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Unfit to Suck Cock
By American Psycho
© 2018 James LaFond
Quick, impeach the Trumper, ‘cause he regarded someone as not worthy of sucking his cock, and thus was discriminating, unlike old dog Billy the Clit:
“A New York psychologist who claims to have "met Trump personally" in the early 90's at a fashion event, Suzanne Lachmann, says that Donald Trump interrupted her while she was trying to introduce herself - asking her why he would want to talk to her with all the hot models around, and that he "wouldn't let you suck my dick."
The shrink, who has no personal bias or possible professional conflict of interest at all says that Trump must go:
From my experiences as a mental patient, with a lifetime of seeing shrinks, I believe that the mental health of America would increase if it was the shrinks, not Trump who were to go.
Just check out the work of Thomas Szasz:
It’s enough to make even the mad, stark raving lunatics.
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