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Kane Posting
Crackpot Podcast 47
© 2018 James LaFond
Welcome to a special episode of the Crackpot Podcast! Nick Mason joins us from The Myth of the 20th Century and The New American Sun to discuss the works of Robert E. Howard, focusing on Solomon Kane.
Time Stamps
0:00:30 Welcome to Nick Mason of The Myth of the 20th Century and The New American Sun
0:02:10 Learning ancient and modern history through Howard's fiction
0:06:10 How to find some of Howard's obscure works, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, Ballantine
0:10:10 Contrast with Conan
0:13:45 Nick's favorite Kane story, The Moon of Skulls
0:21:36 Kane as an undead
0:23:29 Civilization for Kane vs Conan
0:27:15 European vs African settings for Kane
0:32:53 Does Kane need a sidekick? Stories set in Europe
0:36:18 James thoughts about Howard
0:42:45 Howard's westerns
0:44:19 What might Howard's favorite western movie have been?
0:45:50 Howard wrote himself and his friends into some stories, how that might prefigure his suicide
0:51:54 How selling affects a writer, kinship between writers, Blood and Thunder
0:59:06 Richard Grenville
1:03:53 What did Howard see in America?
1:06:20 Kane movie, casting Kane
1:14:00 A reading from Solomon Kane's Homecoming, Kane as a spectre
1:17:41 Peckinpah
1:19:19 Well of Heroes
'Kindred to My Soul'
a well of heroes
'Thinkers and Watchers'
orphan nation
beasts of aryаs
your trojan whorse
search for an american spartacus
plantation america
the gods of boxing
let the world fend for itself
dark, distant futures
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