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How and Why?
Were the Logic of Steel and the Fighting Edge Banned by Amazon?
Concerning the suppression of my two best-selling books, in print since 2000 and 2001.
I found out that these two titles, which in some months this year have accounted for half of my writing income, were banned because Lynn was trying to promote the Logic of Steel as a discussion topic for a podcast, after poling twitter readers. She let me know that the listings were coming up unavailable.
I then searched my Crete Space account page and noticed that the books were listed as suppressed, meaning I cannot sell them, retrieve them, delete them, check them for any problems with the text, etc. These books are no captured and held as the property of the POD platform owned by Amazon.
I was not notified in any way about either book, as I was not when Autumn in a Dying City was suppressed. My inquires as to why these books have been suppressed are simply answered by an email statement that the books—though in print for nearly two decades on Amazon, one selling for up to $300 regularly—that these texts violate Amazon publishing guidelines along with a refusal to itemize what rule was broken. These books are gone forever, down the memory hole.
There is no reason given for censorship when the leviathan of media mind terror trains its ever-reducing eye upon the writer. He is left guessing, wondering at his every mental step.
The two books themselves are liberal in tone, with mildly negative opinions of the police, strong positive opinions of blacks and negative opinions of white men all through these books. In fact, many of my new readers would hate these works.
It is a certainty that these books were not suppressed because of their content.
Proof positive is the fact that Amazon will still permit readers who own this book to sell it for hundreds of dollars, but not permit me, the author, [who only made a few hundred dollars off of these books in the early 2000s and nothing since, until I reissued them myself and was making $75 a month of the two titles combined] to sell them. This was done to hit me in my $300 dollar a month wallet, and it worked, with my gross writing income now down around $200 a month as a I write.
Thanks to Lynn I have a small window to assess the trigger point, which was the day after she poled readers on twitter about the book they wish to know the most about.
Ron West told me after my last book was suppressed that it was a shot across the bow, a warning that I was treading on dangerous ground and that someone was watching. I believe him now, for whoever did this has direct access to my publishing account.
I suspect I know what the trigger article was, the following piece where I laid out an outline for my Plantation America work [something that over half of my readers find to be a repugnant line of inquiry] and mentioned that these titles would be given priority over the books on fighting which account for almost all my income.
So readers, be warned, if you are holding off on buying one of my fighting books, that in the future, when I publish those Plantation America histories that you are not interested in, that I will be punished by whoever wants the real history of this great and evil nation kept forever a secret by the suppression of the fighting books I have written to support my historical research.
Get those fighting books while you can. Whoever conducted this raid on my income had access to the accounting page on my site and selected the two titles that brought in the most money and just erased them.
Thank you for your support.
See section 2 line 5:
The Logic of Steel Paperback
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Alex NicholsonJun 30, 2018

James, there is a war against grounded, sober dissident voices. You are potentially a dangerous person because you are a highly unlikely and hard to dismiss. I hope you will find a way to have these books reprinted and then sold through Amazon's used book area, or on ebay or the other book sellers.
responds:Jun 30, 2018

Thanks, Alex.

The only task I have left assigned to my remaining torment on this sick planet is research and writing.

I care not a breath for selling books.

This event was a blessing and has convinced me to forsake many people and things which have held me back from writing to my full.

I will still study and report on the System's continued attacks on my terrestrial income.

It is quite an honor, actually, for a loser making $3k a year, to have my betters obsessed with strangling me entirely.

Two days ago, for the first time since Aaron Seligson kicked my out of the center of the ring into the third row in 2006, I was happy for being worthy of such intense censorship.

Sure, I'm an asshole. But how many assholes can say they have had one of the largest post-human entities in the world single them out for punishment thrice?
JRJun 30, 2018

You keep good company. Right up there with Solzhenitsyn and his 200 years Together not being able to be published.

People who offer trite solutions should probably have their necks wrung, but here goes some useless info...apologies in advance..

The author of the Missing 411 series, which sells in the Amazon marketplace for $100+ never sells on Amazon, just sells off his website at $24.95. I heard about a few authors doing that; though selling their own books on the marketplace and paying the 15% Amazon fee as a better deal, rather than 50%. Have you thought of selling in the marketplace yourself—or have a proxy do it—at least for the physical books, Amazon will do fulfillment.

As an aside I tracked down the author a book that was in demand—$500 in the marketplace—turned out he had 1000 books left in his basement from the 70s—self published—and was willing to sell me at $3/bk. I bought 80, but kick myself to this day not buying the rest—resold at $50. Well, it all went to the taxman anyway,

I was just looking at Lulu...I guess you've looked at them. I think they want you to get an ISBN etc, not sure about hidden fees.


You might find this interesting by Paul Krugman about serfdom—

"He came up with a simple yet powerful insight: there's no point in enslaving or enserfing a man unless the wage you would have to pay him if he was free is substantially above the cost of feeding, housing, and clothing him."

Labor was pretty scarce in the early America's...

Otoh, Krugman says "Meanwhile, the New World opened in the west. Sure enough, the colonizing powers tried various forms of indentured servitude - making serfs of the Indians in Spanish territories, bringing over indentured servants in Virginia. But eventually they hit on a better solution, from their point of view: importing slaves from Africa."

Maybe you could send him a book...

(PS. here's the Dorman mentioned in the above—


Damn, this comment needs PrepH to tighten it up, too.
responds:Jun 30, 2018

This is very useful information.

I'm just going to stick with writing, as spending any time on technical stuff drains my brain like a broken hour glass. I suspect there are few people less qualified to develop their own platform than I.

I suggest you buy a copy of my print book when it comes out and then sell it at a profit when it gets suppressed. They obviously don't care about banning the book, just keeping me from getting paid, which is fine. I can't remember what I have in my wallet to being with, let alone my bank account.
Sam J.Jun 30, 2018

This is terrible. These people suck. What's crazy as you're hardly a fire eater like me you really don't trust anything or any institution. Hardly the type to be involved with any anti or pro-state action at all.
responds:Jun 30, 2018

People project their own thirst for power onto social pacifists like myself. They can't help it.
Sam J.Jun 30, 2018

Jr mentioned the ISBN number. That's the real problem. Amazon has a Print on Demand service that gives you a free ISBN but...Amazon is the problem. I bet though Amazon is such a large company that they would have no idea if they were printing books for you and sending them out to people tat buy them on your website. In other words the printing guys are only interested in printing and don't actually read any of them. Lulu looks good but I don;t think they give you a free ISBN. The ISBN started as some combined device that,SURPRISE, SURPRISE, that now they have a monopoly have kicked the prices up to $200 or so. (I'd be willing to bet every dime I have a Jew owns this ISBN service. This is the kind of business they love.) Amazon of course since they are a 400 lb gorilla and could threaten their monopoly get ISBN's in bulk for like a dollar a piece.

You do not have to have a ISBN number to sell books UNLESS you want to sell retail. This means you can only sell to individuals in practice from a web site.

I've been reading on this a little to see if there's any way you can get around them a little.

Here's what I think the choke points and problems are in individual book publishing. I'm listing these because it seems this is what would have to be focused on to publish.

1. ISBN. But as I mentioned you don't need this to publish for individuals just for retail stores.

2. Way to accept credit card payments.

3. Accept payments and mail out actual books or email ebooks.

Now maybe these seem obvious but it sometimes helps to simply state a problem in order to find out a solution.

One solution might be to put your books back up but...rename them to something else. Rename "Logic of Steel" to "Logic of the Blade" or some other such. I guess whether they would ban it again would be determined just how much of a bee in their bonnet someone has it in for you. Are they obsessed or did they just offhandedly ban you from some complaint????
jjprzybylskiJul 1, 2018

Congratulations. It's a darn good trick when a lowdown anti-hero scares the shit outta the All Powerful System.
DonJul 1, 2018


I suggest you contact Vox Day, who runs Castalia House publishing.

He has published authors before who have gotten de-platformed, and is not afraid of anti-status quo controversy. He's no SJW, that's certain.

Try the email contact at

I do enjoy your work.

responds:Jul 1, 2018

Thanks, Don.

This is very helpful.
Sam J.Jul 2, 2018

" Vox Day..."

That's a damn good idea. I wish I had thought of it. I bet he would love to have some knife fighting books. He might be able increase sales a LOT. He has a big following. I read his blog most every day or every other day.
PRJul 2, 2018

I wish I'd thought of the idea of Vox Day/Castalia House. It's an excellent suggestion. You have an important point of view.

I realize you don't care about selling books but consider it a necessary evil towards exposing our emasculation and enslavement.
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