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Mechanisms of Control
Kicking the Cracked Pottery Down Conformist Lane
© 2018 James LaFond
Yesterday I received news from Create Space and Kindle, two subsidiary entities of Amazon, through which most of my content is purchased by the good folk who read this site, that my royalties are being withheld, based on some banking technicalities which did not exist 30 days ago.
This is the first time Kindle royalties have ever been withheld, marking this coordinated event as part of the censorship program directed against me, for my Kindle books have not been censored, which must gall my righteous masters. I am in the process of developing alternative print and e-book platforms. That which does not erase us does make us more persistent.
While this is obviously another means by which my dear censor and benefactor seeks to make me stronger by tempering the dissident metal of mind in the fires ignited by my own stubbornly apish resolve, I am not in fear of lost income. You see, for 2 years, Create Space dutifully withheld my royalties from Europe and saved them until I began banking with an organization capable of accepting foreign currency. It's money in the bank, as the system is transparently honest and is merely being tweaked to remind this author of unmentionable truths that he is being watched, measured and targeted for the attention of his invisible, omniscient, omnipotent and anonymous masters.
Thank you, Sirs and/or Madams, for reminding me that all the world is your whorehouse and that my un-pimped activities will be demonetized and driven into slutdom, and that the slut—of either mind or body—is happier than the whore.
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Bob     Jul 13, 2018

The army marches on its belly. The enemies of truth know that control over the financial infrastructure is vital to wither the opposition.

The upside is that this sort of ruthlessness is polarizing. Bullies are hated, if feared. One expects an elite ruling ever more brutally over a sullen, brooding populace.
PR     Jul 16, 2018

I would like to thank Amazon for censoring you also. They made it easy for me to cancel my Prime membership and look for alternatives and encourage others to do so. Obviously they've grown as arrogant as they are large and don't remember their success was largely paid-for by taxpayers such as me during the decade(s) they were unprofitable. Their arrogance fails to acknowledge that tech companies are disrupted by competition at faster rates nowadays. Amazon is only a supply chain and software company. I had a Kindle and it was crap, so they can't do hardware. Software is much easier to disrupt than hardware.

Hello, and
James     Jul 16, 2018

As far as I see it the purpose of amazon is to generate the subtitle banned by amazon for as many books as possible and sell them elsewhere.

Thanks for the encouragement, Man.

SidVic     Jul 31, 2018

It really frosts my ass that they go after a small fry like james. This anglo has begun to hate these fuckers. I've been shocked at the arrogance and heavy-handedness of paypal, twitter, facebook etc.. I thought that i was red-pilled, but insufficiently in retrospect. Finally to all you cheap fuckers that read james content for free, you number in the thousands, cough up a couple of bucks. The guy's minuscule revenue streams are being throttled!
James     Jul 31, 2018

It might sound masochistic, but I'm proud of being censored and glad it happened. It was a validation. In today's society I think the only possible validation for a writer is to be ignored by most and stepped on by the System.

Thank you for championing my income revenue.

It is cheaper to live out of a backpack in Nicelandia than a room in Baltimore, so I'm skating by with enough cash to lurch to the liquor store on Thursdays for cheap rum.
SidVic     Jul 31, 2018

PS, James, I watched a couple of your interviews, all really good except the onn when you microphone went sketch. Those guys really didn't know what to make of you haha. Try to remember to promote your websites and books. Not to be critical, but your promotional skills suck balls. You lucky Ms Lynn is such a champ.
James     Jul 31, 2018

I must disagree, SidVic,

My promotional skills suck rancid monkey balls.

I've decided to give up doing promotions all together and don't expect to do any interviews except with people I've already spoken to.

More exposure is more exposure and cavemen don't like exposure.

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