will have a trainer and a bottle holder. Between rounds the bottle holder kneels on the turf and puts up one leg as a seat for the fighter.
Holding and hitting, hip throws and heel throws are allowed.
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Bruno Dias     Jun 13, 2018

James, please, can you record that in video?
James     Jun 14, 2018

We will get two videos of this with one guy in the ring videoing close up.
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