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Greetings Gentlemen
Sean and James on this Year’s Man Weekend
© 2018 James LaFond
As the host and facilitator of the event I wanted to pass along some details regarding our 3rd annual Man Weekend.
Location: Out of Service, PA (actual address will be sent closer to the date)
Friday arrival after 5pm: Get in and get situated.
Saturday Morning: We start shooting at 10am. Any caliber of firearm is acceptable as we setup several different distances, courses, objectives etc. Be upfront as to whether or not you’re willing to share firearms/ammo. I will function as the range safety officer so in essence I am GOD while we are shooting.
Saturday Afternoon: After lunch is when the fighting begins. I follow the spirit of the Dog Brothers when it comes to fighting "If I don't test you then you are of no use to the tribe, if I break you you are no use to the tribe." Go hard, test yourself, but be mindful we are men together on this masculine journey. The Agonistics motto also applies "As real as you want it" James and I will be doing steel duels, there will be stick/knife fights, and boxing/jiu jitsu/MMA fights. You pick what you want to do.
Saturday Evening: Campfire, food, drinking, and fun. (assuming James doesn't bring the damned rain of the heathen gods AGAIN)
I’m channeling Ron West for a cosmic Nordic-Native American powpow to bring BIG RAIN.
Sunday morning: Clean up and head home by noon.
I cover breakfast Saturday and Sunday. You are responsible for lunch Saturday, any extra food or alcohol and expected to pitch in for dinner Saturday night. We will have an EMT so will have any necessarily medical supplies and skills required to treat anything short of decapitation. Thankfully we have never had any serious injuries.
That's it! I look forward to meeting/fighting with all of you. My phone number is below so feel free to contact me with any questions. I also attached a highlight video from last year.
James’ Thoughts & Suggestions
We should have enough men to serve as human ring posts and seconds this time.
I wonder what everybody thinks of a round ring like the BKFC used recently?
Sean will be declaring the activity rounds according to what he thinks is the safest progression across the weapons and empty hand spectrum. He’s very concerned about everybody having good challenges and positive outcomes. As the various weapon sets and empty hand sets come up, let Sean and I know where you stand in terms of interest, fitness and experience. Experience is by far more important with the weapons and fitness is the big dog with the empty hand sets. The two of us are going to be communicating on an ongoing basis up to and during the event to ascertain each man’s relative fitness and experience level in each combat set. The interest is all you.
Bring a cup!
If you want to box or do MMA bring a mouthpiece.
If you want to stick fight go to the local used sporting goods place and get a pair of hockey gloves, Eastons are the best for stick-fighting. We will have some spare headgear and gloves. If you have your own, bring it.
Sean has boxing gloves.
Dueling with the polyethylene blunts is something everyone should be able to do competitively. It is frightening how easy it is to stick another person with a knife when all they have is a knife.
I’m done hard sparing in boxing. So If you are an older novice and would like to go a round or two [Manny, Ulric, Nero] I’ll put the gloves on with you and promise to make you feel like a hunted animal without cracking you.
I will mostly help with match-making and cornering for boxing.
I have invited Tony Cygan, pro middleweight, who could safely spar with anybody without hurting them. Hopefully he can make it.
Big Ron is also going to make it if his work schedule permits and would be a good boxing match for anybody. He’s good at dialing the level of contact back for small guys, and if it doesn’t go your way—well, look how big he is!
If Brian makes it, I think that he and Nero make a perfect boxing match.
In light of the LPR bare knuckle bout upcoming in 2019 between Sean and Erique, I’d like to see Sean and Erique go at it hard with the gloves, supervised by Ron, Tony or I.
I’m done competing with the stick but will do light sparring or even a full contact exhibition with anyone who wants to. If you guys have not done something full contact you want your first contact experience to be with a guy with a LOT more experience. A guy at or near your own level will hurt you by accident.
Young and highly fit guys [Thawt, Detroit, Carbon Mike, Mescaline] or men who are moderately experienced but older [King of the Picts, Manny, Brian] who haven’t had a stick fight, I suggest Sean, Erique or Myself are the guys you should spar with, making sure you let us know what contact level you are looking for: light, moderate, fast or hard.
I’d love to see Dennis and Erique go at it in stick-boxing and if Damien shows up he’d be a perfect match for Dennis, Carbon Mike and Detroit across the whole spectrum, from weapons to grappling.
If Big Ron makes it, I think Nero the Pict should take the Beowulf role in a stick fight to Big Ron’s Grendal.
I want to do a double-stick bout with Erique, with the heavy sticks at fast speed so that the rest of you guys can get some training footage for the toughest stick set. Erique and I have been sparring double stick and heavy stick about 3 hours per week.
Would someone get a dedicated videographer to get individual short videos?
I’m going to go with Steel. Sean and Erique are the only guys we have with the experience and control to do this full contact. However, if you would like to know how it feels to handle a steel blunt in a dueling context according to Old London Mastery Rules, we can do a safety round in which I will only strike your glove or mask. If Damien shows we will do a gladiatorial combat, otherwise we’ll save the gladiatorial sets for 2019.
I want to do the steel on the gravel under the high porch, as grassy footing could be compromise our blade control.
We are going to have at least 4 good grapplers all between 160 and 200 pounds, so this should be a really cool set.
I would suggest making matches in this last, after everyone has boxed and grappled.
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Bob     Jun 18, 2018

Great promo, thanks. Who's Mr. Turquoise Gloves and Mr. Redshirt @ 02:30?
Manny     Jun 20, 2018

I believe red shirt is Sean, the noble host of this gathering. Don’t know blue gloves. He looks like Chris Cantrell a little. This looks like so much fun.
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