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Banjo Asks
Banjo and James Discuss the Crackpot's Masculinity Books
© 2018 James LaFond
Hey James,
So far the book you authored that has struck me the hardest is Taboo You. I would like to read more of your work in this vein (masculinity vs the feminization of everything). I finished The Way of Men by Donovan yesterday which was a well put together piece. You two are the only people I have found worth reading on the subject. What works of yours do you recommend next? Man Gearing?
I am flatered.
I'd love it if you read Man Gearing, because I gave that title to my darling niece to publish and I'd like her to make a lot of money off my writing.
Man Gearing
If you just read Taboo You you should read Under the God of Things, which is an omnibus edition of The Third Eye, Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation, At the End of Masculine Time and a couple dozen aricles on the subject, including my two best essays, Under the God of Things and Against the Goddess. I wrote the Incubus & AEMT in response to Jack Donovan challenging my notion of being an outsider in his review of Taboo You. Jack believes men will develop best under a hierarchy, where I believe men are best served by tribalism, which utilizes hierarchy and individualism in symbiosis. But hierarchy sells—it's a pyramid scheme and Jack is a business man—and alienation does not sell. Pure hierarchy is a product of emasculation and can never form the basis for sustainable masculine growth. I actually wrote Taboo You for the guys who are not made by God to fit in a civilized hierarchy. That's why Jack's book out sold mine by 300 to 1, because loners [omegas] are outnumbered by betas by at least 100 to 1. When Jack said I inspired him to write another book on masculinity, I did it for him and doubled it. He truly laid out the the form of Incubus for me. I really don't think I'd be much of a nonfiction writer if it weren't for Jack challenging my Omega Man pretext in his review of Taboo You.
Probably my best book on the subject of being a man is Masculine Axis.
Honor Among Men is the sequel to Man Gearing, and focuses on man-to-man moral status and social invalidation.
Definitely my hardest hitting book on Masculinity was titled Barbarism versus Civilization, which was regarded as so toxic by the sissy establishment that Amazon banned it as a draft, based on the title alone, before their logarithm even scanned it! I gave that title to Lynn to publish under some other title of her choosing.
Those last two won't be in print until December or January, I guess. I don't publish stuff anymore—the frails take care of that for me while I comb my back hair with the grill tongs, search sporting goods catalogues for a 3X jockstrap and dream of life on Almuric...
Under the God of Things
In between Things and Masculine Axis, I wrote Of Lions and Men, published by my niece.
Of Lions and Men
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
Banned by Amazon
the author on kindle
'Create Space Hold'
beasts of aryаs
barbarism versus civilization
america the brutal
the greatest boxer
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