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Epilogue: Napi Mephisto
Pages 117-27 by Ron West
© 2018 James LaFond
On the 5th of July 2010 I spent about half an hour visiting with two very polite regional policemen [Mossos] at my door. What I said and what the policemen said and, what I did not say, causes reflection
Ostensibly, the police were looking for someone else and I was able to truthfully state I had no knowledge of the wanted person. But in the course of the conversation and our interactions, one thing became very clear. The [professionally courteous and pleasant] police were here to take my information
I made no secret of the fact I was unregistered in Spain, and I made it clear I had no intention of registering with immigration or applying for residency. The police copied my passport information, questioned me about further details that would confirm my identity, reported in with their radio my information and had me sign a statement to the effect I had lived in my present apartment “for more or less one year, to be provided to the judge” who wanted to know who lived at this apartment
I told the policemen I doubted I was officially wanted for “writing wicked political satire” and simply felt at present time I had no better place to stay, that I am a well behaved guest in their country, I do not advantage of their social services and spend only my own money. The police stated to me they did not think my stay in Catalonia under the circumstance would be a problem, and they left
But my stay was a problem
I am a de facto stateless person. I did not stay in Spain, and do not stay anywhere abroad by choice, but because of criminal elements in United States institutions that had attempted a process to trump up charges on me at home but failed because I was very careful in certain respects. There came a point I felt I had to leave, when there was real danger of my being assassinated for uncovering attempted false prosecution and other crimes by powerful people in certain United States institutions and I live in unofficial but very real exile
The Spanish [and German] authorities [unofficially] already know this. This circumstance of exile is what I did not mention to the police, because it could begin an official process I am presently ill equipped to deal with. When elements of the most powerful government in the world set out to assassinate their own citizens with rogue intelligence agencies or a large rogue element within those intelligence agencies, one thing is certain. What has been a mere inconvenience of living under surveillance in exile, to survive, becomes an official inquiry relating to assassination, the machinery of state begins to turn and in international relations, the American machinery of state is quite straightforwardly, dishonest. There is no way I can depend on my own nations ‘democratic’ institutions to be forthcoming in my circumstance
My ‘crime’ as pertains to all of this sordid source of mass murder in humanity and its supporting personalities, is simply to be uncompromisingly ethical and refuse to buy into any political lies, and to correct myself if I discover I’d had been tricked into any misperceptions. I call a spade a spade. I called a spade a spade when I uncovered a criminal ring working in government to circumvent laws for corporations, American
Petrofina and CHEVRON, and delivered an un-refutable documented report on that criminal rings activities up the proper channels. That did not work, the report which should have triggered a much larger investigation that sent people to jail was quashed by both the appropriate Inspector General, and then the FBI to whom it was subsequently provided. I recall when working the case having read government legal briefs authored by John Yoo and Jay Bybee, their reasoning was no better then, working the inside of government for CHEVRON, when Condoleezza Rice was a CHEVRON Board Director, than their legal briefs for Rice when they had all moved on to extraordinary renditions and torture under Bush/Cheney. There were deliberately counterfeited opinions and decisions taken, in a case where cheating the laws on the inside for CHEVRON had been busted red handed
My report was filed in 1991, exposing a deliberately falsified Environmental Impact Statement to expedite drilling in the Lewis & Clark National Forest in a conspiracy that reached from the Lewis & Clark Forest headquarters, at Great Falls Montana, through the Forest Service Northern Region One at Missoula, all the way to the Department of Agriculture in Washington DC and included lying to Congress by top officials in hearings on the application of the concerned laws. The report is called “Report to the U.S.D.A. Inspector General” concerning exploratory drilling in the so called “Badger-Two Medicine” area of the Lewis and Clark National Forest. The report was damning enough, despite it being quashed, it backed CHEVRON down, no one in industry or government dared pursue the drilling, particularly after I had finally, personally hand delivered it to the Chief of the Forest Service Floyd Thomas while telling him his employees were criminals and the report was not going away so long as the area in question was under threat of development
John Yoo was present when I did that and he flipped out and even managed to have an administrative law judge threaten me on record, as I had caught up with the Forest Service Chief during a break at a disciplinary hearing where Yoo was part and parcel of pushing a neighboring Forest Supervisor, Ernie Nunn, out of his job as boss of the Helena National Forest. What was obvious to me was Nunn being forced out because he was too friendly to laws protecting the environment- but that was not my case. Because CHEVRON did subsequently back off drilling in the Lewis & Clark forest, I closed our case, we [the Mueller Law Offices] had satisfied our clients [The Blackfoot Indian "Brave Dogs" warrior society] with stopping the drilling, our job was not the FBI’s work pursuing the criminal acts exposed in the process [which the FBI refused to do]
Now all that might have been water under the bridge except for extraordinary coincidence some years later, medically retired, I’d moved from Montana to New Mexico
What happened subsequently has proved to me that truth is stranger than fiction Having promised my [accelerated] home schooled youngest he could attend High School, I looked into local schools. I was not investigating crimes, that was the furthest thing from my mind when I did a small bit of research on local schools. There was a small local charter with an advanced program and I enrolled him there, not really paying attention to or looking any deeper than the surface at the facts of the school’s founding
Well guess what. The school was founders included professional friends/associates of Rice, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Neo-con control freaks not only founded the East Mountain High School, they ran it like a personal fiefdom in violation of nearly every civil rights law you can imagine and that is only scratching the surface
My kid, meticulously educated in social dangers of drugs and consciously dedicated to avoiding drugs, was relentlessly harassed by the fundamentalist Christian school nurse over drug use, a letter from an eye doctor concerning allergies could not serve to convince her he was clean. We had been meticulously smeared by the neo-cons in the community. Under that social pressure and absolutely unfair disciplinary harassment, cultural harassment, and other pressures, the kid promptly went from effortless “Highest Honors” first semester, to alienated and failing. He was forced to retake Algebra he had completed at home because he made technical mistakes on a computerized assessment he did not understand how to use, even though he did well on the school’s Algebra final exam as an alternative [by his teacher] Algebra assessment prior to forced to take the class by administration, nothing was allowed to be considered at the level he was actually at .. he was forced into a humiliating ‘dumbed down’ program
We were basically harassed out of the school for the simple fact of who we are
Nothing my kid could do or contribute was good enough even though more often than not surpassing his age group by far. His required community service credits were highly advanced and for the longest time disallowed, anything we did was made a deliberate nightmare to get credit. It cost my kid his view of the world, he went from kind, generous and caring with a wonderful outlook on life, to a kind, generous, and caring person, they could not kill that in him, but also cynical about his world and its possibilities and absolutely alienated to the high school environment. He did not begin to recover himself until he turned 16 and could legally enroll in community college, which he was academically prepared for when he was 14. He was deliberately made to pay for my having enrolled him in East Mountain High School. Two years of his life and his world view trashed, methodically and purposefully, and that is only a tiny fraction of what we experienced
I investigated and documented the entire business, with collaborating evidence pointing to pattern civil rights abuses by the school and named witnesses for two liberal members of the school’s governing council, one of them conducted his own investigation into the matter, I was expecting they would do the right thing. Boy, was I wrong. Investigating Governing Council member Jim Healy was amazed at what he found but the school’s reputation and survival were more important to him that doing the right thing by meeting the problems head-on. He basically asked me to not blow the cover on the school’s history of behavior [in an email]
Governing Council member David Walters was more insidious, he met me privately, acknowledging the un-refutable stream of information I had fed members of the school’s governing council, mentioned he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and flat out warned me not to involve lawyers
To make a long story short, my kid was off to college, I bailed out to Europe and three months later there was an attempt on my life that very narrowly missed, I was
closely stalked by a teacher from the school, Vince Langan, the would be hit man working with accomplices that I believe included people working for the Bernalillo County Sheriff. Langan’s “Corporate America” career, which entered a teaching phase only later in life, profiles for CIA. This initial attempt to take me out could only have happened with the assistance of the FBI providing knowledge of my whereabouts [accessing my banking records with a 'National Security Letter'] because I broke their ambush at the location of the Automatic Teller Machine I’d been using, the place they had waited for me. Having followed my escape and locating my place of residence subsequently, within ten days another attempted hit, my having been fingered as a gay MOSSAD agent or something equally evil and perverse to radical Lebanese Arabs in Berlin, the Arabs sorted out [with my very collected thinking and life on the line motivation] that it was their new “Palestinian” buddy who’d fingered me was actually the MOSSAD, I doubt he was alive long at all ["The Israeli must be killed!"] after I last saw him hustled off the into the underground by the group which had deliberately waited for me there. A few weeks later a silenced bullet narrowly missed me, punching a hole in the car I was walking past on a deserted street. By this time I’d put out a literal “just follow me around and watch” message to German law enforcement and I think it is the almost certainly dead “Palestinian” [MOSSAD] in Berlin had gotten serious interest in paying attention to what began tracking me in the Fall of 2007. That European law enforcement will have certainly recorded, among other events, the Sabrina DaSousa led CIA team that tried to take me out in Weisbaden the following year, and transferred to Spanish authorities surveillance taking in the subsequent Gary Berntsen led team [former CIA, now contracting murders among other things] I surprised on camera [hotel surveillance video] and slipped away from in Spain this past February [2010], at a moment in time they could not make a move to make a hit on me
So, where is the FBI? It would appear elements of that hallowed institution were part and parcel of gross violations framing me as a security threat, and mine and my kids lives and/or civil liberties mean nothing to them and, true to form, my having turned the table, instead of policing themselves, arresting their criminal agents, coming clean and meeting with me openly and upfront, mine is just another case of our Department of Justice using “State Secrets” to conceal crimes
Why? I guess my life is not as important as keeping the people of the USA from discovering Council on Foreign Relations associated folk and their neo-con military/industrial corporate millionaire friends, in concert with America’s intelligence agencies, employ serial killer assassins [among other embedded agents] as teachers in America’s charter [and no doubt other] schools used for cover for a domestic spy program employed against ordinary Americans worthy of the old Soviet Union. This points to the potential or real value of [and willingness of Russia to ransom] 10 suburban middle class family spies, not to mention the FBI, Rice, Yoo and Bybee being part and parcel of a criminal ring [includes ordering murders] which has been ripping off our democracy for decades
It was just time to let you all know in this circumstance if I am not safe at the hands of the USA and its allied intelligence agencies, none of you are. And it should be small surprise my experience has radicalized me to a dedication that will last to the end of my likely short life, against the corrupt process called “security” that is destroying any sense of our humanity. There are laws against everything that I have encountered
and those laws are violated by the corporate wealthy with impunity and that impunity has been initiated and exercised through my own nations “security” apparatus
How this all pans out in the larger picture:
Dick Cheney had, together with Don Rumsfeld’s cooperation, set up a worldwide political enemies murder ring (Seymour Hersh has so stated) when Cheney came into power and said there would be a “dark side” to policy the American people would never be appraised of. My own experience is, under cover of going after Al Qaida, the CIA operational sector went after people abroad with logistical support from the Department of Defense and has resorted to engaging allied intelligence to attempt what they had failed. In the USA the ‘Al Qaida’ program was implemented by the Defense Intelligence Agency with cooperation with criminal elements in the FBI and at the Department of Justice. Essentially, anti-terror programs have been implemented and used for cover tracking the neo-con’s political enemies for the purpose of murder
I initially made Dick Cheney’s people to be murdered list for having previously uncovered CHEVRON Board of Directors using bought off federal employees working the inside of government to counterfeit compliance to environmental laws in pursuing decisions favorable to CHEVRON, with my initial documentation suppressed by both the United States Department of Agriculture’s Inspector General’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My follow-up work points to Condoleezza Rice, John Yoo and Jay Bybee at the center of criminal ring working for CHEVRON, producing a counterfeit environmental impact statement approving CHEVRON drilling in Blackfoot Indian treaty land called the Badger-Two Medicine area of the Lewis and Clark National Forest south of Glacier National Park and west of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. My initial work uncovering this criminal conspiracy in 1991 was performed on behalf of the Mueller Law Offices for Blackfoot Indian Floyd Heavy Runner and his tribe’s “Brave Dogs Society.” This was the source of my problems in the USA when Bush/Cheney/Rice came into power, which I escaped narrowly and ultimately fled into exile
Since, it becomes clear the Rice, Yoo and Bybee centered ring working for CHEVRON was a single cell in a much larger corporate organized crime network which includes numerous USA centered multi-national boards of directors and their allied and growing network of corporate mercenaries such as Blackwater, staffed by CIA operational sector veterans. The Blackwater ‘training program’ for the CIA which Dick Cheney had directly ordered not be disclosed to Congress, the one meant to kill anywhere in the world, was employed against myself as recently as summer 2008 with CIA officer Sabrina DaSousa a ‘trainee’ [her cover] team leader, that was in Weisbaden, Germany, while I was teaching at Johannes Guttenberg University across the river at Mainz. I narrowly escaped assassination in Weisbaden [where I was staying during this time] on several occasions, during which I spotted DaSousa and later was able to confirm her identity. DaSousa is wanted in Italy for an extraordinary rendition [kidnap] and it came out at her trial [in absentia] Condoleezza Rice was personally directing the extraordinary renditions program for the CIA [according to the former head of Italian military intelligence, a defendant]
These people had tracked me to Spain after Germany, now employing professional mercenary corporations with Cheney and Rice out of government, ‘legend’ CIA
veteran Gary Berntsen led a team to Spain where I compromised their operation with superior tactics, identified and exposed Berntsen, and forced him to flee. Now it is all back in Germany with some familiar faces, and some new faces. It is interesting to me, if no surprise, how the neo-cons and MOSSAD cooperate in the spirit of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ even though they despise one another and know the day is drawing nearer when they will be pitted against each other, one criminal extremist group against the other in an apocalyptic, epic battle centered on the remarkably similar apocalyptic extremism of three faiths who all share the same god, Judaism, Christianity and the ‘Mahdi’ sect of Shia Islam [the extremists in Iran]
But rather than back off, despite my successes and enormous damage to these extremist allied criminal intelligence networks, they had simply kept coming on and I suppose this has to do with fears of how far I might penetrate and open the picture of what is really up with the neo-con criminal plans development and consolidation of power with their large criminal ring based inside of government. Well, here it is:
The man controlling the USA’s nuclear trigger at the time of this writing is IranContra figure Robert Gates who was President George Bush Sr CIA Director and is Obama’s Secretary of Defense. Former intelligence officer for our military Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty had predicted this day would come in his expose of the CIA operational sector “The Secret Team” [1973] Colonel Prouty tied the source of a CIA operational sector centered conspiracy to overthrow our republic to our nation’s corporate board rooms
The military/CIA operational sector ‘secret team’ cell has consolidated power since 2001 by promoting senior members of the right wing religious extremist “Officers Christian Fellowship” into the top military slots over a period of the eight years of George W Bush in power, while passing over secular generals
Colonel Prouty’s identified “Secret Team” is identical to “The Family” more recently written about by Harper’s Magazine investigative journalist Jeff Sharlet
Robert Gates is “The Secret Team/ Family” man in charge of the USA executive branch at present time. Proactive [willing] ‘team/family’ members sitting in government at this time include Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito. All are tied to George Bush Sr, Robert Gates and Dick Cheney via Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, Iran Contra and the Ed Meese inspired Federalist Society, where John Roberts is a steering [policy making] committee member. Dick Cheney’s top government lawyer as vice president, Shannen Coffin, is a close friend of John Roberts. Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and John Yoo all have strong Federalist Society ties. All of the above are ‘secret team/family’ with Justice Kennedy and playing ball with the Robert’s faction at the court
Over at the Department of Justice, a Karl Rove conceived plan packed the entire department with neo-con lawyers under Bush for eight years. It is a right wing religious extremist criminal cesspool that routinely covers up crime with the ‘state secrets’ doctrine. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft, a rabid right wing Christian extremist who believes literally “Muslims are the children of Satan” is protected from his numerous criminal acts by former counsel for the CIA affiliated corporation ‘Chiquita Brands’, that is Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, with
Holder implicated in dirty business covering up Chiquita Brands associated crimes related to right wing death squads and former Columbian president Uribe
FBI Director Robert Mueller is complicit in the cover-up of two murdered women, Thelma Colbert and Shannon Ross, women who happened to be Department of Justice attorneys investigating medicare fraud that was coming close to Bush protected stocks in an investigation of Novation Corporation. Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, on whose watch the women were murdered in classic CIA covert operation style mimicking natural death, had belonged to the law firm that represented Novation, and a Bush brother sat on the board of a Novation subsidiary after those women were murdered and the medicare fraud investigation shut down by Gonzales. Three other women on the Novation fraud case were (1) resigned, (1) fired and (1) reassigned
George Bush Sr was a CIA Director before he was vice president and then president, also an Iran-Contra figure, he had mentored Robert Gates CIA career for decades, from a young officer in the operational sector all the way to Gates becoming the only operational sector CIA veteran to direct the CIA, under Bush Sr. Nobody touches Bush protected anything, without CIA operational sector veterans and murder incorporated coming after them. George Bush Senior is the ‘Family Godfather’ and Robert Gates is his senior ‘capo.’ FBI Director Mueller is a mere foot soldier by comparison, Mueller merely carries out Bush ‘family’ orders. Cover-up of murdered U.S. Justice Department attorneys by the FBI is not a problem for ‘the secret team/family.’ Nor is cover-up of 9/11, America’s Reichstag fire hatched in corporate boardrooms a problem, but the murder of a Black president who did not play ball would be a BIG problem, bigger than had happened when JFK crossed the Allen Dulles ‘secret team/family’ run CIA Operational Sector [Dulles still called the shots in the operational sector after his CIA Director tenure, where he’d consolidated ‘Family’ power] over the related Bay of Pigs and JFK was murdered for that fact, but this is now, it is not 1963 and the American people are not 1930’s Germans
If anybody were to doubt George Bush Senior is godfather of the CIA operational sector cell of the “Family” and this central “Family” cell has control of the USA, you only need know in December, 2010, this same former CIA director George Bush the Elder, mentor of former CIA director Robert Gates, was the senior member joined in a conference call when he’d authorized opening secret Swiss accounts to with-draw ONE-HUNDRED-THIRTY-FIVE-MILLION-DOLLARS to be transferred to the government of Nigeria in exchange for Nigeria agreeing not to press criminal theft charges against Dick Cheney particularly and Halliburton generally. Sitting in on that call were un-named members of the Obama administration according to well placed sources in Nigerian government. How is it George Bush Senior hold the keys to secret Swiss accounts with hundreds of millions of stolen dollars, or more likely hundreds of billions of stolen dollars and he not only is free from prosecution, Obama people in government sit in on his criminal business calls? This was all covered up in USA mainstream media by announcing a mere 7 million dollar fine of Halliburton [separate from the 135 million in restitution]
People should be asking tough questions about just what is really going on in government and why Obama has reneged on nearly every promise he has made, not
only why the Obama Department of Justice refuses to prosecute Bush/Cheney for an eight year world-wide crime spree
Meanwhile, over at the Department of Justice, when attempts to put me behind bars for things I’d not done had failed and I’d been counter-investigating, Cheney and Rice were desperate to keep a location on myself for the purpose of murder, and so began a process of framing me as a security threat, as I’d begun looking into strange events in my own circumstance which would ultimately track back to them. Valerie Caproni, a neo-con aligned senior lawyer at Justice authorized a ‘National Security Letter’ be issued for me behind the back of the FISA Court after the court had turned the FBI down because “the evidence is thin” and “goes to the subject’s right of free speech” when they’d tried to get a letter by proper channels by using some of my past essays, which among other things they did not like, expressed sympathy, not for Iran’s regime, but for Iran’s people who’d been abused for generations by CIA operational sector centered policies on behalf of corporate boardrooms
Caproni issued the letter regardless of the court’s denial and I was located via my banking records and automatic teller machine use in Europe, and the game was on
Accordingly, FBI director Mueller and criminal agents are complicit in the ongoing attempted murder of myself since, as these are known facts in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as set out [with my name redacted] by the United States Department of Justice Inspector General to Congress and nothing has been done about ongoing attempted murder of myself, by USA authorities. This is particularly aggrieving because many FBI agents are fine, dedicated people determined to do the right thing and they all get smeared with the criminal paint by association. Meanwhile Caproni, working as though she’d never skipped a beat from Bush to Obama, is at the top of her game with pressuring the communications industry to come up with means to invade every aspect of our citizens privacy, most recently demanding FaceBook provide real time access to anyone’s mail she demands. I suppose she is thinking of me, but I’m not flattered, I doubt she is in any way beautiful based on her personality and associated criminal ugliness
Still at the Department of Justice, crime not only continues, as in the FBI complicit ongoing attempted assassinations in my case, but rampant cover-up of crime goes on as well, with every ‘family’ criminal in the Bush regime protected by the Karl Rove conceived neo-con insurance policy packing the Department of Justice with Bush lawyers for eight years, down to appointing neo-con foot soldier-lawyers such as former judge and Attorney General Mukasey to investigate the criminal spree under Bush
Accordingly, this is a Justice serving as a private law firm to protect John Ashcroft from a suit to which the Department of Justice is not a party, it is a Justice Department which let CIA operational sector officer Jose Rodriguez off the hook for destroying the water boarding tapes in violation of law, Rove’s insurance policy is how John Yoo and Jay Bybee were able to walk free after writing criminal memorandum authorizing torture in violation of every human rights law you can imagine, including those of the USA, and this is why present Attorney General Eric Holder is using the patently fraudulent [color of law or counterfeit law] ‘state secret’ doctrine to fight every attempt to bring the Bush regime criminals to court in the USA
and a John Roberts Supreme Court will uphold these frauds upon true justice and prove to the entire planet we have become a criminal state, through and through
Meanwhile George W Bush had been re-elected in 2004 [pushed over the top] by reprogrammed Diebold computerized voting machine fraud with no paper trail and this is also how Ron Paul had been cheated out of the majority of his delegates in the 2008 Republican Party primary elections. Meanwhile, who’d sat on the board of a company developing computer software for voting machines? None other than Robert Gates. The only reason McCain/Palin were not ‘elected’ this way is, the fraud would have been too obvious with the mood of the country and wild disparity which would have resulted with the exit polls
So the Robert Gates controlled nuclear trigger has everyone in the know leaping to the neo-con agenda in the name of Obama. The ‘Hope and Change’ administration are nothing more than a pack of blackmailed cowards
This preceding is the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands of ‘secret team/family’ members throughout our government and the American corporate world, methodically growing via a plot born in American Christian fundamentalism when the ‘secret team/family’ was established in the 1930s
John and Allen Dulles who rescued NAZI war criminals from justice were both early members, as was George W Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, a NAZI sympathizer who assisted Hitler’s regime during World War Two and got away with it. In subsequent decades via CIA associated military programs and military associated religious organizations such as ‘Cadets for Christ’ and the ‘Officers Christian Fellowship’ the military branch of the ‘secret team/family’ has been grown, mentored and organized into cells with ultimate goal of controlling the nation’s nuclear arsenal independent of civilian control. That usurping of the nuclear arsenal has happened, at least in part, sometime prior to 2008
You know, it really doesn’t matter that Robert Gates and his religious extremist generals hold American nukes hostage or Condoleezza Rice can say “I’ve known Hillary for years, she is smart, she is tough and she is doing the right things” and it turns out Hillary pursues Robert Gates’ initiated policies in violation of any sense of common sense, decency or sanity or that Obama’s mother was actually a CIA agent
Gates and his generals, and Rice and Clinton and their ilk are not gods, and Obama is not his mother. Americans and the world are not likely to stand by and let a repeat of 1930s history fused with 1960s history happen in the age of nuclear weapons were only the facts out in the open and courage of few leaders and law enforcement together with a few honest judges to back them, to burst this boil- with coming out in public and begin making arrests
What really matters is, people should not be prisoners of fear because as soon as enough folk realize what is going on, the whole house of cards falls apart and that is when we can have real “Hope and Change.” My only problem with Obama is his COWARDICE. Yes, he could die for speaking out and firing Robert Gates to start, no different to JFK died for crossing Allan Dulles, but that risk is the heat that comes with the territory, Obama was the one who had the absurd ambition to become
President of the United States. He only needs to do the right thing, ONE right thing. Gates and his ilk have to go, government must be purged of corporate/fascist religious extremists and America must unilaterally disarm. The safety of our nation, indeed, the safety of our planet depends on it and it can be and it must be lawfully done. It is patently illegal under the American Constitution to have religion in government. And a criminal state with nukes cannot expect to survive. The entire world will have to consider how to do away with us, if we do not deal with this corporate boardroom initiated nuclear-armed-religious-extremist-fascism in government
Incidental to this, and the reason for it all being coupled with the satire, is I have been using an ancient Native American warrior technique for the past three years and some months that I took from Blackfoot Oral History. In those seeming far away days, when a solitary warrior was outnumbered, one method of fighting in circumstance of ‘no quarter’ was to choose a place to make a stand to your best possible advantage and taunt your enemies and try as best you could to get under their skin and enrage them into making mistakes. On two occasions over the past three or so years, Dick Cheney has had heart attacks coordinated to my escaping assassination while compromising his operations, within a matter of hours. I hate to say I enjoy that
If one person, one man, can do the things I have done and survive, simply by refusing to be afraid, what are the possibilities for putting these criminals out of business? The possibilities are actually quite good, these people are nothing more than cowards who murder in the name of valor while pursuing their crimes in the dark. It is time in the natural order of things to bring these things into the light and the light will honor those who do not fear. The answer is really quite clear, there is every reason not to be afraid. This is paramount An important point is the stupidity of these people. If I’d been left alone from the moment of altogether quitting my work as investigator for the Mueller Law Offices in 1999, my truly indigenous mentality would today likely find me hooked up with some beauty with children, a garden and a dog. The neo-cons could plot and pursue their literal Armageddon, I would not even have cared. All I wanted is a life that is normal.
Meanwhile, I’d requested a meeting with an Amnesty International representative in the Spring of 2008. That request was sent directly to the AI secretariat via the contact information provided by their office. I copied that request to James O’Dea at the Institute of Noetic Science, personally acquainted with me, James is a former AI director of the Washington, DC office.
That request remains studiously ignored by both parties to this day- pointing to the power of the neo-con intelligence agencies to corrupt any mechanism for justice
Meanwhile I’ve sent an offer to testify against Condoleezza Rice to the International Criminal Court, relating to a case filed there by an American law professor. Sooner or later we’ll see if there even is such a thing as justice-
At Berlin, April 2011
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