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Gang Raping Man’s Best Friend
By American Psycho
© 2018 James LaFond
Here is my entry into the contest for the theater of the absurd, or is it now the theater of horrors, for this week; the gang raped dog:
“According to the Greek animal welfare webpage Zoosos, on 28th of March 2018 an outrageous denouncement was filed to the Perama police department in Athens, by the staff taking care of stray dogs living in the nearby refugee camp of Skaramagka.
The staff found a little female dog dead at the centre of the camp, covered with a blanket. The little dog had obvious signs of a brutal rape on her genitals, but no other external trauma.
The body of the dog was transferred to the Stray Animal Care Interdisciplinary Center of Athens in order to be medically examined and to determine the exact cause of the animal’s death.
According to Zoosos, the head of the refugee camp of Skaramagka, Mr. Giorgos Karoglou, has confirmed this incident.
Webpage Eksegersi Ellinon, reports that the Greek PM Mr Giannis Lagos, of the Greek Nationalist Golden Dawn party, filed a question to the responsible Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior, in which he asked to be informed about the exact cause of death of the dog.”
This is where the Greek authorities need some professional help. Who better to help them in their inquiry than the US academic feminist, who examined 10,000 dog genitalia, in her diligent investigation of doggy rape:
Some days when I wake up and are released from my cell, to spend the rest of the day glued to a computer for your reading pleasure, I wonder if I might have a day when there is no vile shit in the news, to chew, then re-vomit back. It has never happened, and never will. The only thing that is going to change about the human condition, is that things will get even more fetid.
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