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‘My Son’
Cardboard Gangsters a Netflix Selection
© 2018 James LaFond
I believe this was a 2016 movie set in Dublin Ireland, but can’t be sure, since watching Irish actors butcher English without subtitles tends to leave the American viewer confused about some points.
Cardboard Gangsters is a very well-acted and unsentimental view of the realistic life cycle of a drug set. The movie begins with four Irish boys, one of them mulatto and the other three whiggers, coming upon something floating under a bridge, something that, by the feel of the scene is a human body. The boys are then shown coming of age as young men while the only hard man of the four sees that a local middle-aged gangster is not only enjoying great status but is leveraging sexual favors from his mother.
What follows is a power struggle between the four man set, who a only have one hard man: a big boy willing to do what needs done, a good time party boy light-skinned black dude, who is their soft delicate mascot, a trash-talking white thug and a big-brained white nigga. How such a set comes together out of a broken community, made up of broken homes, in which the only men with balls are amoral criminals, amounts to a perfectly authentic depiction of how Baltimore area drug sets have traditionally come and gone. The drug gangs in this movie are much more authentic than those in HBO’s The Wire. The only question I have, is if this was an astute Irish reduction of The Wire into a realistic movie, or a depiction of an Ireland, that if it is true. If it was a true view of current Irish youth culture every Bard and priest of the Emerald Isle should lift their voices t heaven in a call for a resurrection of Brian Boru armed with a soul-eating nuclear sword to extinguish that which infests the homeland he died to preserve.
Every song in the sound track was Hip Hop Whigger 101. If Ireland is really like this it will be better off as a Taliban protectorate of The Caliphate.
Whatever the accuracy of Cardboard gangsters as depicting the Irish Underworld, what it did depict was how youth drug gangs and established drug gangs in U.S. urban centers actually come and go.
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