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About The Site Glitch of 10/11/18
© 2018 James LaFond
This morning I wokeded up in the dressing room of Mary Biscotti's and Manny Saprano's strip club, to what I expected to be the tale end of a Hard Core History podcast and instead saw my email box overflowing with emails like:
"Your site is down."
"You've been censored."
"Your site is suspended."
"Your site has finally been suspended."
"It's about time your site finally got suspended."
What followed were offers for help, advice for alternatives, very well-meaning stuff that threatened to warm this ghost heart up to room temperature.
And then my favorite email came through:
"Son, they set some big-brained nigga on your shit!"
Never fear, my thoughtcrime peers, I picked up the nerd phone, dropped a line to my big-brained ghostman, he stepped out of the office, into the janitorial closet, donned a Xerox paper cape and was off to the rescue of you know who.
It's all good friends.
We're back online and treating this blip on the thoughtcrime radar as a training exercise... and for the censors skulking in the POD wings I got me a surprise.
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Bryce Sharper     Oct 12, 2018

Was it a denial-of-service attack? Did your guy figure out who did it and where they are?
James     Oct 11, 2018

I won't discuss it publicly, only that it was easily addressed without the need to change the service provider, who was very helpful.
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